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Recent Acquisitions

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  1. [AFRICA] The Gold Coast Handbook. Accra, Gold Coast Colony: the Government Press; [1923]. Thick 8vo. Mustard-colored boards with black titles. Folding map attached to the front paste-down; 9 leaves + inserted 'correction' slip; 632 pp.; xvi Index; 6 leaves of advertisements; rear pocket with 5, of 6, maps; 6 charts (5 folding); numerous tables; 57 black & white photographs. FIRST edition.  $295.00


    Very good condition with wear at the extremities.

    This Handbook was compiled by John Maxwell, British Secretary for Native Affairs. It was "not intended to be a popular Guide Book to the Gold Coast and its Dependencies, but is designed primarily as a book of reference for business men, officials and others, containing in a concise and handy form precise, accurate and up-to-date information as to the trade, resources, labour, administration, legal system, climate, etc., of the country." This was a first rate compendium on that section of west Africa comprising the Gold Coast Colony, Ashanti-land, and the Northern Territories. Among other distinctions, this area gave the name to the English 'guinea' (a corruption of the town Ginnie) of 21 shillings (£1 0s. 8d.) from gold coins struck by the Royal African Company.

    "I will ignore all ideas for new works on engines of war, the invention of which has reached its limits and for whose improvements I see no further hope"

  2. FRONTINO, Sesto Giulio (ca. 30- ca.103 or 104 A.D.). Stratagemi militari di Sesto Giulio Frontino, tradotti in lingua italiana, et novamente mandati in luce da Marc' Antonio Gandino: con una aggiunta dell'istesso dopo Giulio Frontino, tratta da moderni historici. Venice: Appresso Bolognino Zaltiero; 1574. 4to. Limp vellum binding, ii, title leaf, 2 leaves of dedication, 1 preface leaf, 125 leaves, 1 leaf, 2 index leaves, ii.  $725.00


    Very good condition.

    Early Italian and quite rare edition of Sextus Julius Frontinus' Strategemata, a collection of over 500 examples of devices, ruses, ploys and creative ideas from history, intended as a sort of checklist for the military commander. The work, believed to have been written ca. 84-96 is an appendix to his work on the Art of War which, alas, has not survived. As it has come down to us, the work consists of four books, three of them written by Frontinus, the fourth by an author of unknown identity. The first book gives illustrations of stratagems employed before the battle begins; in the second, those that refer to the battle itself and that tend to effect the complete subjugation of the enemy; the third contains stratagems connected with sieges and the raising of sieges. These four books were still further increased by additional examples, interpolated here and there throughout the work. It is possible that Vegetius' De Re Militari relied heavily on the now-lost Art of War.

    Frontinus was made governor of Britannia ca. A.D. 73 to 78 in which post he was instrumental in the Roman conquest of the Silures of Wales. He served as a consul three times, the last with Trajan in A.D. 100. He is also remembered for his great work De Aqueductibus Urbis Romae (On the Water Supply of Rome) produced after being called on to revive and administer the city's water, its security and supply. The book is considered a mine of information for modern archaeologists and historians and is the prime example of Roman civic virtue and conscientious performance of simple duty. Pliny has preserved for us a saying of Frontinus, "Remembrance will endure if the life shall have merited it."

    We locate only Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana.

  3. [SMITH, Capt. John]. BARBOUR, Philip L., editor. The complete works of Captain John Smith (1580-1631) in three volumes. Chapel Hill, NC: Univ. of North Carolina Press; 1986. 3 volumes. 8vo. Grey boards with red cloth backstrips, 448, 488, 513 pp.; numerous maps and illustrations. FIRST edition thus.  $SOLD

    Fine condition, lacking the 3 volume slipcase.

    A fine production compiling all of Smith's known writings. His works are, of course, some of the most important primary documents on the early European presence in the New World. These volumes are filled with appendices and ample notes both as footers and in the margins making these historical documents finally accessible to all of us who have difficulty managing Smith's original Elizabethan English!

    Phenomenal Illustrated Wine Club History

  4. [WINE] Chronica von dem geschlosse und der vesten ze Lebenberg. Geschrieben und mit bildern gezieret von Dr. I[osef]. F[riedreich]. Lentner.... Meran, Austria: Fridolin Plant; 1879. Folio. Pebble-grain boards decorated with gilt, red and black stamped designs. [Unpaginated, but with numbered signatures] Fly leaf, Title page leaf, Dedication leaf, 2 ff Forward, Half-title leaf, 58 text leaves, Fly leaf. 100+ hand-colored illustrations. FIRST edition.  $1200.00


    Very good condition with a few small stains on the rear board and cracked, but tight, hinges. Title page browned from contact with the brown fly leaf. 1920 book dealer's description lightly affixed to front paste-down.

    An extraordinary privately printed production giving the history of a group of wine aficionados in the Dolomite region where Italy meets Austria. The proliferation of hand-colored illustrations are alive and fresh, finely worked and arranged throughout the text. The book is full of history, poetry and praise for the product of the noble grape! Facsimile signatures of the members of the club on the last two pages. A gorgeous, rare, and great addition to any wine or illustrated book collection.



  1. [ABOLITION]. Last issue of The Liberator, the abolitionist newspaper of William Lloyd Garrison (1805-1879). Boston, Friday, December 29, 1865. Folio, 4 pages.


    GARRISON, JR., Wm. Lloyd. Typed note, signed, on Garrison & Howe letterhead to George M. Smith of Iowa. "... I regret to say that my stock of my father's autographs is exhausted, and I am unable to comply with your request. I would gladly do it if I could." Apparently, he sent this issue of the newspaper instead. $Sold

    Short tear in lower gutter margin of newspaper, otherwise both items fine.

    The Liberator was 35 years old with this issue and the Civil War had come to a close. Garrison stopped publishing because, "the object for which it was started has been accomplished -- slavery not only having been abolished by the war for the Union, but also by Constitutional Amendment. What a grand and sublime triumph!"

    While there are many interesting articles and letters in this last issue, several deserve mention. Elizabeth Cady Stanton's open letter asks, "Will the last Liberator say a word for the only remaining class of citizens outside the pale of political recognition -- namely, women?" Messrs. Fowler & Wells of the Phrenological Journal offered as one of the premiums for new subscribers a Steinway piano! There is a news item, with discussion, about the use of involuntary servitude as legal punishment for crimes. It points out that men of influence in South Carolina have boasted that Article 13 of the new Amendment has a loophole that will allow "slavery enough for all practical purposes". [Article 13, Section 1 read, Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude , except as a punishment for crime, ...shall exist within the United States....] Finally, there is a one paragraph 'filler', "Mr. Jefferson Davis has become uncommonly pious. 'Tis a pity he didn't experience a change of heart years ago. The sacrament was administered to him the other day."

  2. ADRIAN, [Lord] E[dgar] D[ouglas] (b. 1889). Sensory Integration. The Sherrington Lectures. No.1. Liverpool: Univ. Press; 1949. 8vo., 20 pp. Printed wrapper. FIRST edition. $35.00

    Fine. Some pencil underlining to the text.

  3. AGASSIZ, [Jean] L[ouis Rodolphe] (1807-1873). De L'Espèce at de la Classification en Zoologie. Traduction de l'anglais par Felix Vogeli. Edition revue et augmentée par l'auteur. Paris: Germer Balliere; 1869. 8vo., (vi), 400 pp. Green printed wrapper. $75.00

    Good. Paper spine splitting but held by the threads. Isolated foxing. Else fine. Many pages unopened.

  4. [AGASSIZ, Louis] LYMAN, Theodore (1833-1897). Commemorative Notice of Louis Agassiz. From the Annual Report of the Council of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences for 1873. [Cambridge, MA? 1873?] 8vo.,13 pp. Printed wrapper. FIRST separate edition. $65.00

    Very good. Wrap chipped at tips.

    NUC lists the title as an article from the Annual Report (two locations) but not as this free-standing issue.

  5. [AGRICULTURE]. LEAFLET on the Lewis Combination Force Pump. P.C. Lewis, Catskill, NY; 1890's. 9 x 5½ inches. Brown paper. $35.00

    Very good but it won't take much handling as the paper is very brittle. Evidence of folds.

    The verso is dedicated to (very small type) information and testimonials on the Pump as relates to the spraying of fruit trees. The recto pictures the Force Pump and shows it as three complete devices: Pump, Fire Extinguisher, Insect Exterminator.

  6. ALDERSON, John, M.D. (1758-1829). An Address Read to the Members of the Hull Mechanics Institute. (Established June 1, 1825) London: Printed by Richard Taylor; 1825. 8vo., 24 pp. Gray wrapper. FIRST edition. $125.00

    Fine. Unopened.

    Mechanics Institutes played an important role in the education of the common man in the time before public funds were available for books, exhibits and lectures. There were more than 600 such institutes in England by 1850 with over 100,000 members. NOT in NUC, OCLC, nor RLIN.

  7. [ALMANAC]. Avery's [merchant's & farmer's] almanac for 1857... Containing - in addition to the usual information - ... a table for calculating seamen's wages, a weather table, .... Saint Johns, New Brunswick: Brunswick Press; 1857. 16mo., 60 pp + 18 pp. of pictorial advertisements. Printed wrapper. FIRST edition. $25.00

    Very good. Tape at foot of spine. Cover dust-soiled. One page has a one inch tear and bite out of top margin affecting one letter.

  8. [ANATOMY]. Anatomical chromographs of the human male and the human female. Presented by Parke, Davis & Company, Detroit 32, Michigan. 1958. 14 x 8¼ inches. 16 full page 'Trans-Vision' color plates plus several smaller plates on paper. Spiral bound with 'leatherette' cover. $35.00

    Simulated leather (that covers the wire spiral) cracked at spine, lacking one inch piece at tail.

    "In recent years, the scarcity of cadavers and the reduction of curricular hours devoted to anatomy have increased the difficulty of" teaching students to visualize man's basic structure in three dimensions. This atlas, illustrated by Gladys McHugh, sought to assist students by using plastic overlays. These were, here, labelled and patented by Milprint, Inc. of Milwaukee and called Trans-Vision.

  9. [ANATOMY]. Structure of the human body. Manikins. Supplement to the new modern home physician. Female & male anatomical sectional models. Ca. 1930's or 40's. 11¾ x 5 inches. Two paper models with fold-out numbered organs and corresponding page serving as the key. The items fit into an envelope (included) and were sold with The New Modern Home Physician (not included). $40.00

    Two tears in the shoulder of the male model, envelope very tattered and mostly split at the seams. The rest is fine.

  10. ANDRADE, E[dward] N[eville] da C[osta] (1887-1971). What is the Atom? Things to Know Series. New York & London: Harper; 1927. 12mo., 78 pp. Decorative boards. FIRST edition. Very good. $30.00

  11. [ANIMAL HUSBANDRY]. Dana's Breeder's Memorandum. Containing Time-Table Giving Dates of Serving, and Births of Colts Calves, Pigs and Lambs. West Lebanon, New Hampshire: C.H. Dana, c.1910's or earlier. Slim 8vo.size, 24pp. Yellow pictorial wrapper. $25.00

    Very good. Last two leaves lacking lower tip. Printed by The Right Printing Co., White River Junction, Vermont. NOT in OCLC nor RLIN.

    Cutting-edge humanist

  12. [ANIMAL RIGHTS]. Shaw on vivisection. Compiled and edited by G. H. Bowker for The National Anti-Vivisection Society. London: George Allen & Unwin; 1949. 16 mo., 65 pp., frontis photo. Heavy card stock covers, pictorial wrapper. FIRST edition. $65.00

    Book fine. Jacket chipped at all extremities and scarred from removal of price sticker.

    George Bernard Shaw's criticisms of experiments on animals, revised by him for re-publication by the National Anti-Vivisection Society.

  13. [ANON]. The eclipse: or, a dark morning accounted for. New York: Carlton & Lanahan; n.d., ca. 1880's. 16mo., (iv), 39 pp., frontis. Purple cloth, gilt spine title.


    The tolling bell: or, he died rich. NY: Phillips & Hunt, n.d. [1880's]. 44 pp. frontis. $25.00

    Very good. One light splotch on spine and four on front board.

    A book for children's moral and religious instruction.

  14. [ANTARCTICA]. Operation Deep Freeze. Paoli, Pennsylvania: The Dorville Corporation; 1955-1958. 4 quarto volumes. 202, 162, 232, 152 pages; photos; foldouts. Decorated bindings. FIRST editions. $SOLD

    Fine condition. COPIES of C.M. Marriott who worked as Artist, Layout Editor and Narrative writer for these books. Books contain her signature or rubber stamp. Two volumes bound with her name embossed on front cover.

    These books detail the work of US Navy Task Force 43 and the scientists involved in events leading up to, and including, The International Geophysical Year, 1957-58. This effort assembled participants as diverse as Admiral Byrd; Walt Disney Studios, designer of the expedition's full-color coat of arms; and Robert Stone, who worked as a writer on the project. The multi-nation effort provided much scientific information on Antarctica, capping U.S. interest that began in 1820 with the Palmer voyage.

  15. [ASTRONOMY]. A Catalog of Photographic Charts of the Sky. FROM: Annals of Harvard College Observatory. Vol. LX, No. IX., pp. 231-251. Ca. 1908. 4to. Stitched but unbound as issued. Fine. FIRST edition. $45.00

    A compilation, not of all the photographic stellar charts ever taken, but of those which had been published in leading astronomical journals & books to the end of 1907.

  16. [ASTRONOMY]. BROADSIDE. U.S. Naval Observatory, Washington, D.C., January 12, 1912. 10½ x 8 inches. A request for responses from the Superintendent to astronomers in the United States relative to three resolutions adopted at the conference of national nautical almanacs held in Paris the previous October. He ends with a mention of an enclosed franked envelope to expedite responses. We have the envelope, but no stamp. $50.00

    Good. Margins chipped, dust soiled.

  17. [ATOMIC ENERGY]. Conference of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy. July 1-5, 1955. Two volumes. Vol. 1, Session of the Division of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. Vol. 2, Session of the Division of Technical Science. Washington, D.C.: G.P.O.; 1956. 4to., 262 pp.; 195 pp. Green printed wrappers. FIRST American edition. $30.00

    Spines sunned, otherwise fine.

  18. [ATOMIC WEAPONS]. Hearing Before the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy, Congress of the United States... on Health and Safety Problems and Weather Effects Associated with Atomic Explosions. April 15, 1955. Washington D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1955. 8vo., 60pp. Cover-title. FIRST edition. $25.00

    Fine. Inked date stamp on front cover.


  19. [ATOMIC WEAPONS] SMYTH, H(enry) D(e Wolf). A General Account of the Development of Methods of Using Atomic Energy for Military Purposes Under the Auspices of the United States Government, 1940-1945. Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office; 1945. 8vo., viii, 182 pp. Tan printed wrapper. FIRST G.P.O. edition, probably FIRST issue. $Sold

    Fine in custom clamshell case.

    This document by Professor Smyth of Princeton provides a full account of the development work carried out by the American-directed, but internationally recruited, team of physicists who labored under the code name 'Manhattan District'. The fruition of their work culminated in the production and detonation of the first atomic bomb.

    I tend to think this the first issue because it lacks the standard statement (Coleman 5); 'For Sale By Superintendent of Documents' on the front cover, reading the same as Coleman 3, the Lithoprint version. The size is 9 x 5 7/8 inches. For what its worth, beginning with page 125, Chapter X (the last two gatherings), the paper changes from fairly white to a creamy tan.

    - PMM #422e

  20. [ATOMIC WEAPONS]. SMYTH. Atomic Energy for Military Purposes. Princeton: University Press; 1945. 8vo., ix, 264 pp. photos & diagrams. Printed wrapper. FIRST printing. $65.00

    Very good. The wrapper is coming unglued from the backstrip. Ownership stamps and signature. - Coleman 4

  21. [ATOMIC WEAPONS]. Survival Under Atomic Attack. The Official U.S. Government Booklet. Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1950. 8vo., 31 pp. Cover-title. FIRST edition. $25.00

    Fine. Lightly dust-soiled and age-toned.

    One of those wonderfully naive pamphlets about avoiding and ameliorating the dangers of nuclear fallout.

  22. [ATOMIC WEAPONS]. Survival under atomic attack. Detroit, Michigan: Detroit Office of Civil Defense; ca. 1950. 12mo., 31 pp., drawings. Printed wrapper. $25.00

    Fine. Pages 15-18 pull-out for reference. This pamphlet is taken from the Federal booklet of the same name (above).

  23. [ATOMIC WEAPONS]. WOODWARD, E. L. Some political consequences of the atomic bomb. A public lecture delivered in the University of Oxford. Toronto: Geoffrey Cumberlege, Oxford University Press; 1945. 8vo., 26 pp. Brown printed wrapper. $45.00

    Very good to fine. Owner's signature on front wrapper.

  24. AUGIER, E[mile] (b.1868). La Mémoire et la Vie. Essai de Défense du Mécanisme Psychologique. Paris: Librairie Felix Alcan; 1939. 12mo., 252 pp. Printed wrapper. FIRST edition. $60.00

    Very good. Pages unopened. SIGNED.

  25. [AUTOMOBILE]. DULL, Charles E. Safety First -- And Last. New York: Holt; 1938. 8vo., 241 pp., illus. & photos. Red and silver cloth. FIRST edition. $25.00

    Very good.

    Although a high school text about safety in various facets of our lives (including 'dry cleaning'!), the first three-fifths of the book is devoted to automobiles. One of the neat photos, all of which are by-lined, has a car tumbling down a cliff with a caption that reads, "Manufacturers have proved that modern cars can stand rough treatment, but drivers will not wish to contribute additional proof. Note the car after its fall."


