Oriental Carpets & Textiles

Before Ordering please see Terms of Sale.
Avant de commander voir s'il vous plaît les limites de la vente.

Sizes are length x width at the largest dimension, (usually) exclusive of fringe material. If the item is irregularly shaped this is mentioned in the description. Flaws are noted and clickable so that you may see them in more detail. The word Contemporary as a date description is meant to convey an object that is either new or made within the last twenty years. Age estimates are, of course, approximate and may be in error by as much as 20 years on a 100 year old carpet. Items are available for inspection and will be sent to you On Approval with your Payment in advance. Returns are to be shipped and insured at your expense. Other carpets are available. Dealer prices available with your state tax re-sale number.

If you have questions about our stock or would like specific photographs of an item please contact us.
Si vous avez les questions au sujet de nos éléments ou photographies spécifiques de souhait satisfont nous envoient un email.

New System! You may find the price of an item by placing your 'mouse' over its photograph (if your browser is Internet Explorer.)
Nouveau Système! Vous pouvez trouver le prix d'un élément en plaçant votre 'mouse' au-dessus de la photographie (Internet Explorer seulement.)

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