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The Art & Practice of Street Photography in Havana

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17 - 24 February 2019


Want to be a better photographer?

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Below is a list of the photographers who will be leading our Photo Walk sessions and classroom work. All have many years of experience photographing people on the street as well as landscapes. All are familiar with Cuba, either living there or having photographed there. In the unlikely event a photographer cannot participate (commercial work or other last minute obligations) there may be others who will take their place.



Diego F. Lastre is a Cuban photographer engaged in street photography as well as commercial advertising and newspaper, magazine and book work, having more than 30 covers since 2009. He has traveled all over the island working with Editorial Letras Cubanas on a book about the pre-Baroque in Cuba.

Diego uses Fuji and Nikon digital cameras and has taught workshops in Chile and Panama. Exhibitions of his striking work have been mounted in Cuba, Chile and Panama. View his work on Facebook.





Clifford Beck is a San Diego photographer who has traveled to Cuba six times to photograph the people and the country's landscapes. Cliff's grandfather gave him his first camera, a Stekey, when he was six years old. He has since upgraded to a Nikon D800!

His work is available at here.






Rigoberto ‘Chacho’ Oquendo works for Cuban music organization and is an art photographer who uses a vintage Leica with black & white film. Although we will not be shooting film formally as a part of this Tour, it is a part of photography we all ought to know even if we do not practice it. Chacho will help us with our understanding of classic black and white image-­‐making and darkroom printing under less-than-ideal conditions.

His work has been exhibited at Centro Nacional de la Fotografia de Cuba.




Lissette Solórzano is from Santiago de Cuba and has worked as a medical photographer, photojournalist, photo curator and graphic designer. She has won many prizes and her work has been exhibited in Cuba, Mexico, Spain, Venezuela, England, France, Italy, Zimbabwe and the United States. She is a member of the Cuban Writers and Artists Union (UNEAC) and specializes in black and white photographs taken in the streets of Cuba. .

Her work may be viewed here (Photo courtesy of HabanaCultura).




Carl Moore is a photographer who has been to Cuba at least a dozen times. He has a keen interest in the photography of everyday life as well as dance, especially in the Oriente, the eastern part of the island. He was one of the artists selected in Center Photography's 2015 prestigious Review Santa Fe Photo Festival for photographers from around the world.

His work may be viewed here





Wilbur Norman is a Santa Fe writer and photographer who studied social anthropology and has owned rare book and tribal art galleries. His first camera was his father's bakelite 120/220 Ansco Panda. He has ‘upgraded’ many times to where he now feels somewhat competent to handle his current image-making tools: the Leica M10, Leica M246 Monochrom, and several of the Fuji X-cameras; kit chosen for the beautiful rendering produced by their companion lenses. He is quite partial to black and white whether on film or on digital, except in the tropics, and in commerce, where color is (usually!) king.

Wilbur has led tours for photographers on three continents. His work may be viewed here and has been exhibited in Santa Fe, NM, USA; Havana, Cuba; The Louvre Museum in Paris; the Leica Users Group 2014 Yearbook; etc.




Stay Inspired!

The secret to being a street photographer … is that you have to think at least 5 seconds ahead. You have to see the picture coming. Because by the time you see it, if you haven’t taken a picture, by that time it’s gone. – Antonio Olmos

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