  26. [AUTOMOBILE] GRANT, Ethel Watts-Mumford (b.1878) & GLAENZER, Richard Butler (1876-1937). The auto guest book: being the maxims of Punbad the Railer, ga raja of the Pun-job, vice-roysterer of Notsopoor / rendered into the vernacular and highly decorated by Ethel Watts-Mumford Grant & Richard Butler Glaenzer. San Francisco and New York : Paul Elder and Company; 1906. 8vo., 20 x 18 cm. Burlap covered boards with red and blue printed paper label on front cover. Original loose red ribbon and bow vertically banding the front board. Decorated and printed endpapers. 65 illustrated leaves, unpaginated. FIRST edition.  $195.00

    Fine condition. Front upper tip burlap slightly abraded. Red ribbon worn and soiled, bow flattened.

    A fine piece of very early automobiliana, this is a log for travel, a 'blank book', if you will. It is loaded with humorous aphorisms at the top of each page. The balance of the page has blank space for information relating to time, place and companions for one's trips. A sample of the sayings: 'Take care of the pennies, the garage will take care of the dollars.'  'Where law ends speed really begins.'  'To speed is human; to be caught is fine!'   There are lots of references to horses and chauffeurs. And many of the lines are best read aloud: 'So near and yet chauffeur.' We have seen several copies of this book for sale thru the years but none with the original red banding ribbon and bow.

  27. [AUTOMOBILE]. Willys American Car. Your Operation and Care Manual. Model 441. Toledo, Ohio: Willys-Overland Motors, Inc.; 1940. 8vo., 56 pp., illus. Red & blue printed wrapper. FIRST edition. $35.00

    Good. Covers dust-soiled. Light water stain on title page, staples beginning to rust. Pages fine. A misprint in the 'specs' highlighted in pencil.

  28. [AVIATION]. COBB, Captain Frank. Battling the Clouds, or, For a Comrade's Honor. Aviator Series Volume 1. Akron, Ohio: Saalfield Pub. Co.; 1927. 8vo., (iii), frontis drawing, 165 pp., (iii). Red-brown cloth, bright, colorful dust jacket. Second edition. $75.00

    Fine. The jacket extremities show very light wear but the colors are fresh. Cover art by Rodewald?

    "This series contains three books about red-blooded American youths. The heroes of these stories are ordinary boys, such as those all over the country, upon whose courage and clear-thinking the forward march of aeronautics has depended." The adventures of young Army-trained pilots.

  29. AYRES, Leonard P[orter] (1879-1946). The Binet-Simon Measuring Scale for Intelligence: Some Criticisms and Suggestions. Reprint: The Psychological Clinic, Nov. 15, 1911, Russell Sage Foundation. 8vo., 12 pp. Printed wrapper. $25.00

    Wrapper a bit brittle, interior fine.

  30. BARNARD, George. The theory and practice of landscape painting in water-colours. Illustrated by a series of twenty-four designs, coloured diagrams, and numerous woodcuts; with two extra plates on simultaneous contrasts. London: Wm. S. Orr and Co.; 1855. 4to. Original blindstamped and gilt decorated publisher's cloth, 176pp., 26 coloured or tinted plates, 43 text woodcuts. FIRST edition.   $125.00

    Expertly restored using the original purple cloth and gilt spine and boards. Original endpapers retained along with the addition of new ones. Cloth faded to mostly brown. Binding extremities worn, spine faded, some foxing throughout, title page and several other pages lightly chipped. Plates bound out of order and lacking three plates (II, XX and XXI) with VIII poorly repaired. Notwithstanding these faults, a very good and tight copy.

    A classic treatise on watercolour produced by a process known as the 'Leighton Brothers' Chromatic Process.' This first edition is genuinely rare although the book subsequently became quite popular. It was first published serially, in parts, in 1854 then in book form in 1855, going through a second edition in 1858, and a third, or New Edition, in 1871.

    In Victorian Book Design and Colour Printing, on page 192, Ruari McLean wrote, "Of whatever use his [Barnard's] Landscape Painting was to artists, it is certainly, with its twenty-six color plates, a most interesting manual of what could be achieved at that time by colour printing. Plates 22 and 23 might be sketches, or notes, by a French Impressionist, and are, in their way, among the most improbable examples of colour printing of the whole century." McLean also reproduced, in full color, an 'abstract' plate from the book relating to the technicalities of color.

  31. BARRIE, J.M. Courage. London: Hodder & Stoughton; 1922. 8vo., 20 pp. . FIRST edition, probably second issue (47 rather than 45 pages - Cutler, p. 171.)  $15.00

    Fine condition but without the original glassine dust wrapper. Rectorial address delivered at St. Andrews University, May 3, 1922.

  32. BATES, W[illiam H[oratio] (1860-1931). The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment Without Glasses. New York: Central Fixation Pub.; 1920. 8vo., (iv), xx, 313 pp.(iii), photos. Red cloth w/ gilt titles. FIRST edition. $125.00

    Very good. Owner's signatures and light foxing to endpapers.

    Perhaps Bates most famous success was the restoration of the vision of Aldous Huxley. Huxley describes experiences with the 'Bates Method' in his book The Art of Seeing (see our signed copy in this catalog.)

  33. BECQUEREL, [Alexandre] E[dmond] (1820-1891). A.Ms.S. One page holograph text, in French, and drawing of a cylinder with a description of its contents & size. 8vo., recto, n.d. 'M. Faraday' pencilled on verso (not by M.F.) Handsomely slipcased. $SOLD

    Fine. A nice item to glaze & frame.

    Becquerel was keenly interested in the phenomena of electrical decomposition, accumulating much evidence in favor of Faraday's Law of Electromechanical Decomposition. In 1844 he proposed a modified statement of this Law intended to cover certain apparent exceptions. This sheet may have been sent to Faraday for comment.

  34. [BEER]. The maltster's sure guide; containing explicit abstracts of all the laws relating to the duties on malt; with tables for moneying the duties, from one bushel to nine thousand; and directions for the management, from the cistern to the kiln. By a maltster, late an officer in the excise. London: Printed for J. Parsons; 1796. 8vo., 36 pp. Plain wrapper. Slipcased. $225.00

    Very good. Institutional bookplate.

  35. [BIRDS]. BREWER, T[homas] M[ayo] (1814-1880). Wilson's American Ornithology, with notes by Jardine: to which is added a synopsis of American Birds, including those described by Bonaparte, Audubon, Nuttall, and Richardson. Boston: Otis, Broaders, and Co.; 1840. 12mo., 1 f, color frontis, decorated/color title leaf, regular title leaf, viii, color plate, 746 pp., (ii), woodcuts, 24 full-page color plates. Victorian blind and gilt stamped black leather binding, a.e.g. FIRST edition. $475.00

    Binding rubbed at extremities, boards detached and held in place w/ black binders tape w/ vignette cut out for the spine title. One loose gathering (pp. 35-46). First few pages chipped at the margins, tissue guards foxed. Owner's names and address on fly in ink. Text, plates and colors are fine.

    This hefty book is chock-a-block with bird information and I can imagine its condition results from use in the field. Pages 682-746 are given over to a 'Synopsis of the Birds of North America'. This lists all the birds then known to inhabit N. America in taxonomic order. Brewer lists 491. [We now identify about 690 regular species north of Mexico.] In addition to the lengthy descriptions on each bird are anecdotal material gleaned from the sources named in the title and references. For example, under the Yellow-Billed Cuckoo the entry begins: "Cuculus Carolinensis. -\ Fig. 127.\ Cuculus Americanus, Linn. Syst. 170 - Catesb. i.9. - Lath. i. 537. - Le Coucou\ de la Caroline, Briss. iv. 112. - Arct. Zool. 265, No. 155. - Peale's Museum,\ No. 1778.\ Coccyzus Americanus. - Bonaparte.*\ Coccyzus Americanus, Bonap. Synop. p.42. - The Yellow-billed Cuckoo,\ Aud. pl. 2; Orn. Biog. i. p.18." Each bird is similarly treated. A great work on American ornithology!

  36. BLACKETT, P[atrick] M[aynard] S[tuart]. Military and Political Consequences of Atomic Energy. London: Turnstile Press; 1948. 8vo., 216 pp. Orange cloth, gilt title, dust jacket. FIRST edition. $Sold

    Book fine. Jacket, very good.

    Blackett received the Nobel prize in physics in 1948 and was one of Britain's earliest and most outspoken scientists on the dangers of nuclear warfare.

  37. BLUMENBACH, Jo[hann] Fred[rich] (1752-1840). Elements of Physiology; by ----. Translated from the Original Latin, and Interspersed with Occasional Notes. By Charles Caldwell. To which is subjoined, by the translator, An Appendix, ... relative to the subject of Animal Electricity. Philadelphia: Thomas Dobson; 1795. Two volumes bound in one. 8vo., (ii), xvi, 229 pp., (i); 247 pp., (iii). Contemporary leather. FIRST American edition. $Hold

    Very good. Binding chipped at head of spine. Bottom of page one & 15 torn away, including line of text. Page 14 lower margin torn away affecting no text. Owner's signature on title page. Volume 2 title page not included.

    Blumenbach is considered by many to be the founder of scientific anthropology and developed the terms Caucasian, Mongolian, etc.

  38. BOUSSINGAULT, J[ean] B[aptist Joseph Dieudonné] (1802-1887). Economie rurale considérée dans ses rapports avec la chimie, la physique et la météorologie. Paris: Béchet Jeune; 1851. 8vo., (ii), xii, 819 pp., (i), 2 pp., ads, (ii); (ii), half-title & title & contents leaves, 767 pp., (ii). Buckram backstrip, marble boards, gilt titles. Second edition, corrected and augmented. $195.00

    Purple spine has been light faded. Tips bumped and front upper tip on Vol. 1 chewed off. Isolated foxing to some pages.

    Boussingault, at the recommendation of Humboldt, started his career doing geological and meteorological work in South America (1821-1832) before settling down to agricultural concerns. From 1834 to 1876 he applied organic analyses in field and lab research on his farm in Alsace to problems of soil fertility, crop rotation, plant and soil fixation of nitrogen, ammonia in rainwater, etc. in order to determine the sources of plant nitrogen. His experiments brought this issue, essentially, to the threshold of its modern microbiological formulation. A seven volume compendium (1860-84) is sometimes called the 2nd edition of this work but is not. The first edition was 1843-44. See also Liebig, item #61. 3 NUC locations.

  39. BRADBURY, Ray & YOUNG, Judith. Celebrations. America's Best Festivals, Jamborees, Carnivals & Parades. Santa Barbara:Capra Press, 1986. 4to.,183 pp. Paperback. FIRST edition. Mint. $20.00

    Bradbury wrote the foreword to this book. "... I am a child of festivals, carnivals, sorcerers (real and pretend), and all of the holidays which induce or propel men and women and children to be sublimely foolish .... I wept every year when Christmas stopped .... I flooded my cheeks with tears when Halloween came to an end with the charred smell ...."

  40. BRAY, Charles (1811-1884). The science of man: a bird's eye view of the wide and fertile field of anthropology. London: Longmans, Green, Reader, & Dyer; 1868. 8vo., (viii), 44 pp., (viii). Black cloth. FIRST edition. $175.00 // HOLD

    Very good in new binding. Light foxing to the first and last few pages.

    "The object of Anthropological Science must be to improve the race of men, and to make Newton's and Shakespeares to order....to teach us how to make a man according to the most approved pattern, and with all the modern improvements." An entertaining mix of human science with references to all the proper authorities and folderol that is eminently quotable at dinner parties, "A modern sceptical philosopher, Dr. Whately, defines woman as 'a creature incapable of the exercise of reason, and that pokes the fire from the top;'". NUC locates Boston Athenaeum only.

  41. BRIFFAULT, Robert [Stephens] (1876-1948). The Mothers. A study of the origins of sentiments and institutions. New York: MacMillan Co.; 1927. 3 volumes. Large 8vo., 781 pp; 789 pp., 841 pp. Dark blue cloth, gilt titles. FIRST American edition. $225.00

    Fine. Very light blemishes to front pastedowns from the removal of those God-awful Strand Bookstore price stickers. A very handsome set of books.

    Briffault's work and its accompanying controversy centered around the "question whether the male or female must be regarded as the more important and predominating factor in human social development." (Langdon-Davies, NY Herald Tribune). Malinowski, reviewing The Mothers in the New Statesman, wrote, "The present volume contains both a wonderful legend -- only slightly sustained by evidence, it is true -- and some valuable contributions to Anthropology. The legend is arresting and dramatic; it is told in excellent English, and supported by an almost paralyzing display of erudition." Generally neglected today, the book is chock-a-block full of interesting fact and speculation and contains, in Volume III, a massive (196 page) bibliography.


    A group of anatomical charts by the celebrated medical illustrator. Concerning these, he wrote, "In one instance have I departed from my rule not to work for anyone outside the medical school, but the importance of the subject and the nationwide benefit... have prompted me to waive the rule.... During the summer vacation of last year I have revised and partially redrawn the celebrated Frosche life-size anatomical charts. Owing to the war it had been impossible to obtain these charts from abroad.... The publishers, Nystrom & Co. of Chicago, finally decided to have these wonderful charts re-lithographed for the American market, commissioning the Baltimore Lithographers, Hoen & Co., to undertake the task.... The charts, when finished this spring, will be far the best in existence and will prove of great teaching value...." -- Crosby & Cody, Max Brödel, The Man Who Put Art Into Medicine, 1991.

  42. BRÖDEL, Max (1870-1941). American Frohse Anatomical Charts. Edited, revised and augmented by ------. Plate No. 1, Human Skeleton. Chart 1a, Front View and Chart 1b, Back View. Chicago: A.J. Nystrom & Co.; 1918. 64 x 44 inches on heavy, white paper. $225.00

    Numerous pin holes in all four corners from display, otherwise fine. Rolled for storage.

  43. BRÖDEL, Max. Same chart as above but mounted on a period spring-loaded assembly for classroom use. $150.00

    Very good. Chart backed with linen to withstand the rigours of schoolroom use, yellowed with age and exposure. The assembly has very strong tension and could be displayed as designed (or used from the verso as a screen for slide shows!)

  44. BRÖDEL, Max. As above, but on heavy, waxy paper. Plate No. 6, Viscera of the Chest and Abdomen. 1918. Figure 6a, First Layer; Figure 6b, Second Layer; Figure 6c, Third Layer; Figure 6d, Fourth Layer. $225.00

    Very good. Two small tears in right margin. Rolled.

  45. BRÖDEL, Max. As above, on heavy white paper. Plate No. 7, The Head, with detailed views of: Fig. 1, median section through head; Fig. 2, lateral view of upper and lower jaws; Fig. 3, the mouth cavity; Fig 4, coronal section of neck; Fig. 5, horizontal section of neck. Two facsimile signatures of Brödel, 1919, on Figures. $225.00

    Very good. Some pin holes and lightly tattered edges. Rolled.

  46. BROOM LABELS. A small but choice collection of fourteen lithographed paper labels from various American broom/brush/duster manufacturing companies. I haven't a clue as to their age but I'm guessing 1930's though they may well be much earlier. The brands include Swan, Red Star, Victory, Wilton Carpet, The Monogram, Arsenal, Tip-Top and one without a name but featuring a gorgeous peacock. Apparently these domestic necessities came in a variety of 'weights' within a company's line. The Wilton and Monogram labels, for example, have cartouches within which are the 'model numbers'. One price sweeps 'em all! Mint condition. 2 sets available. $45.00

  47. BROWNE, Maurice (1881-1955). The Atom and the Way. London: Gollancz; 1946. 12mo., 79 pp. Blue cloth, d.j. FIRST edition. $75.00

    Book fine, jacket sunned along spine and lightly dust soiled.

    Browne and Robert Nichols around 1928 had written a play titled Wings Over Europe. It was presented by the New York Theatre Guild and, in book form, went three American editions in four months. It predicted the material consequences which would follow the controlled release of atomic energy. Here, Browne, with the mellowing of years, reflects on effects other than the material. NOT in RLIN. OCLC lists microfilm only.

  48. BUCHAN, Alexander. (1829-1907) A.N.S. on imprinted card to unnamed correspondent, Edinburgh? 19 April 1898. Buchan, a meteorologist, posts a (tardy) proof with the apology "I was in London on a ten days visit and my Library was being repapered and repainted, and in the confusion your proof fell aside". Fine. $45.00

  49. BUCHANAN, Esq. James. Sketches of the history, manners, and customs, of the north American Indians, with a plan for their melioration. NY: William Borradaile; 1824. 12 mo. Printed boards, ii, 182 pp., vi; ii, 156 pp., iv. FIRST edition.  $275.00

    Skillfully and finely rebacked using the original printed boards, which are a bit dust-soiled. Some smeared fountain pen ink on the cover of volume 2. Contents of both volumes foxed. Pages untrimmed. Ownership signature of H. ? McLellan Gerh??? in both volumes. Altogether a nice set of a book often found in less than satisfactory condition.

    Buchanan, British consul to the state of New York, sympathetically discusses the history and culture of the Indians of New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware and includes material on Indian languages including a chapter by Peter S. Duponceau who, along with Jarvis, assisted in the book's compilation. Elements of the book are freely 'borrowed' from John Heckewelder's An account of the Indian nations (1819). Howes records the 1825 printing, which is often listed as the first, as a separate edition while Sabin writes that, "Some copies of the New York [first] edition are dated 1825". There was also a London printing which did not include the section titled 'plan for their melioration.' - Sabin 8860 - Field 204/226 - Pilling 510 - Howes B911 - American Imprints 15586. NOT in Eberstadt or Decker.

  50. BUQUOY, Grafen G. von (Georg Franz August de Longueval, graf von) (1781-1851). Chronologisher Auszug aus der Geschichte der Mathematik. Leipzig: Breitkopf und Hartel; 1829. 16mo., 46 pp., (ii), blank. Green wrapper with title in handwritten script. FIRST edition. $225.00

    Very good. Title page foxed, some pages a trifle age-toned. Signature on title. NUC locates NN and PBL for this history of mathematics. OCLC reports Lehigh University.

  51. CAMPBELL, Norman Robert (1880-1949). The Structure of the Atom. Supplementary Chapter XVII to Modern Electrical Theory. Cambridge: Univ. Press; 1923. 8vo., ix, errata, 161 pp., folding table. Green cloth. FIRST edition. $45.00

    Very good. Owner's signature on fly.

