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There can be a thousand and one things to do to prepare for a tour to another country, especially one as unknown to Americans as Cuba.

Here are some of the important things you need to do. You may wish to print this list to check off the items you have finished.



– Find your passport and make sure it is valid for more than 8 weeks after your intended departure from Cuba

– Check to see that there are at least TWO blank pages in your passport

– Create a jpeg of your passport photo page and put in on your home computer. You may need it for your air ticket and Cuba visa

– Get and bring two (2) visa/passport-style/size photos

– Read the PhotoHavana website thoroughly!

– Make your domestic flight reservations

– Make your flight reservations for Florida to Cuba

– Go online and apply for your Cuban Tourist Visa well ahead of your commercial flight (for charters this is taken care of)

– Read the Preparing for Cuba chapter in your trip CD that you receive from us

– Read the Havana chapter in your trip CD that you receive from us

– Read anything else you can find on Cuba and Havana



     Camera & Electronics

– Re-familiarize yourself with the camera you will be taking to Cuba. Read the manual!

– Buy a secure container for your unused SD or CF cards.

– Buy a secure container for your used SD or CF cards.

– If you carry lots of camera batteries, buy a case for them. The Fuji X cams EAT up batteries quickly so you need at least two per day. 3 is better!

– Think carefully what your flight carry-on will be. It ought to hold critical medicines, papers, and camera gear

– Need a mobile phone while in Cuba? Think about buying a cheap flip-phone (loading all important numbers in it).

–  A smart phone might be key if it will be your main way to connect to the Internet

– Make sure any mobile phone you take is "unlocked" for use outside the USA

– Read all relevant photography material in the Tour CD

– If you take a laptop remove any sensitive information you would not want distributed around the world!



– more info on the way!



     Personal Items

– Make sure you will have a several week supply of any medications you will be taking while in Cuba

– Have the original, labelled containers those prescriptions come in

– Give a great deal of thought to what clothing you will be packing. Actually pack and weigh it well before the trip

– When you know what, if any, gifts you are taking, weigh them also

– If you are buying new shoes or sandals for the trip, break them in!

– Pack a comfortable pillow you can leave behind?

– Bring any snacks you cannot live without

– Pack ear plugs & eye-shades for sleep, a bandana for perspiration

– Take any leisure reading you want for Cuba unless you read Spanish language material



– more info on the way!




– Bring enough! Don't count on being able to replenish your kitty while in Cuba.

– Check to see if your credit card bank(s) has set up service on the island. Call the bank twice, speaking to a different person/office to verify




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