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Kenu & Kundu Festival

Milne Bay, PNG

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Saturday, October 29 - Thursday, November 17, 2022


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Tour Schedule

Below is our current schedule and itinerary which is still undergoing refinement. While we make every effort to stick to the plan, things happen. As well, you, as both a group and as individuals, may ask to slightly vary our activities and site visits (this does not mean we can accomodate!)

Please confer with us BEFORE making your flight reservations, or paying for them if our travel agent has made them!

NOTE: On this journey we will visit places quite remote and off the usual tourist paths. When on the boat we will visit NO large towns and that requires we be primarily self-sufficient for that duration. This does not mean you should bring tons of luggage as there are strict limits on our local flights. Hard luggage will not be possible on this trip. Read our trip notes when you get them to find out more!


Saturday, October 29                        Flight: LAX (Los Angeles) – NAN (Nadi, Fiji)

(we lose a day out-bound)


Monday, October 31                         Arrive Fiji.

                                                            Lodging: Nila Beach Resort, Lautoka, Fiji, 1 night

                                                            Meals to Buy (MTB): B L D


Tuesday, Nov 1                                  Flight: NAN (Nadi) - BNR (Brisbane) - POM (Port Moresby)

                                    Lodging: ??? Hotel, 2 nights

                                                            MTB: B, L, D

                                                            Van rental or Avis Bus at Airport

Nov. 1-3                                              Activities: PNG National Art Museum, others

                                                            MTB: B L D


Thursday, Nov. 3                               Flight: POM (Port Moresby) – GUR (Alotau, PNG

                                    Lodging: Board yacht, Alotau, 11 days, 10 nights

                                                            MTB: B, L // All boat meals included


Thursday, Nov. 4                               Day Sail: Alotau to Wagawaga

                                    Where: sail south across Milne Bay 6 nautical miles to the community of Wagawaga. A great place to relax, swim and visit the people. From here we are in good position for tomorrow's early arrival of the canoes. NOTE: We may have an opportunity for everyone to go for ride in their war canoes!


Saturday, Nov. 5                                Kenu & Kundu Festival!

Where: from shipboard & in the town of Alotau

Sunday, Nov. 6                                   Kenu & Kundu Festival!

Where: from shipboard & in the town of Alotau

Monday, Nov. 7                                  Kenu & Kundu Festival!

Where: from shipboard & in the town of Alotau

Overnight motoring to Hiliwau Bay


Tuesday to Sunday, Nov. 8-13          Yacht Motoring
                                                             Milne Bay and northward to neighboring seas, 5 nights


Tuesday, Nov. 8                                   Boat
                                                             eastward out of Milne Bay, rounding East Cape
                                                             with Nuakata Island to starboard, north through
                                                             Goshen Strait to the skull cave in Hiliwau Bay.
                                                             Thence, on to Boga Boga Mission

                                                            Hiliwau Bay is only accessible by boat - as are most all the places we will visit in the next 5 days. We will do a village visit and then the Skull Caves, waterfall, snorkeling/diving as we wish. This is one of the most beautiful shore coral reefs in the world. The famous cave with stacks of skulls is accessed via a wood stairway. When we exit the local grapevine will have spread word of our visit and locals will be present to sell your their handicrafts!

The main town of Bogaboga and the Tara Kwaruru tidal creek the empties into Hiliwau Bay are located on Cape Vogel.

Overnight to Bogaboga, good artifacts and beautiful village. Possible dive over the top of Blackjack, a famous B17 Flying Fortress..


Wednesday, Nov. 9                             Boat
                                                             eastward from Cape Vogel, crossing Ward Hunt Strait,
                                                             through Moresby Strait
                                                             separating Goodenough and Fergusson Islands

                                                            Goodenough Island in the Solomon Sea, also known as Nidula Island, is the westernmost of the three large islands of the D'Entrecasteaux Islands. Roughly circular in shape it is 39 by 26 kilometres (24 by 16 mi) with a shoreline of 116 kilometres (72 mi). From a coastal belt the island rises sharply to the summit of Mount Vineuo, 2,536 metres (8,320 ft) above sea level, making it one of the most precipitous islands in the world.

Fergusson Island is largest of the D’Entrecasteaux Islands and lies 3 km across Dawson Strait from Normanby Island and 4 km from Goodenough Island across Moresby Strait. Its highest peak at 6,801 feet (2,073 metres) near Wadalei in the north-east of Fergusson Island is an extinct volcano although there are still geysers and fumaroles.


Thursday, Nov. 10                              Boat
                                                             eastward thru the D'Entrecasteaux Islands, thru the Amphlett Group,
                                                             skirt the southern tip of the Trobriands, to the Marshall Bennett Islands

                                                            Brief stop on Gumawana Island in the Amphlett Group. The Marshall Bennetts are remote, spectacular islands (Iwa, Kwaiawata, Gawa and others) and are known for their fine carvers. They build/carve great ocean going canoes complete with full sail setups.


Friday, Nov. 11                                   Boat
                                                             Visit Kwaiawata & Gawa Islands for artifacts, overnight south to Egum Atoll

                                                            Egum Atoll (Egum Reef) is a large, rectangular-shaped composite of reefs and islands, located between the D'Entrecasteaux, Woodlark and Trobriand island groups, in Milne Bay Province, PNG. It measures approximately 33km by 20km in size. Technically it is not a true atoll, but a reef-topped carbonate bank (like the Trobriand Islands). In the north and east the reefs are shallow with breaking ocean waves; this is also where the islands are located. The southern and western reefs are deeper (5-15m), and there are no islands in this area. Great for diving and snorkeling!

Visit Yanaba Island and Egum Islet with great trading canoes and the possible purchase of Prow Boards.


Saturday, Nov. 12                               Boat
                                                             west thru the narrow strait between Fergusson & Normanby Islands
                                                             thence south and east thru the Goshen Strait back toward Milne Bay & Alotau

                                                            Normanby once produced gold and deposits are now being found to work again. It is also a timber and copra exporter.   //   Overnight return to Alotau



Sunday, Nov. 13                                Disembark Boat

                                                            Flight: GUR (Alotau) to POM (Port Moresby)

                                    Lodging: ??? Hotel, Port Moresby, 1 night

                                                            MTB: L, D


Monday, Nov. 14                                Flight: POM (Port Moresby) - BNE (Brisbane) - NAN (Fiji)
(leave POM ??am Arrive NAN ??pm)

                                                            Lodging: Nila Beach Resort, Lautoka, Fiji, 3 nights

                                                            MTB: B, L, D


Thursday, Nov. 17                             Flight: NAN (Fiji) - LAX (Los Angeles)
(leave NAN ??am Arrive LAX ??pm, Nov. 17)

(we regain the day lost on the out-bound legs)

          missing our new friends already!


Trip Extensions

There are none scheduled for this tour. But! if you have time, Australia is not far.

And, I may try to get to Borneo to photograph orangutans after we finish the festival trip.



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