    The basic work was published in 1907 with the first Supplement following in 1913 and then this in '23.

  52. CATALOG]. Catalog of materials for painting on china. Containing also practical information for painting on china -- gilding. Philadelphia: Wright, Tyndale & van Roden; n.d. (late 19th C.) 4to., 16 pp., illus. Printed wrapper. $55.00

    Very good. Wrapper beginning to split at the staples.

    A well-illustrated price catalog with tips on the use of the supplies. Wright, Tyndale was a vendor for brushes, palettes, Hall's and Hasburg's golds and powder colors, Fry's enamels, Caulkins & Co. kilns, etc.

  53. [CATALOG]. Kohler's Planned Bathrooms & Kitchens. Kohler, Wisconsin: 1941. 8vo., 23pp, color illus. Pictorial wrapper. $20.00

    Fine. A catalog of the company's line of fixtures with Parts Numbers. "The modern bathroom is as American as the Goddess of Liberty, and the name "Kohler" as significant of quality as the torch she holds in her hand."

  54. [CATALOG]. A catalog of the Library of the United States Naval Observatory, Washington. Part I. Astronomical Bibliography. By Prof. Edward S. Holden, U.S.N. Wash. D.C.: Government Printing Office; 1879. 4to., 10 pp. Printed paper wrapper. FIRST edition. $45.00

    Very good. Rear wrap and last couple pages torn near upper corner.

    PRESENTATION copy to the astronomer J.F. Lewis.

  55. [CATALOG]. A ---- of the Printed Books in the Library of the Society of Antiquaries of London. London: Printed by Bensley and Son; 1816. 4to., (vi), 260 pp.


    A Catalog of Manuscripts in the Library of the Society of Antiquaries of London. London: Bensley ; 1816. 4to., 92 pp., (ii). Paper wrapper. FIRST edition. $275.00

    Wrapper and first two pages very tatty. Spine totally exposed showing the binding threads. Signature of J T? Davies on free fly. Scattered light foxing. A very good bindable copy despite these problems.

  56. CHALMERS, Leona W. Woman's Personal Hygiene. Modern Methods and Appliances. Illustrated. New York: Pioneer Publications; 1943. 8vo., 192 pp., drawings, photos. Green cloth. A striking black & orange dust jacket. Second edition. $25.00

    Very good. Jacket chipped at the tail.

    A reflection of the 'no waste' mood of the war years is the section, complete with photos, on home-made tampons. This second edition NOT in OCLC.

    Important Rare Work on Wine

  57. CHAPTAL, [Jean-Antoine-Claude, Comte de Chanteloup] (1756-1832). L'Art de faire, gouverner, et perfectionner les vins. Par le citoyen Chaptal, ministre.... Edition originale, soule avouee par l'Auteur. Paris: Delalain fils, Libraire, quai des Augustins, no. 29; de l'imprimerie de marchant; An X - 1801. 8vo., half-title, title page, 194 pages, table of contents leaf, new endpapers. Sympathetically rebound in antique style with half-leather and marbled boards and pastedowns. Red leather spine label, gilt titles. Deckled fore-edge. FIRST edition, FIRST issue.  $2195.00

    Fine condition with the following blemishes: light pencil marks bracketing {  } a few paragraphs; one line of text underlined; some light foxing to the half-title and title; dark stains on the last two leaves; one repair patch to a leaf-head not affecting text.

    A rare work -- rarer still in the first issue, this is a keystone volume for any comprehensive collection on the history of wine and wine making. Chaptal was an active chemist and man of the Enlightenment and in 1790 gave us the name still used for the most abundant earth element: nitrogen.

    K. Bitting #83 Gastronomic bibliography. San Francisco: 1939; W.A. Cole #248, Chemical literature 1700-1860. A bibliography. Mansell: 1988; G. Oberle #949/950 Les Fastes de Bacchus et de Comus. Belfond: 1989; G. Oberle #118 Une bibliotheque bachique. Collection Kilian Fritsch. Paris: 1993; Pigeire, La vie et l'oeuvre de Chaptal, pages 171-172, Paris; Querard, La France litteraire. Vol. II, p. 130, Paris: 1827; A. Simon #18 Bibliotheca Vinaria. London: 1979; Vicaire #164 Bibliographie Gastronomique. Paris: 1890

  58. CHATEAUBRIAND, M. le Vte de. Itinéraire de Paris a Jérusalem et de Jérusalem a Paris, en allant par la Grèce, et revenant par L'Égypte, la Barbarie et L'Espagne. Paris: Le Normant, imprimeur-libraire; 1822. 8vo. 3 volumes. Paper wrappers with paper spine labels. i, 122 pp preface & intro, fold-out 1811 map, 270 pp., ii; half-title leaf, title leaf, 401 pp., i; half-title leaf, title leaf, 354 pp., 2 page publisher's catalogue. Fourth edition.  SOLD

    Wraps worn and chipped on spines, spine labels readable but very worn. 60 pages of volume 1 with worm holes in the upper outside corner. Some dustsoiling to the deckled page edges. Three small brown stains on the map where it folds.

    First published in 1811 this is Chateaubriand's vivid (and creatively 'enhanced') account of his travels to Jerusalem via Greece and Constantinople in 1806. The publication of these journals is said to have influenced the course of the Greek revolution by inspiring Hellenic sentiment. - Brunet VI, 19962 (1st edition) - Gay 336 - Blackmer 328 (1812 edition) - Tobler pp. 137-39.

  59. [CHILDREN]. 23 Gebete für kinder in versen nach dem ABC. No place/date [19th C]. 16mo., (ii), 8 pp., (ii). Plain wrapper. $20.00

    Very good. Minor chipping to the wrapper.

    A small children's book of 23 verses (in 8 line iambic pentameter). Each verse begins with a different letter of the alphabet, A thru Z. As the title suggests, the content is religious, in the form of prayers. Although there is nary a letter of identification, I would say this pamphlet is American.

  60. [CHILDREN]. Die geretteten diebe. [New York]: Amerikanischen Traktat=Gesellschaft; n.d.[19th C]. 16mo., 32 pp., 3 illus. Printed wrapper. $20.00

    Very good American Tract Society pamphlet in German.

  61. [CHILDREN]. Little Charley's puzzle. Philadelphia: American Sunday School Union; 1859. 12mo. (tho bound in 4to), (vi), 23 pp., (i), 12 pp. ads with prices, (iv), 4 illus. Blind stamped cloth, gilt spine title. $20.00

    Spine chipped at extremities and boards a bit spotted. Owner's full signature in very nice hand.

    Given the prices on the ads for Sunday School Union books this little tome cost around 30 cents when published.

  62. [CHILDREN]. Stories of the elements. Containing: The old man and his four servants. Volcanoes and earthquakes. And the volcanic island and the Indian family. London: Dean and Son; 1848. 12mo., (ii), color frontis, 44 pp., (ii)., five additional full-page plates, woodcuts. Buckram with gilt title. $45.00

    Hinges cracked. Binding faded and worn at the extremities. Endpapers foxed.

    One of the plates depicts Mount Hecla in Iceland, another, the Earthquake at Lisbon with the rest being action in the stories. The Island of the last named tale is "in the North Pacific Ocean" and features an Indian family and their dog, Pingwhee. The characters look more Asian than Native American.

  63. CHORLTON, William. The American grape grower's guide. Intended especially for the American climate. New York: Orange Judd & Co.; n.d. [ca. 1869]. 12mo., 204 pp., 8 pp. ads., frontis, illus. Green cloth, gilt spine title, blindstamped fillets on boards. $150.00

    Very good. Head, tail, tips showing wear. A very few isolated flecks of foxing.

    Chorlton's guides to cultivation of European grapes under glass were based on his experience as gardener to J.C. Green, Esq. of Staten Island. Chorlton gives a long list of European grapes suitable for indoor cultivation and on page 115 suggests the American varieties Isabella, Catawba, Diana, etc. for outdoors. There are additional chapters on all aspects of cultivation. -- Gabler 16220

  64. CHORLTON. Another copy, but 1865. No ads. Different address for the publisher than the copy above. Boards very heavily decorated in blind stamp. Gilt spine title & grape cluster. $195.00

    Two tips worn, else fine. -- Gabler 16220

  65. [CIVIL WAR]. Secession: A Folly and a Crime. Philadelphia: King & Baird; July 4, 1861. 8vo., 29 pp. Printed wrapper. Very good. $150.00

  66. CLARE. P[eter] (1738-1786). Méthode Nouvelle et Facile de Guérir la Maladie Vénérienne; Suivie 1. D'un Traité Pratique de la Gonorrhée, 2. d'Observations sur les Abcès & sur la Chirurgie générale & médicale; 3. d'une Lettre à M. Buchan, sur l'Inoculation, sur la Petite-Vérole, & sur les Abcès varioleux. Traduit de l'Anglois, par J.D.D.M.H.D.M.C.D. A. [Translator = J.D. Duplanil]. A Londres, Et se trouve à Paris: Chez Froullé; 1785. 8vo., (ii), lxxvi, 336 pp. including 41 pp. of index. Frontis portrait, two full page plates, engraved vignette. Stiff vellum binding. FIRST French edition. $325.00

    Very good. Frontis mounted on new leaf, title page rebacked, fore-edge margins of first 3 text pages restored. Inked date on first free fly. Stamped letter 'A' on upper corner of front pastedown. Title hand-lettered on spine.

    A translation of Clare's A Practical Treatise on the Gonorrhoea, Recommending the Use of Injection, London, 1784. Part two is an essay on abscesses and other observations on surgery. The third part is a work on inoculation and small pox. The stipple engravings (which are printed in English and may come from the London edition) are stunning. OCLC locates Duke, Hopkins, NLM, Wellcome and one French library. NOT in NUC.

  67. CLARK, Henry James (1826-1873). Mind in nature; or The origin of life, and the mode of development in animals. NY: Appleton; 1865. 8vo., (vi), xi, 322 pp., (iv), ca. 200 in-text illus. Purple cloth. FIRST edition. $145.00

    First & last few pages foxed, isolated foxing thru-out. Boards spotted, tips bumped.

  68. COATES, Reynell (1802-1886). Oration on the Defects in the Present System of Medical Instruction in the United States. Read before the Philadelphia Medical Society, November 21, 1835. Phila.: James Kay, Jun. & Brother; [1835?] 8vo., 32 pp. Printed wrapper, slipcased. $75.00

    Wrapper chipped and stained, head of first few pages waterstained.

    PRESENTATION copy to Mr. Clemson. Coates was a Philadelphia physician & writer. RLIN locates NLM. See Kelly & Burrage for more on Coates.

  69. COLLIER, Jeremy (1650-1726). An Essay upon Gaming, In a Dialogue Between Callimachus and Dolomedes. By ----, M.A. London: Printed for J. Morphew, near Stationers' Hall, MDCCXIII. Edited by Edmund Goldsmid, .... Edinburgh: Privately printed; 1885. 12mo., 40 pp. Printed vellum paper wrapper. 1 of 275 small paper copies (75 large paper). $25.00

    Backstrip chipped away. Pages unopened.

    First published in 1713, this is a late reprint for Collectanea Admantaea.-VIII.

  70. [COMNENE, Demetrius (1749-1821)] Precis Historique de la Maison Imperiale des Comnenes, ou l'on Trouve l'Origine, Les moeurs et Les Usages des Maniotes,.... Amsterdam: 1784. 8vo., 184 pp., 5 leaves of contemporary manuscript. Disbound. Cover-title. $195.00

    Good. Handwritten ex-libris in French on title, full page of ms. notes on title-verso with some show-through. Manuscript, in French, bound in at rear on slightly smaller green paper.

    The manuscript appended to this history of the Byzantine Empire and the Comnenus family appears to be an exposition on Troy, Telemachus, Alexander, etc. These notes possibly were front matter for whatever pamphlet came next in the original bound volume. NOT in NUC. Four listings in OCLC.

    "Last will & testament of the 18th C."-Benedetto Croce

  71. CONDORCET, M[arquis] de, [Marie Jean Antoine Nicolas Caritat] (1743-1794). Outlines of an Historical View of the Progress of the Human Mind: being a posthumous work of the late ---. London: Printed for J. Johnson; 1795. 8vo., (iv), (viii), iv, 372 pp., (iv). Contemporary calf. FIRST edition in English. $475.00

    Boards present but detached at hinges. Light foxing to the first and last few pages. Signature and engraved armorial bookplate.

    This is the work by which Condorcet is best remembered, despite his active involvement in, and death at the hands of, the Jacobin Terror. Written while in hiding, he attempts to demonstrate that the evils of life arise from priests and rulers conspiring against the common man thru bad laws and institutions. He believed in the enduring progress of mankind from the barbarism of the past (and his present) to a future possessed of enlightenment, truth, virtue and happiness. This would be accomplished by 1) the destruction of inequality between nations and 2) classes, and 3) the improvement of individuals, as human nature/mind was capable of limitless advancement. -- PMM 246 (French edition) also 1795.

  72. [CONVENTIONS]. Rules of the People's Party. Adopted February 1, 1860. Philadelphia: King & Baird; 1860. 16mo., 16 pp. Printed wrapper. FIRST edition.. $125.00

    Oil residue stain on rear wrap, disappearing by p. 12. Light dust soiling.

    Founding resolutions of a pro-Union political party in Philadelphia opposed to the "abominations of the National Administration [i.e. President Buchanan]". NOT in RLIN.


  73. [CUSHING, Harvey Williams (1869-1939)]. 8½ x 11 inch, recto, carbon copy typescript of George Stewart's concluding prayer from Cushing's funeral. Age-toned and creased from having been folded and placed in Stewart's copy (not included) of the J. Fulton biography. Otherwise fine. $525.00

    This prayer was recited by Cushing's friend George Stewart, son-in-law of Arnold Klebs. The Presbyterian service was conducted by Stewart and Sidney Lovett, Yale Chaplain. The text is longer than that published in Fulton's book (1947, 1st ed., 2nd printing, corrected) and it is typed in poem, rather than prose, format.

  74. [CYBERNETICS]. Cybernetics. Circular Causal and Feedback Mechanisms in Biological and Social Systems. Transactions of the Seventh [Macy] Conference March 23-24, 1950, New York, N.Y. Edited by Heinz von Foerster. New York: Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation; 1951. 8vo., 251 pp., illus. Green cloth, d.j. Very good. FIRST ed. $50.00

  75. [CYBERNETICS]. As Above, but the Ninth Conference March 20-21, 1952, New York, N.Y. 8vo., 184 pp., illus. Green cloth, d.j. Very good. FIRST ed. $50.00

  76. [CYBERNETICS]. AHRENDT, William R. and TAPUN, John F. Automatic Feedback Control. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1951. 8vo., xiv, 412 pp. Green cloth, gilt title. FIRST edition. $60.00

    Fine. Three pages with underlining.

  77. [CYBERNETICS] DE LATIL, Pierre. Thinking By Machine. Boston: Houghton Mifflin; 1957. 8vo., xiii, 355 pp. Green and black cloth, dust jacket. FIRST American edition. $25.00

    Book very good, jacket chipped and worn at the extremities. Foreword by Isaac Asimov and currently out of print.

  78. [CYBERNETICS]. As above but red and grey cloth, without dust jacket. Covers rubbed. $10.00

  79. DARLINGTON, William. American weeds and useful plants: being a second and illustrated edition of agricultural botany .... by — Revised with additions by George Thurber. New York: Orange Judd; 1859. 8vo. Blindstamped green cloth with gilt spine title, xvi, 460 p. 4 pp ads., text illustrations. Second edition.  $40.00

    Binding in good condition with extremities worn. Text clean and tight. Waterstain to top quarter of second fly-leaf page and rear fly leaves. Many dealer's copies of this book list A. O. Moore as the publisher. Moore is listed as the copyright holder on the verso of the title page but Orange Judd is on the title page itself.

  80. DARROW, Karl K[elchner] (b.1891). Atomic Energy. New York: John Wiley & Sons; 1948. 8vo., 80 pp. illus. Green cloth, d.j. FIRST edition. $35.00

    Book fine, jacket very good.

    The story of the development of nuclear physics. OCLC lists many titles by Darrow, but NOT this one. Present in RLIN, however.

  81. DARWIN, Charles. The formation of vegetable mould, through the action of worms, with observations on their habits. New York: Appleton; 1882. 8vo., (iv), (ii), vii, (i), 326 pp., (iv). Ochre & black cloth, gilt title. FIRST American edition. $550.00

    A very fine and bright copy with very light wear to the extremities. -- Freeman 1363

  82. DARWIN, Charles. The structure and distribution of coral reefs. Third edition with an appendix by Prof. T. G. Bonney. NY: Appleton; 1889. 12mo., (iv), xx, folding Plate 3, 332 pp., folding Plate 1, folding Plate II, pp. (333)-344, 8 pp. ads, (iv). In-text illus. at pp. 2, 3, 65, 136. Ochre & black cloth, gilt title. FIRST American edition. $625.00

    Very good to fine. Extremities showing wear, especially at the head and one lower tip. Text and maps in bright, fresh, non-torn condition.

    This American edition was printed from stereos of the third London edition of 1889. -- Freeman 278.


  83. DARWIN, Charles [Robert] (1809-1882). Observations of proofs of recent elevation on the coast of Chili, made during the survey of His Majesty's ship Beagle, commanded by Capt. Fitzroy, R.N. IN: Proceedings of the Geological society of London, Vol. II, No. 48, pages 446-449. Read January 4, 1837. [London:1837] 8vo., pp. [435]-455, (i), 2 pp. ads for the Society's papers. Cover-title. Boxed. FIRST edition. $Hold

    Mint. Stitched with the pages unopened, as issued. Attractively housed in a slipcase with marbled boards, cloth spine and paper labels.

