UNESCO Publications

Preventing the Illicit Traffic in Cultural Property : A Resource Handbook for the Implementation of the 1970 UNESCO Convention (1999, English, Spanish & French)

u Trade in Antiquities - Reducing Destruction and Theft - Patrick J. O'Keefe (1999, English & French)

Given the rising demand for antiquities, long-term policies aimed at alerting public opinion to the damage caused by acquiring antiquities from illegitimate sources are required. Reaching consensus on these issues is a difficult task, since the law applying to the trade in antiquities is complex. This Report examines existing instruments for reducing theft and suggests ways to change the antiquities market, such as rendering certain collecting anti-social and reducing taxation incentives. It advocates increased co-operation among dealers, auction houses, archaeologists and museum and government officials. It closes with a series of recommendations aimed at reducing destruction and theft.

u Handbook of National Regulations Concerning the Export of Cultural Property (1998, English & French)

u Reports of States Parties to the Convention on their Implementation of the Convention (1995)

u Feasibility of a Code of Ethics for Dealers Handling Cultural Objects Collection (1994, English & French)

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