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Trip Cancellation, Medical, Evacuation, & Gear Insurance


Cuba is about the safest place we have ever been, in terms of personal safety, but it also has a crumbling infrastructure. Streets can be very hazardous with missing man-hole covers, uneven pavement and yawning cracks. Prudence, and Cuban law, requires medical insurance for the foreign traveler. Fortunately, our airline tickets include a medical policy although alternate policies can be found, below, for additional cost.

Want financial protection in case you have a medical or some other emergency and need to cancel your trip participation at the last minute (when there will be no PhotoHavana refund forthcoming?) Buy Travel Insurance! The first two companies on the list below offer it. These are only two, there are many other companies offering travel insurance, as well.

Finally, traveling with an expensive kit that may not be fully covered by your homeowners policy? (Note: most homeowner's policies do not cover your equipment if you are a professional photographer.) Buy camera gear insurance. See the last listing here, although there are any number of companies offering this product. And, the insurer who covers your home probably has a policy rider for camera stuff. Beware, however, I have heard horror stories about such policies when it comes time to collect.

Check out the companies below, with whom we have no affiliation, or search for others who may provide better deals.

ihiBUPA, a Danish Insurer that I have used. See their site here.

USI Affinity, an Ohio company from which one can select a number of options. See their site here

TCP & Co. Photography Insurance. See their site here.



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