    R.B. Freeman describes this as Darwin's "first published work by himself alone and submitted by himself." Also, this volume of the 'Proceedings', covering the period 1836-1837, includes the November 30 minute recording Darwin's election as a Fellow of the Geological Society of London, having been proposed for membership by Sedgwick & Henslow. This first official recognition (of many to come) for Darwin's scientific contributions quickly followed his return home (Sunday, October 2, 1836) from the Beagle voyage. Darwin served as co-Secretary of the Society from Feb. 16, 1838 to Feb. 19, 1841 and received its palladium Wollaston Medal in 1859.

    Although Darwin did write this paper by himself, he sent Lyell a pre-publication reading for comment. Lyell wrote to him in response, "I have read your paper with the greatest of pleasure, and should like to point out several passages which require explanation, and must have a word or two altered.... I have made notes on them, and hope you will call here before you read the paper. Will you come up on Monday, January 2 ... and I will go over the paper before dinner?"

    The paper gave Darwin's reasons, presented thru evidence of sea shells, for believing the mountains of Chile had been elevated to their heights comparatively recently.

    -- Freeman 1977, #1645 & p. 25

    -- Freeman 1978

    -- Vol. 1, p. 532, the "Correspondence of C. Darwin", 1985.

  84. DARWIN. Charles. For other works either relating to, or with work by, Darwin see entries for Herschel, Wallace & Wilberforce.

  85. DARWIN, Francis (1848-1925). A.N.S. to unknown correspondent, dated Wychfield, Cambridge, Feb.1, '97. 4to sheet, folded and written on rectos only. "I return with many thanks the letter you so kindly sent me   I received a very kind letter from Mrs ..., offering to allow me to see any of my fathers letters that may be among Mr. Prices papers." $225.00

    Very good. Lightly stained from prolonged contact with acid bearing paper of some sort.

  86. DARWIN, C[harles] G[alton] (1887-1962). The New Conception of Matter. New York: MacMillan; 1931. 8vo., 224 pp., frontis photo & illus. Blue cloth w/ gilt titles. FIRST American edition. $30.00

    Very good. Spine dust soiled. Endpapers lightly foxed.

    After a visit to Niels Bohr's institute in 1927, Darwin became interested in the new quantum mechanics and developed a quantum mechanical theory of the electron that proved to be an approximation to P.A.M. Dirac's later relativistic electron theory. This work was one of the high points of his career. He was, by the by, named after his two illustrious grandfathers.


  87. DAWSON, Percy M. Soviet Samples. Diary of an American Physiologist. Ann Arbor: Edwards Brothers; 1938. 8vo., (ii), xiv, 568 pp. Printed cardboard wrapper. FIRST edition. $65.00

    Very good.

    PRESENTATION copy to Harold Hone. More interesting it seems than the topic of this book is that it is written using rationalized English spelling as espoused by the Simplified Spelling Board. The Board was comprised of both language experts and people involved in language reform. The book is litho-printed because, as the author writes, "Past experience has shown me that many publishers wil hav nothing to do with a book in Simplified Spelling & I did not want ... the disagreeable labor of peddling my MS. about." So he footed the bills himself for this "small and inexpensiv edition which can be all sold & at least pay expenses." Dawson had been a professor at Johns Hopkins and the University of Wisconsin. RLIN locates NLM & FLUG.

  88. DAY, B. H. Day's American Ready Reckoner: containing tables for rapid calculations of aggregate values, wages, ... interest money, timber, ... land measurements, with explanations of the proper methods of reckoning them,.... New York: Dick & Fitzgerald; [c.1866]. 12mo., (iv), 192 pp., (iv). Green cloth with fancy gilt title. FIRST edition. $45.00

    Covers slightly dingy, tips bumped. Hinges cracked but firm. Owner's signature. Bookticket.

    Whether this eminently useful guide was written by the B.H. Day, or not, I do not know. Benjamin Henry Day (1810-1889) founded the NY SUN. RLIN locates Stanford and University of Michigan.

    First Champion of the Rights of Native Americans & Chronicler of the Abuses Against Them

  89. DE LAS CASAS, Bartolomé (1474-1566). Regionum indicarum per Hispanos olim devastatarum accuratissima descriptio, insertis figuras aeneis ad vivum fabrefactis. Authore --- episcopo hispano. Editio nova priori longe correctior. Heidelberg: Guilielmi Valteri acad. Typogr. A.S.; 1664. Small 4to. Full leather. Decorative gilt border on front and rear boards. Black leather labels with gilt title and date on spine, red leather label with gilt title and border on front board. Marbeled pastedowns and first free fly.  iv, title leaf, half-title leaf, dedicatory leaf, duplicate dedicatory leaf, 112 pp., vi. 16 engraved plates throughout the text.  S3900.00

    Rebound retaining the original leather boards, tips worn. The title page, lacking top and bottom margins, has been laid onto a replacement leaf. Outer margin of second fly leaf cut short, pencilled ownership inscription, inked date, and a written inscription which has been covered, alas, with typing white-out. One plate and its text verso supplied in skilled hand-drawn facsimile. Some water-staining to upper corner of text pages. Two old worm holes in lower tip. Pages age-toned. Despite defects, a nice copy of an important book.

    A rare text in any of the early printings, this one located at University of Pennsylvania and the Royal Library of Denmark.

    After years of witnessing Indian suffering and slavery, Bartolomé de las Casas, the first ordained priest in the New World, wrote, sometime around 1550, his indictment against European exploitation, describing the violence and injustice to which native Americans were subjected by the conquistadores. In so doing, he provided history with an account that is not only detailed but is also a horrific and terrifying tale of the beginnings of the conquest and the subjugation of an entire people. In his work he hoped to move the Spanish crown with a picture of the treatment of the Indians at a time when it still seemed possible to reverse the on-rushing tide of events. He also wished to depict the courage of the clergy in protecting the rights of the oppressed.

    De las Casas wrote that Hispaniola was "perhaps the most densely populated place in the world", "a beehive of people," who "of all the infinite universe of humanity, ...are the most guileless, the most devoid of wickedness and duplicity." Driven by "insatiable greed and ambition," and written "from my own knowledge of the acts I witnessed" the Spanish fell upon them "like ravening wild beasts, ... killing, terrorizing, afflicting, torturing, and destroying the native peoples" with "the strangest and most varied new methods of cruelty, never seen or heard of before, and to such a degree" that the population is barely 200 persons. "It was a general rule among Spaniards to be cruel," he added: "not just cruel, but extraordinarily cruel so that harsh and bitter treatment would prevent Indians from daring to think of themselves as human beings".... "As they saw themselves each day perishing by the cruel and inhuman treatment of the Spaniards, crushed to the earth by the horses, cut in pieces by swords, eaten and torn by dogs, many buried alive and suffering all kinds of exquisite tortures," ...[they] "decided to abandon themselves to their unhappy fate with no further struggles, placing themselves in the hands of their enemies that they might do with them as they liked."

    The leading chronicler of Spanish barbarity in the New World, las Casas wrote near end of his life: "I believe that because of these impious, criminal and ignominious deeds perpetrated so unjustly, tyrannically and barbarously, God will vent upon Spain His wrath and His fury, for nearly all of Spain has shared in the bloody wealth usurped at the cost of so much ruin and slaughter." His book was used extensively by the Dutch during their struggle for independence from Spain, being published in both Holland and England as a rallying point against, as one subtitle of the book put it, "the Bloudy and Popish nation of the Spaniards."

    In 1545 de las Casas became the first bishop of Chiapas (yes, the same area in conflict in southern Mexico today!) Click HERE for more photos of the book and a short biography of Bartolomé de las Casas.

  90. DELESCHAMPS, J.-M. Memento du Pharmacien ou Réunion sur Dix Tableaux.... Paris: Gaittet et Cie; 1855. 8vo., (ii), 13 ff, (ii). Boards. FIRST edition. $75.00

    Binding totally shot. Ex-library. Signature on title page. The book is basically composed of tables, all of which are fine.

    Contains things like weights, reactions of dangerous medications, dosages, poisons & antidotes, etc. There is also a page with the PRICES. NOT in RLIN.

  91. [DISTILLATION]. SAUUAGEON. C. Pharmacopee de Bauderon. Reveve, corrige'e et augmentée de plusieurs compositions necessaires: & des facultez de chaque composition. Lyon: Nicholas Gay; 1656. 12mo., (ii), title leaf, 5 pp. epistle, 3 pp. misc., 5 pp. advice on the lectures, 1 p. argument, 754 pp., 7 leaves of Table of Contents, 48 pp. on distillation, 76 pp. on the contents of chemical preparations with its own 5 leaves of Contents, (ii). Full leather. $525.00

    Backstrip lacking revealing cords & stitching [but leaving the volume bound & usable]. Title page rumpled and torn nearly in half. First page of the dedicatory Epistle torn in half with the lower portion gone. Rubber stamp on front paste-down, signature on title. Pages age-toned with a few evidencing [don't you just detest nouns used as verbs!] waterstains.

    An early book containing a rather extensive section on the distillation of essences like Absinthe, chicory, cinnamon, lilies, etc. for drinking and for perfumes. As befits such a monumental work there are also sections on old favorites like laudanum and opium. Quite a bit of fun despite its lamentable condition.

  92. DODD, George (1808-1881). The Curiosities of Industry. Industrial Applications of Electricity. London: Geo. Routledge & Co.; 1853. 8vo., (iv), 24 pp., 12 pp. Routledge ads. Limp purple cloth binding. Third printing. $30.00

    Very good. Binding faded, free fly and title detached. This is one installment, only, of a work that, complete, has sixteen parts. Each publication covered an industrial sector like glass, iron, calculating machines, cotton and flax, etc. It was first published in 1852 by both Routledge and H. Lea. Each of the sixteen parts are complete unto themselves.

  93. [DOMESTIC ECONOMY ]. Dish-washing made easy without wetting the hands. [Detroit, Michigan: National Machine & Stamping Co.; ca. 1910.] 12mo., 24 pp., 2 photos. Pictorial cover-title. $45.00

    Very good. Stains to the wrapper from rusting of the staples. Very early on the machine dish washing scene.

    "No longer need women scrub away their youth and beauty."

  94. [DOMESTIC ECONOMY]. Modern home laundering. A book of practical information based on tested methods. Dedicated to the modern woman. Davenport, Iowa: Voss Bros. Mfg. Co.; 1929. 8vo., 34 pp., drawings. Pictorial wrapper. $35.00

    Very good. This booklet, apparently, came with the purchase of a new washing machine. "It cleans by the Hand Washing Method."


  95. DOUVILLE, Jean Baptiste. Atlas du voyage au Congo et dans interieur de l'Afrique equinoxiale [fait dans les annees 1828, 1829, et 1830] par -----. Secretaire de la societe de geographie pour 1832 et membre de ....  Paris: Chez Jules Renouard Libraire Rue de Tournon No. 6 et Chez l'auteur Rue du Bac No. 77; 1832. Small folio, (ii), title leaf, table of contents leaf, large fold-out map, 20 full page lithographs with 13 having hand-coloring, (ii). Paper covered cloth boards, leather spine gilt title. FIRST edition.  $1575.00

    Ex-library with nice title-page stamp and small blind-stamps on the plates. Binding in poor condition with hinges cracked. Very light foxing on some pages. Plates 5 and 6 bound out of order with # 6 printed on slightly cream-colored stock and on larger paper which is tattered at the fore-edge. Two minor unobtrusive doodles on plate 7: a cheroot added to the male figure and a few squiggles to the cache-sexe of the female. Black ink smudge to the margin of plate 9. The above litany notwithstanding, a very good copy of a rare and great atlas. We do not, alas, have the text volume.

    A fascinating view of Africa in the early 19th century (and an 'incunable' of lithography as well!) lacking the racist depictions common with almost all later endeavors.

  96. DUNCAN, James F[oulis] (1812-1895). God in Disease, or the Manifestations of Design in Morbid Phenomena. Philadelphia: Lindsay & Blakiston; 1852. 12mo., (iv), 232 pp., 6 pp. ads, (iv), printed endpapers. Blindstamped buckram, gilt title. FIRST American edition. $95.00

    Poor. Front hinge starting, binding rubbed. Foxed, lacking last free fly.

    "The view of disease presented in the following pages is believed to be altogether original." Duncan, in an effort to explore a new region of the Divine proceedings, attempts to discover some of the important purposes disease is intended to serve as he believes God's action is not to punish but, instead, serve as a trial whose passing will impart lasting benefit. As one example he writes that the amount of pain in any case bears an evident proportion to the necessity of the occasion, warning the patient of his danger and stimulating him to adopt the most energetic measures for his recovery (this, in connection with inflammation of the peritoneum.)

  97. DUNER, N. C. Recherches sur la Rotation du Soleil. Upsal: Edv. Berling, Imprimeur de L'Université; 1891. 4to., (ii), 78 pp., 1 plate. Printed wrapper. FIRST edition. $75.00

    Wrapper detached. Lacking rear wrap. Waterstain along fore-edge of first few pages.

    PRESENTATION copy to J[ames] Dewar (1842- ? ) British chemist and physicist.

  98. DUNLOP, Anthony. Sketches of Political Economy. London: 1818. Published in No. XXII, Vol. XI of "The Pamphleteer". 8vo., 40 pp. Paginated both separately and as pp. [403]-441 of the journal. Disbound. FIRST printing. $55.00

    Very good. - Fundaburk 5938

    UNRECORDED BOOK ON LIBERTY -- Presentation Copy

  99. EHLERS, Mr. [Emil August]. Discour sur la Liberté, par ----. Traduit de l'Allemand. Dessau & Leipsic: Libraires des Savants, 1783. 12mo., (ii), 192 pp., (ii). Contemporary marbled boards. $425.00

    Very good. Modern book plate and pencil number on front paste-down.

    PRESENTATION copy, signed and dated with Ehlers' full name. NOT in NUC, RLIN, nor OCLC.

  100. EINSTEIN, Albert (1879-1955). Out of My Later Years. New York: Philosophical Library; 1950. 8vo., 282 pp. Green cloth, gilt titles, dust jacket. $60.00

    Book fine, jacket lightly frazzled at the extremities.

    There were several printings of this book in 1950 and at least two of them were by the Philosophical Library with different numbers of pages, with the photo, without the photo, etc. There was also a printing by Littlefield, Adams in Totowa, N.J. and English & French issues. Given that this issue has the photograph (not all do) and is slightly larger than some of the other Philosophical Library copies I've seen, I'd give this copy a definite maybe as the first issue.
    -Boni 515 (who does not provide pagination, issue points, etc.)

  101. [EINSTEIN]. BIRD, J[ames]. Malcolm (b.1886), Editor. Einstein's Theories of Relativity and Gravitation. A Selection of Material from the Essays Submitted in the Competition for the Eugene Higgins Prize of $5,000. New York: Scientific American Publishing Co.; 1921. 8vo., xiv, 345 pp., frontis photo of Einstein. Decorated boards. $25.00

    Good condition. Bird seems an unlikely candidate for such a book as his other publications were all on spiritualism and psychical research.

  102. [EINSTEIN]. LIEBER, Lillian R[osanoff] (b.1886). The Einstein Theory of Relativity. Part I: The Special Theory. Drawings by Hugh Gray Lieber (b.1896). Lancaster, Pennsylvania: Science Press Printing Co.; 1936. 12mo., 73 pp., illus. Spiral bound with paper covers. FIRST edition. $Hold

    Fine. The Liebers' OWN copy with their blindstamp.

  103. ELLIS, Havelock (1859-1939). Views and Reviews. A Selection of Uncollected Articles, 1884-1932. London: Harmsworth; 1932. 8vo., (iv), 322 pp., (iv), frontis photo. Blue cloth, d.j. FIRST edition. $45.00

    Good to very good. Jacket and cloth sunned along spine and top.

  104. EMERSON, Ralph Waldo (1803-1882). The Method of Nature. An Oration, Delivered Before the Society of the Adelphi, in Waterville College, in Maine. Boston: Samuel G. Simpkins; 1841. 8vo., 30 pp. Modern marbled wrapper. FIRST edition. $85.00

    Very good though lacking the original printed tan wrapper. Some brittleness.


  105. [EUGENICS]. Eugenical News. Volume 1, No. 1, January 1916 thru Vol.III, No. 12, 1918 with a few omissions. 27 issues present. [Lancaster, Pa. & Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y.] 8vo. Most monthly issues are 4 pp. with Vol. 1, No. 1 being one sheet on very brittle, browned paper. All other issues are in fine condition. $150.00

    "The Eugenics Record Office has now trained over one hundred eugenical field-workers, of whom at least a third are still in active social and eugenical work." Vol. 1, No. 1. This newsletter was founded to eliminate the duplication of investigations into family histories and disseminate news about the progress of eugenics across the nation.

  106. [EUGENICS]. As above, single issues only. $10.00 each

  107. EVERETT, Alexander H[ill] (1792-1847). Oration, Delivered Before the Citizens of Boston, July 5, 1830. Boston: John H. Eastburn; 1830. 8vo., (ii), 47 pp., (i). Stitched cover-title, custom-made slipcase. $55.00

    Half-title detached but present. Light exterior foxing.

    PRESENTATION copy to Hon. Thomas H[andasyd] Perkins, philanthropist and former Massachusetts senator. Everett was many things in his short life. He graduated Harvard the youngest in his class but with the highest honors (1806). Ambassador to Spain, Commissioner to China, editor and proprietor of the North American Review, brother to Edward -- it was all in a day's work.

  108. [EXHIBITIONS]. A 'Package Ticket' for admission to the U.S. International Exhibition at Philadelphia in 1876. Individually numbered and printed by the Philadelphia Bank Note Company. Mint condition. $55.00


    "The Centennial Exposition Guide". 8vo., 32pp. illus., folding map.

    Poor Condition. Lacking wrapper and approximately half the folding lithographed map. Minor, isolated foxing and tear in page 1.

    This guide, probably printed by Thomas Hunter, describes the Fair and its many buildings together with illustrations, including a bird's- eye view of the grounds.

  109. [FANNY FORESTER]. KENDRICK, A[sahel] C[lark] (1809-1895). The life and letters of Mrs. Emily C. Judson. New York: Sheldon & Co.; 1860. 8vo., (iv), engraved frontis leaf, 426 pp., 6 pp. ads, (iv). Blindstamped buckram, gilt spine title. FIRST edition. $35.00

    Binding worn at extremities, gilt faded. Light foxing to frontis, tissue guard and title page. Binder's ticket on rear colored pastedown.

