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The Art & Practice of Street Photography in Havana

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February 2019


Want to be a better photographer?

Invest in Experience!TM


Tour Schedule

Below is our tentative schedule and itinerary. While we make every effort to stick to the plan, things happen. Plus, you, as both a group and as individuals, may ask to vary the plan to better take advantage of opportunities that present themselves. We do expect you to be prompt when it comes to group activities and schedules, however!


Friday afternoon, February ??, 2019.
Meet at our hotel near Ft. Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport in preparation for next day's departure to Havana.

NOTE: If you are not departing with the main group to get to Havana you will need to arrange your own pick-up at Havana's José Martí International Airport OR let us know that you would like us to make arrangements for you. A taxi to our accommodation is from $25 to $35 CUCs depending on your bargaining prowess. Establish this price BEFORE you depart in the taxi!



DAY 1 – SATURDAY, February ??


Depart Hollywood International/Arrive Havana, José Martí International Airport

Transfer to casa particular
       – or the Hotel Parque Central for those who choose this option

Check into our rooms

Dinner (included) at Restaurant California, not far from our lodgings
      – Meet the Tour Leaders

Evening free
      If you live in the Eastern Time Zone you will probably be ready for bed after dinner. Those in a time zone farther west may not feel ready to retire but I would encourage you to return to the apartment and relax/talk there rather than go out for a night on the town. Tomorrow's shoot will begin early to take advantage of the sunrise over the Morro fortifications, just a 5 minute walk from our casa particular and a 10 minute walk from the hotel. For western time zone folks this might be earlier than you normally get up!





Breakfast* in lodgings (included)

EARLY morning photo shoot at Morro Fort (Diego)

Photo Walk along the Prado (Wilbur)
      Participants with a fair competency in street shooting can amble up the Prado on their own.
      Others may stick closer to their tour leader to get tips and guidance on their shooting.

Rumba Dances at Callejón de Hamel

Late Lunch, Tin Hao Chinese Restaurant (included)

Late Afternoon Photo Walk

Dinner at Castropol Restaurant (included)

Evening free
      You will be exhausted from the day's heat, humidity and photographic activities. Many people who do not shoot daily in an active style will be surprised at their level of exhaustion. This evening you will come to realize, if you have not done so before, that engaged public photography is a physical sport! It will probably take another day for you to physically adjust to the rigors of our work


* Breakfasts typically include two courses: a full plate of seasonal fruit (banana, fruita bomba (papaya), orange slices, pineapple, mango, etc.) followed by a plate of eggs, sausage and bread. Coffee or fruit juice serves as an accompaniment. If you are a tea drinker, best to bring your own.





Breakfast in lodgings (included)

Photo Walk of Habana Viejo/Old Havana (Diego)

Lunch at Nardo's (included)

Photo Walk – Capitol, Yoruba Association, Chinatown

Dinner at Ivan Justo Restaurant (included)

Evening free





Breakfast in lodgings (included)

Visit University of Havana & Habana Libre Hotel

Lunch, Ice Cream & Pizza Parlor (included)

Photo Walk (Figueredo)

Dinner, TBA (included)

Evening free
      Many of will have adjusted to our pace and now want to get out to enjoy late nights in Havana! Others may want to continue their photo work into the night of a fabulous city with low light levels. Just be ready for our departure at 9:00 to 9:30am in the morning!





Breakfast in lodgings (included)

Visit a Boxing Gym

Lunch, Café Bohemia (included)

Photo Walk at Cementerio de Cristóbal Colón (all participants & leaders)
     This is the third largest cemetery in the western hemisphere.

Drinks on the rooftop at Hotel Parque Central

Dinner (not included)

Evening free
   (Evening Photo Walk for those who wish)





Breakfast in lodgings (included)

Trip to the western province of Pinar del Rio
      vists to an Orchidarium and a tobacco farm/ cigar rolling operation

Social mixer, lawn of the Hotel Nacional

Dinner (not included)

Evening free





Breakfast in lodgings (included)

Visit the Hemingway Finca Vigia Museum in Cojimar

Lunch at Cafe Ajiaco or Terraza de Cojimar (included)

Visit Fototeca de Cuba
     the Centro Nacional de la Fotografia de Cuba. There are exhibition spaces here as well as the administration of the organization. Meet with a few Cuban photographers.

Farewell Dinner at Nazdrovie Restaurant (included)

Evening free



DAY 8 – SATURDAY, February ??


Breakfast of coffee & sandwich (included)
     Alas, our last morning together in Cuba. Time to head home.

Transfer to José Martí International Airport

Depart Cuba


Muy Importante! This Tour has been founded and set up to include a rigorous, full-time schedule of educational activities that creates meaningful interactions between you and individuals in Cuba. Your full adherence to this schedule is a requirement of U.S. law and imposes on an actual obligation to ensure your adherence. Your non-compliance would result in your being trundled off back to the States!


The secret to being a street photographer … is that you have to think at least 5 seconds ahead. You have to see the picture coming. Because by the time you see it, if you haven’t taken a picture, by that time it’s gone. – Antonio Olmos

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