President Kennedy Photos $1800.00

Original photos
Kennedy, Heath, Khrushchev, Erhard, Adenauer, Pompidou, d'Estaing, Steinbeck and others

A bound and boxed folio album of 175 black & white photographs by Time Magazine photographer Richard Lachenbach taken November 2-14, 1963. Lackenbach accompanied 20 U.S. corporation executives and one college president on a 7 city, 6 country journey sponsored by his magazine (but paid for by the execs). At each stop the travelers had meetings and wined & dined with the country's Head of State, United States Ambassador, Time Bureau Chief, etc.  $1800.00

In Washington, D.C. the group met President Kennedy, Dean Rusk and A. Dobrynin. Obviously, these pictures are among the last ever taken of the President as he was assassinated less than three weeks later. In London they met with Edward Heath, (Board of Trade President at the time). In Moscow there are pictures of Khrushchev, A. Gromyko and a chance meeting with the author John Steinbeck. They also caught the (formerly) big, annual parade in Red Square. Then on to Berlin and Bonn with Chancellors Erhard and Konrad Adenauer (separately, of course). Next, Brussels with dinner at the Val Duchesse in the room where the EEC was first negotiated. Finally, they flew to Paris for meetings with Finance Minister Giscard d'Estaing and Prime Minister Pompidou. Here, they also met with Jean Monnet, the architect of a United Europe.

There are a few pictures showing members of the group doing funny, tourist things; perhaps the best of these is a shot in Bonn of three of the participants testing the springs of the "bed in which Neville Chamberlain tossed and turned while staying at the Petersberg during his historic meeting with Hitler."

Fine condition for the folio. The box is rubbed with lots of corner wear. Cloth binding with gilt titles stamped Time News Tour of Europe/ November 1963. Photographs and text on rectos only. This copy is one of fifty bound and boxed for participants of the trip. Although the forward mentions 21 individuals, the afterward lists 33 'Members of the Group', not including the Bureau Chiefs, the Secretary, the Air France crew and Lackenbach himself. [Please email us for a complete list of the photographs.]