    "It is with unfeigned diffidence that the writer commits this work to the public." Kendrick, a scholar and classicist, was noted mainly for his development of a new study method in his field. His writing style is a good example of never using one word when three will do, and of the over-long vexatious sentence which, I dare say, one may read until the beginning of the sentence is lost in the fathomless purple haze of mid-19th century prose (not to mention the asides). Judson was an American woman of letters and a Baptist missionary who often used the pen name Fanny Forester. After marrying in 1846 she accompanied her husband to Burma where, previously, he had been working on a dictionary of the language.

  110. FARADAY, Professor (Michael) (1791-1867). On the Practical Prevention of Dry Rot in Timber; Being the Substance of a Lecture delivered by ---- at the Royal Institution, February 22, 1833. With Observations, etc. London: John Weale; 1836. 8vo., 30 pp. (iv). Cover-title. $75.00

    Very good. Rear fly leaves and half-title foxed.

    The pamphlet is augmented with two Addenda: Observations on the Advantages Obtained by the Application of Mr. Kyan's Process to Timber, etc. and Copies of Documents Submitted in Proof of the Efficacy of the Process Secured by Patent to Mr. Kyan.

  111. FARREN, Harry Desmond. Sabotage. How to guard against it. A manual for industrial workers -- supervisors and executives. New York: National Foremen's Institute, Inc.; 1942. 12mo., 58 pp. Red cloth, black titles. $35.00

    Ex-Library with attendant marks but in very good shape.

    Remember the good ol' days when it took a war to make the following kinds of sentiments surface: "Real freedom comes from the mastery, through knowledge, of the historic conditions and race character which makes possible a free and intelligent use of the experience for the purpose of progress - Hamilton Wright Mabie." Or, how about, in the matter of personnel, Item A) which reads, "Check carefully the country of birth, racial origin, war sympathies, fraternal orders, and temper of each employee." And finally, under the heading of suggestions for the worker: "K) Do not allow yourself to become incited by so-called 'pacifist' groups who will put in an appearance. Your own common sense is the best measure of what is good for you and what isn't. It's plain to see America MUST arm herself to the teeth. Pacifism has no place in this scheme!"

  112. FELCE, Winifred. Apes. London: Chapman & Hall; 1948. 8vo. Maroon cloth, 90 pp. photos. FIRST edition.  $25.00

    Fine condition lacking dustjacket.

    A personal account of the experiences by the first keeper of the apes at the Munich Zoological Gardens from 1931 to 1939. According to the jacket description (present as an insert in the book,) she writes on health, breeding, pyschology and corporal punishment with affection and no sentimentality.

  113. FLAMSTEED, John (1646-1719). Atlas Céleste de Flamstéed, publié en 1776 par J. Fortin, Ingénieur-Mécanicien pour les Globes et Sphères. Troisième édition, revue, corrigée et augmentée par MM. de Lalande et Méchain. Paris: DeLamarche, Successeur de Robert de Vaugondy; 1795. 8vo., (ii), x, 47 pp., (i), 28 double-page plates, (ii). Disbound. $Hold

    Plates in fine condition with small institutional stamp. Lacks # 1 and # 28, Hemispheres Boreal and Austral, respectively. Alas, these were most likely framed to (dis) grace somebody's wall. Also lacks p. v/vi of the preliminaries, those prelims present are foxed. One contemporary marbled board present.

    The third edition of Flamsteed's great star atlas ( all of which were published after his death.) derived from Fortin's 2nd. J[ean] Fortin (1750-1831?) added to the 27 maps of Flamsteed's Atlas Coelestis of 1729 and made other improvements in publishing his edition of 1776. Even though the edition was in French and was greatly reduced in size, all authorities call it the 2nd edition. Joseph Jerome Le Francais de Lalande (1732-1807) writes that the work was edited by Lemonnier. Brown wrote that this was the most important star atlas published during the period "and one which satisfied the needs of astronomers generally for almost a century." Astronomical Atlases, p. 47. RLIN locates SUNY/Albany

  114. FOSTER, J. W. Pre-historic races of the United States of America. Chicago, Illinois: S.C Griggs; 1873. 8vo., (iv), half title, frontis, 415 pp., (v). Text-drawings. Pebbled green bevelled boards with black fillets and gilt decoration & title. Dark green endpapers. Second edition [same year as first]. $175.00

    Head & tail of spine and tips showing wear. Illegible rubber stamp on title page. Otherwise fine with a great gilt picture on upper board. A handsome copy.

    Foster had ample opportunity to explore the upper Mississippi Basin as he served as Director of the Lake Superior land district survey.

  115. FOWLER, O[rson] S[quire] (1809-1887). Synopsis of Phrenology.... New York: O.S. & F.N. Fowler, 1846. 12mo., 24pp. Printed cover-title, 5 plates. 151st edition! $175.00

    Very good. Age-toned.

    SIGNED by L.N. Fowler as a reading of the character of P.S. Childs, with penned scores for all the traits, e.g. genius, individuality, suavitiveness, etc. Phrenology, or 'reading' the character by interpreting the shape of the skull was popularized by the Fowler brothers in the United States. Thousands of Americans from the famous to the ordinary citizen had their heads analyzed. These pamphlets were printed by the zillions and then filled out by practitioners while performing a 'reading' on a customer. Once fairly common, pamphlets inked by the Fowlers themselves are now rare.

  116. [FRENCH REVOLUTION]. Ten sous note. "domaines nationaux. Assignat de dix soux, payable au porteur. [signed, in the plate] Guyon. Série 858, 23 Mai 1793, L'ou 2ule de la Republique." Two blind embossed seals, one with text reading, in French, 'Reign of the Law'. Other phrases/notations, and graphic embellishments, including fasces down each side border. Printed on recto only, 7½ x 8½ cm., hand cut from the sheet with ample borders. Watermarked paper -- "R [?] X" within sexagonal seal. $95.00

    Mint condition, as fresh as the day it came from the press. Small, almost invisible printing crease down half the note.

    Along with ridding France of the monarchy, the Revolution-cum-Jacobin Terror sought to excise all images of a class-based society. Printing legal tender was, therefore, an important early order of business. Not only does one eradicate the daily handled image of the ancien regime, one can also print as much as needed! A great item for any French Revolution collection as it characterizes prosaic necessity at its best -- and in the best possible condition. Suitable for framing.


  117. FRISCH, Otto R[obert]. A quarto-size typed page, SIGNED (and hand-corrected), describing how he and Lise Meitner came to coin the term 'nuclear fission'. The typed passage which he has signed is the one published in "Atomic Physics Today". The head of the sheet has a First Day Issue United Nations stamp (Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy, introduced 18 November 1977) and cancellation. $Sold

    Mint condition. Suitable for framing

  118. FULLER, Andrew S[amuel] (1828-1896). The grape culturist: A treatise on the cultivation of the native grape. New York: Printed for the author, by Davies & Kent; 1864. 12mo., (ii), 262 pp., ad leaf, (i); 150 illustrations. Gold & blind stamped cloth. FIRST edition. $100.00

    Poor condition. Top half inch of backstrip missing, binding and tips worn. Lacking last free fly. Gilt grape cluster on spine; large gilt grape leaf, tendril and stem on front board; same embossing (though in blind) on rear. Owner's particulars pencilled on front flies, including the date, March 1864.

    Gives directions for planting, training, grafting, etc. Native grapes are emphasized, foreign vines are confined to indoor cultivation and hybridization. Pest control is covered. This was one of the most popular American texts and numerous revised and enlarged editions were published by Orange Judd including 1865, 1866, 1867, 1894, 1899 and 1907. -- Gabler 21090

  119. FULLER, R. Buckminster. & YOUNGBLOOD, Gene. Expanded Cinema. New York:E.P. Dutton & Co., 1970. 432pp. Red cloth, dust jacket. FIRST edition. $45.00

    Fine. Front of the jacket slightly creased with minor tears.

    Although a book about cinema, which here includes videotronics, computer science and atomic light, Fuller has written the 20 page introduction. "In the mid-1930's I suggested in a book that Einstein's work would eventually affect the everyday environment of humanity, both physically and mentally. After reading what I had written, Einstein said to me, 'Young man, you amaze me. I cannot conceive of anything I have ever done as having the slightest practical application.' He said that to me a year before Hahn, Stressman (sic), and Lisa (sic) Meitner had... discovered the theoretical possibility of fission. You can imagine Einstein's dismay when Hiroshima became the first 'practical application'."

  120. [FULTON, Robert (1765-1815)]. A very fine India Proof [Paper] photogravure by Annan & Swan, after the painting by James Sharples (c.1751-1811). SIGNED by J. Craig Annan. Published by Charles Scribners, New York. 18 3/4 x 13½ inches (47½ x 34 cm). Ca.1900. $275.00

    Excellent condition. Three small paper tabs affixed to the top, verso, where the print was tipped to a stiff backing.

    A good, late middle-age portrait of the painter and inventor who is remembered by most people only for his work on steam driven boats. Fulton is framed by a large oval, extending to just above the waist. His body faces slightly to the side as he looks directly to the viewer. A handsome portrait.

  121. GARRIOTT, Edward B. Weather folk-lore and local weather signs. Washington, D.C.: G.P.O.; 1903. 8vo., 153 pp., 21 charts. Blindstamped blue boards with gilt spine title. $75.00

    Very good. Extremities beginning to show wear.

    PRESENTATION copy. "The object of this paper is to segregate from the mass of available data the true sayings that are applicable to the United States, and to combine the material collected with reports on local weather signs that have been officially and specially prepared by observers of the United States Weather Bureau."

  122. GAUSS, Carl Friedrich (1777-1855). We have 11 volumes of 'Monatliche Correspondenz zur beförderung der Erd-und Himmels-Kunde, herausgegeben vom Freyherrn von Zach'. Gotha: Beckerischen; 1801-1806. Contributions by Gauss and others. Please give us a call if interested in this material.

  123. GEIKIE, James (1839-1915). A.N.S. on embossed folded 8vo. sheet. Recto only. Edinburgh? 24 January 1902. To Mr. Secretary... London. " With Professor Geikies compliments and thanks." Fine. $35.00

    Geikie was the leading British authority on Pleistocene and glacial geology and a founder of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society.

  124. GODMAN, John D., M.D. (1794-1830). Rambles of a naturalist. By ------. To which are added, Reminiscences of a voyage to India by Reynell COATES, M.D. (1802-1836). Philadelphia: Thomas T. Ash - Key and Biddle; 1833. 12mo., (iv), 151 pp., (v). Green boards, paper label on top board. $125.00

    Boards rubbed & spotted, nicked along bottom of upper cover and foot of spine. Pages very age-toned with some foxing here & there. Early woodblock printed bookplate, signature on title page.

    Interesting little book with a long biographical sketch of Godman by the famed Dr. [Daniel] Drake (1785-1852) of Cincinnati. These travel sketches were first published in 'The Friend', a Philadelphia religious and literary weekly. Godman's work was "written while he was confined to the bed of sickness, from which he was removed in a few weeks afterwards to the tomb and the series consequently interrupted." Coates sketch was appended so that the whole would form "a delightful pocket companion for a spring or summer ramble." Godman was an accomplished and gifted anatomist whose life was plagued by poverty (he died of tuberculosis).

  125. [GOSSNER, Johann]. Das herz des Menschen, ein Temple Gottes oder eine Werkstatte des Satans. In zehn Figuren sinnbildlich dargestellt. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: Gustave C. Peters, 1828. 12mo.,iv,58 pp.,iv, 10 full page woodcuts. Marble boards. $80.00

    Very poor. Gall ink ownership writing on front paste-down & fly. Colored pencil scribbles on rear paste-down & fly. Text tight but mostly separated from boards. Pages foxed. Numerous pages torn, top margin of last 6 pages & 1 plate missing affecting parts or all of first 6 lines.

    OCLC locates two Pennsylvania colleges for this printing.

  126. GOUGH, J. Three page A.L.S., with the fourth page as the cover containing the red wax seal. To The Rev. Mr. Coke, Brookhill Hall, Nottinghamshire. Dated Perry Hall, April 24, 1792. 4to. A rather long, chatty letter with an interesting section on BOULTON and WATT. $175.00

    Very good. Creases & folds. Small section torn where the wax seal was broken to open the letter, affecting "old" in the phrase "fine old Bitch".

    "Yesterday I went & drank Tea at Mr. Fords on purpose to get him to ask Mr. Watt the particulars that you want to know which he will do soon. I would have called upon Mr. Boulton myself had not he & Watt done (through injury [or anger?]) against my Tenant what they are now ashamed of, For since they did the cruel act one or both of them have declared they were misinformed & that they did not know the Man, the particulars will inform you ..." Toward the end of the letter he writes that while cleaning his books and shelves his men came upon a book he didn't know he had. "I want some Bookish Man to come & assist me to make a new Catalog of my Books..."

  127. GRAHAM, Robert (1786-1845). A.N.S., recto & verso, from the English botanist to Mr. Logan, 10 Sept. 1835, London. "Among my repositories I found on returning from the Emerald Isle the accompanying turtle. How it came into my possession, & for what purpose I do not know." He goes on to talk about a specimen being sent (not included!). Very good. $50.00

  128. GRANT, E. B. Beet-Root Sugar and Cultivation of the Beet. Boston: Lee and Shepard, 1867. 8vo., (iv), 158 pp., (vi). Purple buckram. First published in 1866. $75.00

    Good. Spine sunned, tips bumped, head & tail chipped, foxing on front and rear free fly only. Very scattered pencil underlining, pencilled lists with prices on rear flies. Numerous pages dog-eared.

    An impressive, original, exact and thorough presentation on the history, economic and agricultural development of the sugar beet. Grant argues for the establishment of American production as, "The experience of Europe in the failure of their supply of cotton, caused by the late war, should teach the United States not to depend too exclusively upon foreign countries for her supply of so necessary an article as Sugar,...." Grant must have been indefatigable in his cause as he traveled all over Europe in his research and then sought out the best location in the United States for cultivation and transport. Really, an altogether energetic and seminal work on an important American product.

  129. [GREEN, August Friedrich Sigismund (1736-1798), praeses]. Procancellarius D. Augustus Fridericus Sigismundus Greenius, Supremae Curiae Prov. et Collegii Ictorum Assessor Senatusque Lips. Synd. et Senator, Solemnia Inauguralia, Praeclarissimi Candidati; Iusti Christiani Guntzii, Advocati Dresdensis, A.D. XXI Octobr. MDCCXC, Publice Celebranda Indicit. [Lipzig]: De obligatione Domini iurisdictionis ad praestanda facta Actuarii, [1790]. 4to., 14pp. Cover-title. $125.00

    Good condition. Clear evidence of once having been scotch-taped along the spine. NUC at Harvard & Yale.

  130. GREGORY, G[eorge] (1754-1808). The Economy of Nature Explained and Illustrated on the Principles of Modern Philosophy. London: Printed for J. Johnson; 1796. 3 volumes. 8vo., (ii), xxiv, 543 pp., errata, (ii); (ii), xvi, 592 pp., (ii); xvi, 569 pp., vii. Contemporary paper boards. FIRST edition. $1250.00

    Good. All three volumes boxed in conservator's cases. Paper spines chipping away. Front boards of Vol. 1 & 3 detached. Text fresh with some offsetting opposite plates. Gathering T in Vol. 3 foxed. Withal, an impressive three volume set in early boards.

  131. GREGORY, Dr. James (1753-1821) A.N.S. to unknown correspondent. Recto. N.p. & n.d. 3½ x 7 inches. "Give me your Criticisms on the inclosed (sic) Epitaph- N.B. One Copy for yourself, and Two for any of your Friends, who, You think, will like such Pedantry." $450.00

    Very good in large script. Laid on a slightly larger piece of paper. The verso looks to have remains of a wax seal and there is some writing that is difficult to see, even holding all up to the light. It may read, 'Thee W Kenny [or Kerr]' and 'Bo. ness'.

    Gregory was the great grandson of the famous mathematician by the same name.

  132. HALDANE, J[ohn] B[urdon] S[anderson] (1892-1964). Callinicus. A Defence of Chemical Warfare. New York: E.P. Dutton; 1925. 16mo., 84 pp. Red cloth, paper labels; printed dust jacket. FIRST American edition. $30.00

    Book very good, jacket tatty.

    'Callinicus', titled after the inventor of Greek fire, started as a lecture at Murren for Sir Henry Lunn in August 1924. Lunn, a travel agent/tycoon was one of the first to lard the business of holiday-making with the lectures of experts. The nub of this book's argument is that the use of gas is not ethically different from the use of other weapons and is probably more humane. "If it is right for me to fight my enemy with a sword, it is right for me to fight him with mustard gas; if the one is wrong, so is the other."

  133. HALL, Mrs. S. C. The Whisperer. New York: Blakeman & Mason; 1864. 16mo., (viii), 149 pp., (vii), frontis. Blind stamped buckram, gilt decorated spine. $55.00

    Extremities rubbed and worn, spine slightly faded.

  134. HAMILTON, Robert (1749-1830). Tentamen Inaugurale, de Nicotianae Viribus in Medicina; ut et de ejus malis Effectibus in Usu communi et domestico, Examen. Quod Annuente Summo Numine, Ex Auctoritate Reverendi admodum Viri, D. Gulielmi Robertson.... Edinburgi: Apud Balfour et Smellie; 1780. 8vo. size but printed in 4to., (iv), 71 pp., 1 page key to the plates, 1 full page and 1 folding plate. Library binding. FIRST edition.


    CALDWELL Joannes (b.1747- ?). Dissertatio Medica Inauguralis, de Hysteria: Quam Annuente Summo Numine, Ex Auctoritate Reverendi .... Pro Gradu Doctoratus, ... Eruditorum examini subjicit ----. Edinburgi: Apud Balfour et Smellie; 1780. Small 4to., 72 pp. FIRST edition.


