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22 shippers. A balanced and fruity vintage despite the fact that the wines were not remarkably dark or full-bodied.


25 shippers. A big vintage with an excellent reputation, despite the fact the vines were a little overloaded and that the grapes lacked a little concentration.


26 shippers. This year produced ports which, like the 1977s, were slightly stalky and green in their infancy. Some wines have now faded but others still maintain their fruit flavours intact.


25 shippers. A great vintage which is still showing rich, peppery fruit flavours. Still very drinkable and a wonderful treat today.


15 shippers. The summer of 1917 was extremely hot and the wines produced tended to be very concentrated with a tendency to be slightly over-ripe. Sweet and soft, the 1917 could still be drinkable.


23 shippers. A year in which the majority of the major port houses declared. At last tasting, the wine had developed into a lovely tawny style wine.


18 shippers.


18 shippers. A good year, which was declared by most of the shippers. Wines are often rather variable in quality but mainly good and fruity.


30 shippers. A stupendous vintage, a once-in-a-century wine of grandiose proportions. Superb and classy with plenty of vigour to take the wine into the next century.


3 shippers.


12 shippers.


15 shippers. A split vintage which has now become very difficult to find. The fruit and tannins were very well integrated. Many wines have begun to fade now. (Graham's still shows incredible richness and finesse.)


10 shippers. Without the concentration of 1945 but with many elegant and soft qualities. Difficult to get hold of but Graham's did manage to make one of the outstanding wines of the vintage.


3 shippers.


22 shippers. Supreme in every way although dogged by the aftermath of WWII. Tremendous concentration and still showing signs of youth, magnificent. Drink now and onwards.


11 shippers.


9 shippers. A truly magical vintage which has always provided great debate. The growing season proved particularly hot and continued right through the harvest, causing some temperature control problems. The wines have great class and power, still youthful in colour and showing continuing ageing potential. Drink now and onwards.


13 shippers.


3 shippers. This vintage has a good reputation among shippers. Graham's proved to be particularly impressive although part of it was sold as Harvey's vintage 1954. A collectors item but also worth uncorking.


26 shippers. The complete vintage, declared when the port trade was generally depressed. The temperatures during the spring and late summer were above average and continued throughout the harvest. Graham's 1955 is one of the best, big with generous fruit flavours. Should continue to age into the next century.


12 shippers.


24 shippers. A good vintage, which for some wines ended during the 1980’s. The best of 1960s are a joy to drink, rich coffee and chocolate nose with a silky finish.


25 shippers. A classic vintage port year, which needs little introduction. Fantastic concentration and structure – a real treat for many years to come.


20 shippers. A tremendous vintage, which tends always to be overshadowed by the 1963. These wines are solid and well built with focused fruit flavours and great class. Very elegant. Drink now and onwards.


4 or 5 shippers.


23 shippers. A great year for vintage port. Known for its abundant rich and ripe berry flavours, good medium tannins and long finish.


2 or 3 shippers.


17 shippers. A good vintage, which was declared under the threat of nationalisation. Light and silky wines which perhaps never achieved the true pinnacle of vintage port. Drink now.


20 shippers. A classic with good ageing potential. Structure and abundant fruit with lots of rich raspberry and earthy aromas. Drink 2000 and onwards.


2 major and 6 minor shippers.


3 minor shippers.


shippers. A vastly underrated vintage, which deserves much more acclaim. Showing excellent vintage port character. Beginning to drink well now.


12 shippers. This was a 'split' year with some shippers opting for 1983. Time has favored 1983, however, and it is probably time to drink up most of the 1982s.


circa 10 shippers. An outstanding, under-rated vintage producing muscular wines. Some shippers opted for 1982, however it would seem that 1983 has turned out to be the better wine. Stylish, big with good balance of fruit and tannin, full flavor and rich texture. Many good buys!


26 shippers. First unanimous declaration since 1975. Known for their huge amounts of luscious fruit and round tannins. Continues to develop and improve. Many are drinkable from 2000 and onwards.




shippers. The first vintage to be declared since 1985 produced a very small harvest but of very good quality. Wines appreciated for their aromatic nature and concentration. Drink 2005 and onwards.


shippers. Another fabulous vintage for the few, like Fonseca and Taylor, that declared.


shippers. A sensational vintage fully the equal of 1963. Declared by most shippers and now heavily in demand with large prices. Wonderful concentration of rich fruit with classic balance.


shippers. A very intense colour with a deep purple rim, on the nose showing a luscious ripeness with rich floral aromas and undertones of black cherry. On the palette a classic full-bodied structure, packed with layers of ripe fruit and firm tannins, with a long and lingering finish.

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