    HARRIS, Henricus. De Morbis Virginum Quibusdam, A Mensium Vitiis Oriundis, Tentamen Inaugurale .... Edinburgi: Apud Balfour et Smellie; 1780. Small 4to., 66 pp. FIRST edition. $675.00

    Good, although the library binding detracts from the aesthetics. Some page corners chipped, last two repaired. Fold repaired on the smoking paraphernalia plate. Pages age-toned. All three works are authors' PRESENTATION copies to Dr. Plunket.

  135. HAMILTON, Sir William (1788-1856). Discussions on Philosophy and Literature, Education and University Reform. With an Introductory essay by Robert Turnbull, D.D. New York: Harper & Brothers; 1860. 8vo., (iv), xlviii, 10-764 pp, (viii). Brown cloth w/ gilt title. $65.00

    Spine head, tail and extremities worn, otherwise fine. Bookplate.

  136. HARDIE, James (ca.1750-1832). Corderii Colloquia; or, Cordery's Colloquies; with a translation of the first forty. To which is added a vocabulary.... New York: George Long; 1819. 16mo., (iv), xii, 168 pp., (ii). Leather binding. Fourth edition, corrected & revised. $50.00

    A rather primitive looking leather backstrip which is probably not original and worn contemporary boards. Tips very worn. Old worming to the leather but not text. Old owner's name and sample calligraphy on fly and half title. Tip of leaf 17/18 missing, affecting text.

    An early American Latin grammar and vocabulary.

    In the 'limelight' again

  137. HARE, Robert (1781-1858). Engraving and description of a Compound, or Hydro-oxygen Blowpipe used in the laboratory of the University of Pennsylvania. IN: The American Journal of Science, Vol.XI. No. 1, June 1826, pp. 142-144, illus. New Haven, CT. 8vo. Disbound. FIRST edition. $150.00


    HARE. Five other articles, being pages 121-142 with illus. They are: 'On Specific Gravity.'; 'On the Litrameter.', A recount of the original 1802 memorandum on the Blowpipe.; 'Self-regulating Reservoir, for Hydrogen and other Gases, as used in the Chemical Laboratory of the ....'; 'Large Self-regulating Reservoir, for Hydrogen, as used in the ....'

    Fine condition. Flecks of foxing.

    At the age of 20 when still an amateur scientist Hare hit upon the idea of burning a mixture of oxygen and hydrogen to produce high temperatures. To this end he devised a gas holder and blow torch, making possible the melting of substances like platinum. In the first article, above, Hare presented another refinement to his blowpipe. Forever fond of graphic illustration he wrote, "The following figure represents a compound blowpipe, which I contrived and executed myself, about eleven years ago; but fearing it might be deemed unnecessarily complex, I have never published any account of it." Always a tinkerer, his lecture hall at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School was perhaps the best equipped in the United States.

  138. HECHT, Selig (1892-1947). Explaining the Atom. New York: Viking; 1947. 8vo., 205 pp., illus. Blue cloth. Spine sunned. $15.00

  139. HEISENBERG, Werner (1901-1976) The Physical Principles of the Quantum Theory. Translated by Carl Eckart & Frank C. Hoyt. New York: Dover; 1930. 8vo., (viii), 184 pp. Cloth, dust jacket. Published same year as Univ. of Chicago first edition. $25.00

    Very good. A few mathematical notations. Copy of Hughie L. Foote, Jr. of Bell Labs.

  140. HERNDON, Lt. William Lewis (1813-1857) & GIBBON, Lt. Lardner. Exploration of the Valley of the Amazon, under the direction of the Navy Department by ____. Washington, D.C.: Robert Armstrong, Public Printer; 1854. Vol 1 (whole unto itself) of 2 vols. 8vo., iv, 417pp. iv, 16 lithographs. Blindstamped cloth, as issued. Published as a document of the U.S. House of Representatives, Executive No. 53, 33rd Congress, 1st. Session. $150.00

    Good to very good. Spine slightly faded and chipped at the head. Tips bumped. Contents fine with foxing on some pages, but not on the plates. All plates present but not bound in the order called for by the plate list at the rear of the book.

    Among other assignments, Herndon worked at the Naval Observatory. From there he was sent to a south Pacific station, where in 1851 he received orders detaching him from his ship and directing him to explore the valley of the Amazon to ascertain its commercial resources and capabilities. He started from Lima and crossed the Cordilleras with Gibbon, who separated from him to explore the Bolivian tributaries, while Herndon followed the Amazon to its mouth, returning home in 1852. The expedition report was published in two volumes, Herndon authoring volume one (Gibbon drew some of the lithos.) It was extensively circulated and cited in works on ethnology and natural history. There is a monument to his memory, erected by fellow naval officers, at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis as Herndon was lost at sea (but not before saving the women & children).

  141. HERSCHEL, Sir John F[redrich] W[ilhelm], editor (1792-1871). A manual of scientific enquiry; prepared for the use of Her Majesty's Navy: and adapted for travellers in general. London: Murray; 1849. 8vo., (vi), xii, 488 pp., (ii), folding map, plates. Blue cloth w/ gilt foul anchor on front board blind stamped one on rear. FIRST edition, second issue. $1200.00

    Very good. Ex-library stamps on half-title, title and map verso. Head of spine slightly chipped. Tips worn. Pencil underlining of title and author's last name. Good color to the cloth and contents fine for a book printed on paper very prone to chipping.

    Contributions by Airy, Whewell, Hamilton, De La Beche, Herschel, Owen, Hooker, Pritchard, Darwin, etc., covering, respectively, astronomy, tides, geography, mineralogy, meteorology, zoology, botany, ethnology, geology, etc.
    - Freeman 326

  142. HERSCHEL. Another copy. Disastrous condition. Inquire as to details. $150.00

  143. HERSCHEL, J[ohn] F[rederick] W[illiam] (1792-1871). On certain remarkable Instances of deviation from Newton's Scale in the Tints developed by Crystals, with one Axis of Double Refraction, on exposure to Polarized Light. FROM: Transactions of the Philosophical Society of Cambridge, [1820]. 4to., pp. 21-41. Disbound, laid in cloth & paper case with paper label. $175.00

    Fine in attractive custom made case.    -- Honeyman 1657


  144. HODGKIN, Dr. [Thomas] & LISTER, J[oseph] J[ackson]. Notice of Some Microscopic Observations of the Blood and Animal Tissues. London: R. Taylor; 1827. OFFPRINT: Philosophical Magazine and Annals for August 1827. 8vo., pp. 129-136. Modern marbled wrapper (simulating blood cells) and slip-case with paper label. FIRST edition. $675.00

    Very good. Unbound and unopened, as issued, and laid into the modern wrapper and slip-case. Inked notation across top margin of first page. Evidence of a small puncture through the pamphlet, not affecting readability of the text, from being impaled on a 'message spike'.

    Lister (1786-1869) was responsible for advancing the microscope to its position as a vital scientific instrument. Around 1824 he made suggestions to W. Tulley resulting in "Tulley's 9/10" which became the microscope object-glass of the time. While working with this improved objective, Lister realized the mounting of the compound body tube was not sufficiently stable for the increased magnification that was now possible. Consequently, he designed a new form of stand which was fabricated by James Smith in 1826. It was with this newly stabilized compound achromatic microscope that he and his friend, Thomas Hodgkin (1798-1866), undertook a series of investigations in the spring of 1827. In this paper they described those observations for the first time and briefly related their discoveries concerning nerves, arteries, cellular membrane, the brain, pus and milk. It was to the red blood cell that they devoted most of their inquiry, however, and were the FIRST to give its true form in man and animals. They also provided the most accurate measurement of the red cells's diameter that had yet been achieved. This offprint NOT in NUC nor OCLC.

  145. [HOMEOPATHY]. Halsey's Homeopathic Label Book for the Use of Physicians and Pharmacists, Containing a complete list of the preparations of the pharmacopeia of the American Institute of Homeopathy, also including all other important Homeopathic Remedies. Chicago: Halsey Bros. Co.; 1901. 8vo., (iv), 42 leaves of adhesive labels, (ii). Interleaved with wax sheets. Printed boards, cloth spine. $125.00

    Very good. Covers dust soiled. Most labels remaining in book.

    Copyright 1897. Labels for a staggering range of medicines: Abelmoschus, absinthium, arsenicum iod., cinchona, indigo, mercurius corros., platinum met., strychnin., zingiber, and dozens of others. This edition NOT in NUC, although there is an 1898 edition at DLC. RLIN locates U. of MN. at Minneapolis.

  146. HOOKER, Charles W[illiam] R[oss]. What Is the Fourth Dimension? Reflections inspired by a Pair of Gloves. London: A.& C Black; 1934. 8vo., 110 pp. frontis photo, illus. Green cloth. FIRST edition. $35.00

    Cover beginning to show signs of wear.

    Quirky and very interesting book on symmetry/asymmetry, relating its ideas in carefully reasoned form in layman's language and math (or at least for the layman of 60 years ago.) Lots of examples in geometry, paleontology, etc.


  147. [HORSES]. Douglas standard bred. Season of 1890 at Highlawn Stock Farm, Newport, N.H.  Z.C. Howland, Proprietor and manager. N.p. [1890]. 6¾ x 8½ folded to 6¾ x 4¼ inches. Printed on three pages, illus cover. $45.00

    Very good. A few light flecks of foxing on exteriors.

    Douglas was one of those horses descended from Old Hambletonian.

  148. [HORSES]. ROSSER, W.H. The Improved Art of Farriery: Containing A Complete View of the Structure and Economy of the Horse,....and a Treatise on Racers, Hunters, and Dogs .... Compiled from the works of the late James WHITE, and completed to the present state of veterinary science by ----. London: H. G. Bohn; 1857. 8vo., (vi), iv "Table of Contents", 7-619 pp., (iii), 5 plates - 1 of which is folding. Cloth. $175.00

    Poor condition. Three strips of tape keeping the spine and boards from separating. Lacking the frontis. Signatures loose. Text is clean and not chipped.

    A beat-up copy of a famous veterinary medicine - most copies of which, apparently, were used until they fell apart. RLIN & OCLC locate one copy each, and these in earlier editions.

  149. HOUGH, Horatio Gates. Diving, or an attempt to describe upon hydraulic and hydrostatic principles, a method of supplying the diver with air under water. Hartford, Connecticut: Printed by John Russell, jr.; 1813. 8vo., 8 pp., diagram. Cover-title. FIRST edition. $Hold

    Very good. Tips dog-eared. Light foxing to front cover. Printed and folded from a folio sheet, as issued.
    -- Not in Sabin    -- Honeyman 1706.

  150. HOWARD, Frank (1805-1866). Colour as a means of art: being an adaptation of the experiences of professors to the practice of amateurs. London: Weldon & Co.; no date, circa 1848-60. 12mo. Blindstamped blue-green cloth with gilt titles on front board and spine, yellow paste-downs, (ii), half-title, ads, (i), frontis, title leaf, pp (7) - 108, (ii). 18 chromo-lithographs (frontis and 17 full-page, some with hand-touching.) Page 105 misprinted as 150.  $150.00

    It is interesting to note that just about every bookseller who has this title includes a comment to the effect that their copy is a very good, or better, copy "of a book usually found in terrible condition," so we are pleased to report this copy as having been much read and, consequently, in merely good condition with the binding very worn and the pages clean and fairly tight. Armorial bookplate; signatures on first free fly and title page head. Math notations in pencil on rear fly and paste-down. Marginal, vertical pencil lines on a few pages. Half-inch tear to page margin on page 49.

    A fine little Victorian book holding a place of importance in the history of color printing, if not in the history of art. One of several art manuals by Howard, this one possesses early chromo-lithos, altho how much was printed by plates and how much by hand in this edition is a matter for investigation. [The first edition of this book (1838) was once thought to contain the first English chromolithographs, printed by Hullmandel, but Gascoigne has pointed out that only one colour is actually printed, the rest being added by hand (in truth Hullmandel's first chromolithographs are in George Hoskins' Travels in Ethiopia, 1835: see Gascoigne Milestones in colour printing 1457-1859, 1997)]  "One of the more unusual early exercises in color lithography was Colour as a means of art; [it] had color illustrations printed in lithography; a description of the process was included in the text. But inks appropriate for printing on top of each other were not employed, and the resulting prints, while admirable attempts at tonal treatment, are muddled and opaque" -- Friedman.  [Howard's] text gives evidence of the British prelude to Impressionism in its division of artists into 'advocates of chiaroscuro' versus 'users of pure color' as the principal agents of artistic theory and organization. -- Herbert I, p.14.

    - Faber Birren 340  - Indergand 82  - Wakeman Victorian Colour Printing p.15.   - Wakeman Victorian Book Illustration p. 40.   - Bamber Gascoigne (1997) Milestones in colour printing 1457-1859   - Friedman Color Printing in England #137   - Herbert I, p.14   Not in Tooley, Twyman, or Hardie

  151. HUBBARD, L. Ron. Dianetics. The modern science of mental health. NY: Hermitage House; 1950. 8vo. Green cloth with just jacket, yellow top-edge, 452 pp. with inserted US Post Dianetics reply post card. FIRST edition, third printing.  $55.00

    Book in very good condition with bottom edge shelf-worn, tips bumped. Jacket chipped at all extremities, enclosed in Brodart plastic cover.

    This is the first book-length appearance of the system of belief and behavior that we know today as Scientology. The pristine reply card is interesting as it shows the organization was concerned with keeping a contact mail list right from the very beginning!

  152. HUNT, John (18-19). The ascent of Everest. London: Hodder & Stoughton; 1953. 8vo. Blue boards, gilt title, dust jacket, 300 pp. photos and drawings . FIRST edition.  $25.00

    Book in very good condition with tips starting to show some wear, ownership signature on first free fly. Jacket worn at all extremities and no longer fresh but in essentially good condition. Jacket lower spine interior has a light waterstain that does not show on the exterior, nor on the book. An R. Tuck printed Christmas tag has been used as a book mark with the signed sentiment, "This has already acquired the reputation of a classic...."

  153. [HUNTING]. FORESTER, Frank [HERBERT, Henry William (1807-1858). Field Sports in the United States, and The British Provinces of America by ----. 2 volumes. London: Richard Bentley; 1848. 8vo., (ii), viii, 344 pp., (ii); (ii), viii, 343 pp., (iii). Blue-green blind stamped boards w/ gilt spine title, yellow pastedowns & flies. FIRST edition, FIRST issue. $Hold

    Poor condition. Covers thoroughly scuffed & bumped. Vol. 1 internal hinges crudely repaired, cracked at the meeting of viii & page 1. Pencil ownership marks on front free fly, ink number stamp and ink handwritten number on opposite pastedown. Someone has pencilled 'ex libris' but there are no normal library markings except for a blotch at the tail of the spine where a catalog number would ordinarily be. Similar marks in Vol. 2 with the addition of 4 1/2 inches of plastic tape on the internal rear hinge. The good news is that the text is clean and tight!

  154. HUXLEY, Aldous [Leonard] (1894-1963). The Art of Seeing. New York: Harper & Brothers; 1942. Small 8vo., xi, 273 pp. Blue cloth w/ paper label, cream color d.j. 17th edition. $40.00

    Jacket split where panel meets spine. Some chipping along edges. Book very good.

    Huxley's tribute to the man and method that restored his vision, Dr. W.H. Bates (see Bates' book in this catalog.)

  155. HUXLEY, Aldous [Leonard] (1894-1963). The Art of Seeing. New York: Harper & Brothers; 1942. Small 8vo., xi, 273 pp. Blue cloth w/ paper label, cream color d.j. 17th edition. $Sold

    Very good. Jacket chipped at head & tail of spine. Physician's ownership inscription on free fly just above Huxley's SIGNATURE. Ink stamp on front pastedown along with owners paper label. Medical notations on the rear endpapers.

    Huxley's tribute to the man and method that restored his vision, Dr. W.H. Bates (see Bates' book in this catalog.)


  156. INGEN-HOUSZ, J[an] (1730-1799) On Some New Methods of Suspending Magnetical Needles. FROM: Philosophical Transactions, Vol. LXIX, 1779, pp. 537-546, 1 folding plate. Disbound, stapled. Laid in custom case. FIRST edition. Fine. $275.00

    Active in many investigations, including electricity and the discovery of photosynthesis, Ingen-Housz nevertheless found time to experiment with artificial magnets and devised methods for dampening the vibrations of magnetic needles. He is credited for the discovery and correct description of Brownian motion and was the first to suggest the use of a thin glass section as a cover plate for liquid microscopic preparations.

  157. JACKSON, I[ssac] W[ilber] (1805-1877). An elementary treatise on optics. New York: A.S. Barnes; 1848. 8vo., (x), 260 pp. (ii), 11 folding plates, (vi). Publisher's cloth, gilt spine title. Second edition. $125.00

    Cloth cracked at the hinges along with rear hinge. Cloth covering spine detached but present. Lower corner lacking on the half title. Text clean and bright. Library call-number splotch on lower spine.

    The first edition of 144 pages was published in Albany in 1846.

  158. JOHNSON, [Sir] Edward (1785-1862). The Domestic Practice of Hydropathy. New York: Fowler & Wells; 1854. 8vo., (ii), 467 pp., (i), 12 pp. pub. ads., (iv), 15 text wood-cuts. Green blindstamped cloth, copper-colored spine title. $85.00

    Good to very good. Clean and tight, binding rubbed, tips bumped. Lacking first free fly. Text age-toned and lightly foxed in places. Fowler & Wells blindstamped medallion on both boards.

    A full-scale compendium of hydropathic cures containing cases and cures from other sources as well as Johnson's own. The last three pages of text are the Form of Report to be used "for the assistance of patients in consulting their physicians by correspondence." A passage from the section on asthma is illustrative of the (sometimes florid) style and content. "Soon after midnight, probably in the catastrophe of some horrid illusion, or early in the morning, he starts up in a great alarm. A load appears to hang upon his chest and prevent his breathing. The horizontal position is irksome, and he raises himself upon his elbow. That will not suffice ... Still, in spite of all this, it becomes worse and worse, more difficult, and more scant, till at last, gasping with his mouth wide open and wheezing frightfully, he springs out of bed, rushes to the window and leans out. In this situation, gasping and wheezing, and, in his endeavors to speak, giving utterance to a few almost unintelligible words, will he remain till the spasm is unlocked and he is relieved." Thank science for bronco-dilators!


  159. JONES, Alfred (1819-1900). "Mexican News" or "News From the Front". Steel engraving, 17½ x 16½ inches, from a painting by R.C. Woodville. Published by the Art Union in 1851. $1650.00

    Crisp & fresh, a superb impression.

    One of the most well-known 19th C. American images, made popular in countless school books. It depicts a group of eight men, a woman and a child gathered around a man reading an 'Extra' edition of a newspaper on a front porch. The scene depicts an announcement about the Mexican American War of 1848 and is rife with additional social commentary. The child and one man are black and occupy a position, on the steps, much lower than the others. The woman is listening from a position outside the railing and is less well delineated. The whole group is assembled in front of a saloon.

    Fielding wrote that as a line engraver Jones had few, if any, superiors in this country and that 'Mexican News' is considered a fine example of his work. The entry in Appletons' Cyclopedia published two years before Jones' death reads, "He is regarded as one of the best engravers in the United States." Jones was born in Liverpool but emigrated while young, winning first prize at the National academy of design in New York in 1839. He invented a process for producing directly from a photograph a plate that could be printed with type.

  160. JONES, Thomas P. (1774-1848). Conversations on Chemistry, Adapted to the Present State of That Science .... Philadelphia: John Grigg; 1833. 12mo., (iv), (iv), 332 pp., (ii), 118 engravings. Contemporary sheep, leather label w/ gilt title and fillets. $35.00

    Very good. Boards rubbed but not flakey as sheep has a tendency to get. Isolated foxing to text. Pencil scribbling on rear free fly. A nice copy of a standard work.

  161. KAPP, Friedrich. Letters of Alexander von Humboldt to Varnhagen von Ense. From 1827 to 1858.... Translated from the Second German Edition. New York: Rudd & Carlton; 1860. 8vo., (vi), 407 pp., 6 page catalog of Rudd publications, frontis portrait. Blindstamped buckram with gilt title. FIRST American edition. $25.00

    Good. Spine head & tail worn, tips bumped. Frontis lightly offset on title page. Binder tag of Geo. W. Alexander, New York.

    "Zeitgeist... moving with a sense of cosmic urgency toward the promised land of racial justice."

  162. KING, Martin Luther, Jr. (1929-1968). Letter From Birmingham Jail. [Philadelphia]: American Friends Service Committee; June 1963. 8vo., 15 pp., Printed wrapper. Third printing. Fine. $65.00

    Written, as described, in jail, King responds to a letter from 8 (white) Alabama clergy who were "convinced that these demonstrations are unwise and untimely." With his usual power and eloquence in blending intellect and emotion, King responded with this open letter.

  163. KINSEY, Alfred C. et.al. Sexual Behavior in the Human Female. Philadelphia: W.B. Saunders; 1953. 8vo., xxx, 842 pp. Red cloth. FIRST edition. $40.00

    Very good. Half inch tear in cloth at the head of the spine, not disfiguring. Lower tips lightly bumped. Red cloth fresh & bright.

    You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din.

  164. KIPLING, Rudyard (1865-1936). Twenty poems. London: Methuen & Co.; 1918. 16mo., (viii), 38 pp. Printed blue wrapper. FIRST edition. $Hold

    Wrapper chipped and tatty at the spine and slightly dust soiled. Pages 16 & 17 lightly stained from inserted newspaper obituary of Kipling and article about his four years residence in Vermont. Owner's signature and date on fly.
    -- Livingston 433    -- Stewart 420

    Foundation of Spectroscopy

  165. KIRCHHOFF, G(ustave Robert) (1824-1887). Researches on the Solar Spectrum, and the Spectra of the Chemical Elements. Translated by Henry E[nfield] Roscoe (1833-1915). MacMillan and Co., Cambridge & London; 1862, 1863. 2 volumes. 4to., (ii), iv, 36 pp., 3 plates; (ii), 16 pp., 2 plates. Green printed boards. FIRST English language edition. $1575.00

    Head and tail of spines chipped. Volume one loose in the binding, volume two front board detached. Tips a bit worn. Interiors fine except the book was printed on paper that chips very easily, although the text pages are in fine, non-chipped, shape. The fly leaves are browned in volume one. Ex-library, stamps in the usual places.

    Kirchoff made several major contributions to physics. One was his experimental discovery and theoretical analysis in 1859 of a fundamental law of electromagnetic radiation:  for all material bodies, the ratio of absorptive and emissive power for such radiation is a universal function of wavelength and temperature. This aspect of his work, formulated as one of Kirchoff's laws, was the key to the whole thermodynamics of radiation. In the hands of Planck, Kirchoff's successor to a chair in theoretical physics in Berlin, it proved to be the key to the new world of the quanta. Planck, in fact, credited Kirchhoff with making the first discoveries on the road to Quantum Theory.

    Kirchhoff followed up with another great contribution published in these two volumes: the solving, partly in conjunction with Bunsen, of the mystery of Fraunhofer's [dark] lines in the spectra and the discovery that every glowing vapour produced a spectrum peculiar to itself. Spectral, chemical analysis was borne as a science and continues to be of great importance to this day. -- PMM 278  --NOT in RLIN.

  166. KLUCKHOHN, Clyde. On Certain Recent Applications of Association Coefficients to Ethnological Data. OFFPRINT: American Anthropologist. New Series, Vol. 41, No. 3, July-September, 1939, pp. 345-377. Printed Wrapper. $20.00

    Good. Stain on the outer margins leading from the lower tip.

  167. KORAN. The Koran; commonly called the Alcoran of Mohammed: translated from the original Arabic. With explanatory notes, taken from the most approved commentators. To which is prefixed, a preliminary discourse, by George SALE, gent. London: Printed for J. Walker;...; 1812. 8vo. 2 volumes. Modern marbled boards with red half-cloth. Leather spine labels with gilt titles, device and fillets. 248 page prelims, 256 pp.; 523 pp. 2 folding genealogy plates and 1 folding view/plan of the temple of Mecca in volume 1.  $425.00

    A handsome set, finely rebound with all contents clean & tight.

    Sale's unabridged, if paraphrased, translation was state of the art for not only its time but for years thereafter (the first edition was 1734.) It served as a base for several other efforts, including those into German, which proved fairly wretched from a scholastic point of view. Sale's introduction runs to 248 pages beginning with, "I imagine it almost needless either to make an apology for publishing the following Translation, or go about to prove it a Work of use as well as curiosity. They must have a mean opinion of the Christian religion, or be but ill grounded therein, who can apprehend any danger from so manifest a forgery...." "His version remains the best in any language."--DNB

  168. KORAN. The Koran: commonly called the Alkoran of Mohammed. Translated into English from the original Arabic.... to which is prefixed a preliminary discourse, by George SALE. London: Frederick Warne and Co.; 1889. 8vo., (ii), xvi, 470 pp., (ii). Cloth with paper label. $SOLD

    Very good, though the spine is sunned. The occasional page has been haphazardly opened leaving several with either a deckled-edge look or small chips. A clean & tight copy in a remarkably pedestrian trade binding. (I suppose the publishers didn't want to seem too enthusiastic about a book billed as scholarly inquiry; "They must have a mean opinion of the Christian religion, or be but ill grounded therin, who can apprehend any danger from so manifest a forgery...."

    Sale's unabridged, if paraphrased, translation was state of the art for its time. It served as a base for several other efforts, including those into German, which proved fairly wretched from a scholastic point of view.

  169. KRETSCHMER, Ernst (1888-1964). Geniale Menschen. Berlin: Springer; 1929. 8vo., vii, 253 pp., portraits. Blue cloth. FIRST edition. $85.00

    Endpapers and boards foxed. German dealer's interesting bookticket. It has a sectioned, tear-off portion on which to record the price, etc. Owner's rubber stamped name in two locations.

    A work on genius that went through at least five editions. Kretschmer edited a German journal on psychotherapy in the early 1930's (succeeded by Jung).

  170. LANCISI, Giovanni Maria (1654-1720). De Motu Cordis et Aneurysmatibus Opus Postumum in Duas Partes Divisum. Naples: Felix-Carolus Musca; 1738. 4to., (ii), half title leaf, title leaf, xxviii, 219 pp., (i). Two plates (of seven). Stiff vellum binding. Third printing. $200.00

    Fine, except the tattered remains of the 5 plates which were actually ripped out of the rear of the book! Rubricated title page with large engraved vignette. Each section or chapter begins with a decorated initial.

    Lancisi was regarded as the greatest Italian clinician of his time and based his writings on cases of heart disease observed in his own practice in Rome. His last research on the heart, including this important treatise on aneurysm, was published posthumously by F. Soldati, his former assistant. The causes of aneurysm are described as being diverse and include heredity, syphilis, asthma, palpitation, excesses and violent emotion. Prior to this printing there were two in Rome: 1728 & 1729. RLIN locates NLM only. - Neu 2220

  171. [LAPLACE, M. Le Marquis de] (1749-1827). FOURIER, M. [Jean Baptiste Joseph] Le Baron (1768- 1830). An Historical eulogy of Laplace, pronounced in the public session of the Royal Academy of Sciences, at Paris, June 15, 1829 by M. Le Baron Fourier, perpetual secretary. Translated from the French by R.W. Haskins, of Buffalo, N.Y. N.p. & n.d. 8vo., 14 pp. Blue printed wrappers. FIRST edition in English. $65.00

    Good. Fore-edge corners chipped, tail corner missing, small stain on pages 10-14. Library stamp on front wrap. No defects affecting text.

    The NUC identifies the first edition as Paris, 1829 and this edition's translator as Roswell Willson Haskins (1796-1870). The NUC also lists this title twice, probably on conjecture supplied by submitting institutions: [Buffalo? 1829?] and [Paris, Royal Academy of Sciences, 1830?]; we are inclined to think the paper stock American. In any event, both NUC listings appear to be identical and, together, provide half a dozen locations.

  172. LASSAIGNE, J[ean] L[ouis] (1800-1859). Dictionnaire des reactifs chimiques employes dans toutes les experiences faites dans les cours publics et particuliers. Paris: Bechet Juene; 1839. 8vo., (iv), iv, 782 pp., 14 pp. plates numbered [erroneously] to 793. Marbled boards, leather backstrip, gilt title. FIRST edition. $Sold

    Front board detached, rear one cracked. Covers scuffed. Text clean, bright and tight with virtually no foxing.

    INSCRIBED by author to Dr. Calmeil. The plates, titled Tableau Chromascopique, have color swatches of oxides, precipitates, etc. Lassaigne won the Paris Académie des Science award ca. 1823.

  173. LEFFMAN, Henry (1847-1930). The Purification of Water by Metallic Iron. Philadelphia: 1891. 12mo., 8 pp. Printed wrapper. $65.00

    Very good. One inch tear in front wrap.

    Leffman, a prolific writer and lecturer, served as Port Physician of Philadelphia. Although chemistry and medicine appear to have been his main scientific interests, he also wrote on the period of the American Revolution and history. Among his more intriguing titles are, The Jews of the Dickens' Novels and The Mental Condition and Career of Jesus of Nazareth Examined in the Light of Modern Knowledge. He wrote 'Examination of Water for Sanitary and Technical Purposes' (1889) which went through revision to seven editions by 1915. Our title does NOT appear in the NUC, OCLC, RLIN.

  174. LIEBER, Lillian R. Galois and the Theory of Groups: A Bright Star in Mathesis. Lancaster, Pennsylvania: Science Press Printing Co.; 1941. 12mo., 63 pp., illus. Spiral bound with paper boards. Fine. $Hold

  175. LIEBIG, Justus von (1803-1873). The natural laws of husbandry. Edited by John Blyth, M.D. New York: D. Appleton and Company; 1863. 8vo., (iv), 387 pp., (i), 8 pp. Appleton ads, (iv). Patterned cloth, paper label. FIRST American edition. $145.00

    Binding very worn at extremities, especially at the foot of the spine. Paper label worn to the point of illegibility. Contents fine except for a one inch tear to the top margin in page 7/8 of the advertisement.

    Liebig was active in many areas of chemistry and physics and is largely responsible for modern scientific agriculture.

  176. [LINCOLN, Abraham (1809-1865)]. Proceedings of the National Republican Convention, held at Chicago, May 16th, 17th & 18th, 1860. Chicago: Press & Tribune; 21 May 1860. 8vo., 44 pp. Disbound. Presumed FIRST edition. $150.00

    Fine condition.  This was the convention to choose the nominee (of the recently founded Republican Party) to run for president of the United States. Lincoln was picked on the third ballot over William H. Seward. Although there are numerous National Republican pamphlets in the NUC, this one is NOT located nor is it found in RLIN.

  177. [LONGITUDE]. Report on the Difference of Longitude Between Washington and St. Louis. By William Harkness [1837-1903], Prof. of Mathematics, U.S. Navy. Prepared at the U.S. Naval Observatory by order of Rear-Admiral B.F. Sands, U.S.N., Superintendent. Washington: G.P.O.; 1872. 4to., 40 pp. Printed yellow wrapper. FIRST edition. $50.00

    Spine beginning to chip, otherwise fine.

    That part of Harkness' career devoted to astronomy was spent at the Naval Observatory where he discovered the coronal line K 1474, headed the Tasmanian expedition to observe the 1874 transit of Venus, and devised methods and instruments to utilize photographic records. He was involved in the design of the present U.S. Naval Observatory and served as president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. "The Observing-Station at St. Louis, in the Washington University grounds, on St. Charles street, between Seventeenth and Eighteenth streets, is west of the center of the Dome of the United States Naval Observatory at Washington." -- RLIN locates Berkeley but surely there must be others.

    Sensitive & Descriptive Letter Concerning Artic Dreams

  178. LOPEZ, Barry. Artic dreams. Imagination and desire in a northern landscape New York: Charles Scribners Sons; 1986. 8vo., 464 pp. a few maps and charts. FIRST edition.  $275.00

    Very good to fine in a price clipped jacket (enclosed in plastic dust jacket cover.) Small margin tears at the bottom of pages 153, 155 and 241. Bookplate with Lopez's signed presentation.

    Fine tipped-in letter from Lopez. Inscription from the original giftee giving the book to a third party.

    A beautiful association item from this National Book Award winner: "I hope you will forgive me for taking so long to answer your very good leter of last spring. When Artic Dreams came out I was caught in a sort of whirlwind.... I am, of course, deeply pleased by the reception for the book; I only wish I knew how to conduct my affairs with greater aplomb.

    The few days I spent with you at Resolute were very important to me. You helped me imagine how to tie several elements in Artic Dreams -- light, a respectful bearing toward the land, and history -- together. That time I spent listening to you in your room is still vividly before me. "

    Lopez goes on to describe, among other things, his travels, after publication of the book, to Japan, the Phillipines, Europe and the Galapagos -- his first trips abroad since he was 21. He also mentions a serendipitous visit with Wally Herbert.

  179. MACÉ, Jean (1815-1894). The history of a mouthful of bread, and its effect on the organization of men and animals. NY: Harper & Brothers; 1870. 12mo., (iv), 398 pp., postscript, (v). Blind stamped & beveled cloth, gilt title. $35.00

    Head & tail worn, spine dust soiled with library call number stamped on spine. Book plate. Chunk out of top margin of postscript page, not affecting text. Visually, a very good copy.

    This work is taken from the eighth French edition and though it bills itself as the first American (and continued to do so thru several editions) the true first was published by American News Company in 1866.

  180. MACH, Ernst (1838-1916). Die Prinzipien der physikalischen Optik. Leipzig: J.A. Barth; 1921. 8vo., 444 pp., numerous drawings and portraits. Cloth w/ gilt titles. $25.00

    Good. Spine head chipped. Rear cover speckled with paint.

  181. MAHNENSCHMIDT, Peter. Charfreytags Gedanken, ober das Leiden Christi in Reimen gesezt, Bie auch eine Bermahnung an die Jugend von -----, Prediger in Ohio. Reading, Pennsylvania: Johann Ritter und Comp., 1821. Folio sheets in 12mo. size, 12 pp. Cover-title, stitched wrapper, the whole printed on grey paper. $65.00

    Fine. A religious tract in 51 verses printed by Reading's active Johann Ritter concerning Jesus Christ and the Passion. It is taken from a well-known text published in 1818 in the Geistliche Viole -- Verrathen ward des Menschen Sohn by Johannes Dreisbach of the Evangelical church. This, in turn, is a translation of John Adam Granade's "The Son of Man they did betray," a camp-meeting hymn from 1804. Granade was a Methodist who lived in Tennessee and, later, Kentucky (when he published this). Peter Mahnenschmidt (German Reformed?) served a church at what is now called Old Springfield, Ohio in 1813. He was the first known schoolteacher in Columbiana, Ohio.

  182. MANSEL, Henry Longueville (1820 - 1871). Metaphysics; or, the Philosophy of Consciousness Phenomenal and Real. New York: Appleton; 1871. 8vo., (iv), 358 pp., 2 pp. ads, (iv). Ochre boards, gilt title. FIRST edition. $35.00

    Very good. Owner's label on front pastedown.

  183. MAREY, E[tienne] J[ules] (1830-1904). Animal Mechanism: A Treatise on Terrestrial and Aerial Locomotion. New York: Appleton; 1874. 8vo., (iv), 283 pp., (i), 12 pp. publisher's ads, (iv), 117 illus. Red cloth decorated in black & gilt. FIRST American edition. $200.00

    Binding poor due to a waterstain along the fore-edge that has faded the vibrant red of this book from The International Scientific Series. The interior is clean, bright and tight.

    Marey established the first private laboratory in Paris for the study of experimental physiology. Using traces of the motions of bird and insect wings, he showed that changes in the form of the wing modify its air resistance properties; rather than contracting the wing flexor and extensor muscles, this surface change accounts for much of the upward and forward motion of the flying animal. By this means Marey determined the mechanical requirements for the physiological apparatus of flight. He also studied the length and frequency of steps taken by human beings and quadrupeds under various environmental conditions. All this is vividly illustrated, here, with charts, graphs and depictions of mechanical devices.

  184. MARX, Karl (1818-1883). Capital. A critique of political economy. Chicago: Kerr; 1926, 1925, n.d. (copyright 1909). 3 volumes. 8vo., 869 pp.; 618 pp; 1048 pp. Red cloth, gilt titles. $125.00

    Very good. Bookplates and owner's signatures. Library 'Date Due' sheet tipped-in at rear of Volume I as if the owners used their personal books in lending library fashion [a not uncommon practice by old 'lefties' in the desperate 1930's]. Vol I front inner hinge cracked, both front & rear in Vol. II, not affecting the basic stability of the books. Vol I front board a bit spotted.

    "The three volumes are the infallible source of appeal on questions of Marxian orthodoxy.... It is all here from the theories of value and surplus-value, through the dictatorship of the proletariat to the neo-Hegelian dialectic of materialism."  -- PMM 359 [Quote from the Exhibition Catalog]

  185. MEAD, Margaret. The Maoris and Their Arts. New York: The American Museum of Natural History, May 1928. 8vo., 38 pp., (ii), numerous photos and drawings. Printed wrapper. FIRST Edition. $95.00

    Mint but for barely visible foxing on the front and rear fly leaves.

    This monograph was Mead's 5th scholarly publication and is chock full of interesting drawings and photos, including a full page of tatooed human heads. On the less sensational side, their are sections on woodwork, greenstone, houses, canoes, weapons, textiles, and tatooing.

  186. [Medical Manuscript] Notes on Medical Subjects. Manuscript in ink written in two hands, 18th century, folio (13 x 8½ inches). Contemporary boards. Sectioned into: 49 pp.; 20 pp.; 8 pp.; 4 pp.; 28 pp.; 4 pp.; 20 pp.; 130 pp.; 10 page index.  $725.00

    Boards worn and detached, lacking backstrip with stitching broken. There is a pencilled name on the front paste-down reading, in two lines, Archibald Cameron and beneath it the word Jacobite. The two front and two rear free, fly leaves are watermarked. The first and last with double lions rampant either side of a shield sporting three x's, topped by a mitre-like cap which is itself topped by a ball and Maltese cross. The second and penultimate leaves are watermarked I HONIG.

    A very large number of notes in Latin on a very wide ranging series of medical topics, extracted from the works of Hermann Boerhaave, Georgius Baglinus, Hippocrates, Prosper Alpinus, Gulielmus Ballonius, John Mayow, Thomas Willis, Marcello Malpight and very many others. Neatly and clearly written in two hands, the sections are paginated individually, as described above, but were bound as a whole at some point in time.

  187. METCALFE, Samuel L(ytler) (1798-1856). Caloric: Its Mechanical, Chemical and Vital Agencies in the Phenomena of Nature. Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott & Co., 1859. 2 volumes. 8vo.,(iv), xxiv, 17- 630 pp., (iv); viii, 9-442 pp., 443- 481 analytical index, (iii), 1- 48 pp. Lippincott catalog., (ii). Blindstamped buckram, gilt spine titles. FIRST? American edition. $375.00

    Very good to fine. Signature on fly. Volume two final free fly lacking.

    Metcalfe, a chemist and physician, was born near Winchester, VA and was the eldest of eleven children. Although his early education was conducted in a primitive locality, he entered medical school and graduated with a thesis on "The Malignant Fever of Louisville." While in school, he published the 'Kentucky Harmonist' and 'A Collection of Some of the Most Interesting Narratives of the Indian Warfare of the West' (1821). After a stint as a physician, Metcalfe traveled to England, specializing in chemistry and geology. On his return to the U.S. he settled in NY City, writing books and articles.

    In 1835 he went to England yet again for research in chemistry and geology. His book Caloric was one of the results. Caloric (London, 1843) was an expansion of an 1833 book, "A New Theory of Terrestrial Magnetism". This Philadelphia printing is a revision using the London edition and notes Metcalfe made before his death. The NUC lists this edition thus: [2d ed.], but locates no other printing of the work, other than the London first edition. The introductory material in the book mentions Metcalfe's earlier attempts at getting out an American printing, but his putting it off. With no earlier American issues found, this is probably the first (and only) rather than second edition.

  188. [MILITARY]. Soldier's stationery kit with blonde-babe centerfold. New York: Bell Engraving Co.; Korean War period (or earlier). 4to. opening to 9 x 22¾ inches. Triple-fold (wallet style) heavy cardboard covers with a color litho of a GI glumly sitting on his trunk, pen in hand and paper at the ready. The kit stands when the panels are open to display three pockets filled with envelopes and paper. The pockets create a mild 3-D effect on the reclining, scantily clad woman's head/chest, hips/legs and feet. Nifty-fifties at its most innocently puerile. $Hold

    Fine with light corner wear.

  189. MILLER, Hugh (1802-1856). The Old Red Sandstone; or, New Walks in an Old Field. Boston: Gould and Lincoln; 1851. 8vo., xxiv, 288 pp, 24pp. adverts; folding color frontis, 10 full-page plates. Buckram binding. FIRST American edition. $135.00

    Very good. Small nick out of top of spine and the once purple boards now faded to brown. Neither of these defects keep this from being a quite nice copy.

    Despite intelligence and social position, Miller opted for an apprenticeship with a stonemason at the age of seventeen, using his leisure to educate himself in natural history and literature. His geological studies arose directly from this work as a mason and his interest in local literature and folk ideas. He discovered that the Old Red Sandstone was not (as was commonly believed) virtually devoid of fossils but contained in certain strata an abundant fauna of spectacular bony fish that constituted one of the earliest vertebrate faunas then known. With his writing bringing him to larger notice he eventually gave up masonry and after some years (as a bank accountant!) moved to Edinburgh. Soon after his arrival the meeting there of the British Association for the Advancement of Science gave him an opportunity to meet many of the leading British lights of his day.

    Although Miller possessed a vivid sense of the vast antiquity of the earth, he remained a Creationist who believed the fossil record confirmed the broad outline of the cosmic drama depicted symbolically in the Bible. He based his beliefs not only on his own strong sense of man as a moral being, ultimately responsible to God, but on the weakness of the prevailing evolutionary 'development hypothesis', i.e. rudimentary, quasi-embryonic forms leading to more developed ones. His evidence of the earliest vertebrates then known, the 'Ganoids', was that they "enter large in their stature and high in their organization." Unlike most of his contemporaries, however, Miller was not interested in reconciling geology with religion, "a belief in the existence of God is," he asserted, "of as little ethical value as a belief in the existence of the great sea-serpent." Miller died a suicide while seeing his last collection of essays thru the press. -DSB

  190. MITCHELL, S. A. Eclipses of the Sun. New York: Columbia Univ. Press; 1923. Large 8vo., xvii, 425 pp., photos. Green cloth, gilt title and design. FIRST edition. $45.00

    Very good. Tips bumped.

  191. MITCHELL, S[ilas] Weir (1829-1914). Pearl. Rendered into Modern English Verse. New York: Century; 1906. 12mo., (iv), 57 pp., (i). Green cloth, gilt title. FIRST edition. Good. $20.00

  192. MONTESSORI, Maria (1870-1952). Pedagogical Anthropology. Translated from the Italian by Frederic Taber Cooper. New York: F.A. Stokes; 1913. Large 8vo., (iv), xii, 508 pp., (ii). Frontis photo, charts and photographs. Blue cloth, gilt titles. FIRST edition in English. $125.00

    Good. Long inscription on front pastedown. A handful of paragraph bracketings in pencil. Lower corner missing from pp. 87-90. Extremities a trifle rubbed.

  193. MOREAU, F. J. A practical treatise on midwifery: exhibiting the present advanced state of the science. Translated from the French by Thomas Forrest Betton, M.D. and edited by Paul B. Goddard, A.M., M.D. Philadelphia: Carey and Hart; 1844. 4to., 235 pp., 80 lithos, 80 leaves of plate descriptions, 3 Carey & Hart Catalogs bound in. Gilt & blind stamped buckram. FIRST American edition. $175.00

    Binding worn, lacking large section from head. Tail piece detached but present. Pages foxed with some having a waterstain on the upper tip. Foxing mostly affecting margins and text with the occasional fleck on the image area of a plate.

    Superb lithographs of all aspects of the development of the human from fetus thru both natural and artificial labour to birth. Issued from the Philadelphia workshop of Peter Duval (in the first 25 years of the existence of lithography) these prints show the high technical quality that was early achieved by dedicated adherents.


  194. MORGAN, John H(oldsworth) & BARBER, John T. An Account of the Aurora Borealis, Seen Near Cambridge. Cambridge: MacMillan; (1848). 4to., iv, 12 colored plates, 24pp., a.e.g. Wrapper with printed paper label. FIRST edition. $525.00

    Fine. Disbound. Rectangular cutout on title page.

    Great color plates of the aurora. OCLC locates the Dibner copy at the Smithsonian, NUC notes ICJ and DAS, RLIN locates Yale.

  195. MORRILL, Justin S[mith] (1810-1898). Self-Consciousness of Noted Persons. Boston: Ticknor and Co.; 1887. 8vo., xvii, 187 pp. Blue cloth w/ gilt title. FIRST American edition. $85.00

    Extremities rubbed. Front fly leaves missing.

    The first edition was published in Cambridge in 1882 and was evidently for private distribution.

  196. NAHMIAS, Maurice E[lie]. Machines Atomiques. Cyclotron et Autres Accélérateurs Piles Atomiques. Paris: Editions de La Revue D'Optique Théorique et Instrumentale; 1950. 8vo., 310 pp., photos, port., folding plate, extensive bibliography. Printed wrapper. FIRST edition. $50.00

    Fine. Pages unopened. PRESENTATION to Milton Slainsky.

  197. [NEWTON Sir Isaac (1642-1727)]. The famous Jacobus Houbraken (1698-1780) copperplate engraving, after the painting by G[eoffrey] Kneller. This print is from Houbraken's collaborative effort with George Vertue in Thomas Birch's "Heads of Illustrious Persons of Great Britain", London 1743-52. 14½ x 9¼ ins (37 x 23½ cm) Matted, but not framed. $595.00

    Excellent condition. A strong, dark and bold impression on high quality laid paper.

    A fine, if somewhat stiff, portrait of Newton. He is framed from the waist up in an oval and gazes rather diffidently at the viewer. Oddly, his shirt collar remains unbuttoned. The print is full of iconography (as only 17th & 18th century scenes can be). The oval sits atop a squat pedestal against which lay books, a globe, dividers, a telescope, etc. The pedestal contains a large vignette featuring two women with implements similar to the above. Entering the oval, the lamp of knowledge burns brightly. The whole is backdropped by clouds and a pyramid.

  198. NEWCOMB, Simon, LL.D. (1835-1909). The ABC of Finance. New York:Harper & Brothers, 1878. 16mo., 115 pp., (i), 12 pp. ads. Original printed wrapper. $20.00

    Good. Wrapper chipped at all corners, pencilling inside rear free endpaper.

    One of the Harper's Half-Hour Series, this little book was penned by Newcomb who is more familiar to us as the author of "Popular Astronomy". In the chapter 'What society does for the Laborer', he describes our "system of social machinery, if I may use the expression, more wonderful and effective than any that the wildest communists ever dreamed of." The ads are for other Harper's publications, giving descriptions and prices, e.g. a complete Dickens set 'elegant and cheap' for $22.00!

  199. NORCROSS, Rev. Geo[rge] (1838-1915). Our responsibility for the drink traffic. A sermon on temperance. Lancaster, PA.: Speaker, Print; 1894. 8vo., 20 pp. Printed wrapper. $35.00

    Wrapper soiled on the rear with grease or oil, confined to cover.

    NUC locates one copy of an 1889 edition printed in Carlisle, PA but NOT this edition.


  200. [NUMERATION]. One Million Points. Diagram 10 feet by 10. For Astronomical and Other Lectures, in which it is important to convey to the mind an idea of numbers, magnitudes, distances and quantities. London: Working Men's Educational Union; (ca. 1840). Folds like a map to a one-foot square stack. Linen backed. Printed title, paper label on purple cloth covers. $Hold

    Very good. Some corners chipped. Linen joints reinforced.

    Each one-foot section contains 10,000 white dots on a field of black, arranged in groups of 100. There are, as the title proclaims, one million such dots. They appear to be hand painted, but must surely be lithographed. The idea was to graphically portray what one million of something looks like. Awesome! NOT in NUC, OCLC, RLIN nor BMC.

  201. 184. [NUMERATION]. PAINTER, J[acob] (b. 1814). A System of Numbers Having Sixteen as a Basis. Lima, Delaware Co., Pennsylvania: 1868. 8vo., iv, 8 pp. Cover-title. $75.00

    Trimmed, probably to fit with a group of bound pamphlets. A section of title page along lower half missing, not affecting any text.

    NUC locates seven titles by Painter, with this item at Lib. of Congress & PA Historical. NOT in RLIN.

  202. [NUMERATION]. Sketch of a proposed Universal System of Weights and Measures; to which is added, an appendix, containing a brief sketch of a proposed Universal Calendar. Taunton: J.W. Marriott; 1823. 8vo., ii, 16 pp., vi. Stitched cover-title Modern marbled wrapper. $125.00

    Very good. Wrapper a bit dust soiled. NOT in NUC nor RLIN.


  203. OWEN, Sir Richard (1804-1892). A.L.S. to Mr. [John] Murray. One page, recto, dated July 4 [1860 or later] on embossed paper. Looks to have been slightly trimmed. Else fine. $175.00

    Owen requests a 'waste' copy of the two volume 'Hunter's life' (which he edited) "to cut up in a literal sense, such operation being repugnant to my feelings in any sense on the two handsome volumes of which I have just ended the perusal."

  204. PAGGIOLI, M. G. Nueva Aplicacion de la Electricidad por Frotacion y sin producir sacudimiento al hombre sano y alhombre enfermo. Mexico: Vicente Segura; 1854. 16mo., (ii), 16 pp., 1 lithograph. Cloth boards covered with embossed paper, leather spine. Edicion del Omnibus.


    Memorial Instructivo de la S.M.I.J. año de 1789. Causa que se formó á los homicidas de D. Joaquin Dongo... 1853. 40 pp.


    Testamento de la Federacion Mexicana Año de 1853. [1854]. 36 pp.


    Avisos de la Providencia en las Calamidades Publicas, por San Alfonso Liguorio. Traducidos por D. Joaguin Roca y Tornet. 1854. 90 pp. 1 litho by Decaen.


    Vida Y Milagros. Del pícaro sacristan Pablo Morales. 1853. 12 pp., (ii). $150.00

    Very good. Covers scuffed and rubbed. Tips very worn. Gilt spine title and fillets, and paper labels which are worn and faded. Very light isolated foxing. Pencilled list of all five works on a front fly leaf.

    The article on electricity seems to be mainly concerned with health and disease in relation to it. The third paragraph goes something like, "In our time Humboldt has said that electricity is the principal agent in the composition and decomposition of all things." There is also a section on the cause and rational treatment of cholera. The fine lithograph of boxers, above, relates to the descriptions of those who have great electrical and vital 'fluids' and hence are much resistant to disease - unlike those who are sickly, weak and pusillanimous, thereby rarely being resistant.

  205. [PAINE, Robert Treat (1773-1811)]. An Oration, written at the request of the young men of Boston, and delivered, July 17th, 1799, in commemoration of the dissolution of the treaties, and consular convention, between France and the United States of America. Boston: Printed by John Russell; 1799. 8vo., 30 pp., (ii). Disbound. $95.00

    Page 3 cut off at bottom, signature on title page and p. 18. Last two leaves with some foxing.

    Thomas Paine's name is printed on the title page. - Evans 36032


  206. [PARIS]  VILLIERS, P. Manuel du voyageur a Paris, ou Paris ancien et moderne, contenant la description historique et geographique de cette capitale, de ses monumens, palais, edifices publics, jardins, spectacles, etc., de tout ce qui peut intreser les etrangers, suivie de la liste des banquiers. Nouvelle edition revue, corrigee, et considerablement augmentee; par P. Villiers, ancien capitaine de Dragons, auteur du Manuel du voyageur aux environs de Paris, etc. Prix: 2 francs, broche. Paris: Chez Delaunay, Libraire, Palais-Royal, Galeries de Bois, no. 243, cote du jardin; 1807. 12mo. Marbeled boards, red speckled page edges. (ii), half-title, ad for two other guides, title page, legal deposit notice, ii Foreward, 308 pages, vii 'Notice des livres anglais et italiens', 36 pp. Delaunay catalogue of books for sale, (ii).  FIRST edition.  $SOLD

    Title label lacking on the backstrip leaving a scar. Inked signature on first free fly with minor off-setting to pastedown. Scribbling on half-title and minor tiny smear on title. Text and contents in clean, tight and bright condition.

    Quite a nice little early guide for the traveler to Paris.

  207. PARRISH, Edward (1822-1872). The Phantom Bouquet: A Popular Treatise on the Art of Skeletonizing Leaves and Seed-vessels and Adapting Them to Embellish the Home of Taste. Philadelphia: J.B. Lippencott & Co., 1863. Small 8vo., (iv), 47pp., (v). Plates. Buckram, blind and gold stamped. Colored endpapers. Second printing, but the FIRST with five plates. $150.00

    Very good. Tips bumped. Isolated foxing, confined mainly to the tissue guards for the plates and a couple of locations where a former owner had inserted actual leaves.

  208. [PASTEUR, Louis (1822-1895)]. VALLERY-RADOT, (Marie) Rene. (1853-1933). The Life of Pasteur. Westminster: Archibald Constable & Co.; 1902. 2 Volumes. 8vo., (iv), viii, 294 pp., 32pp. publisher's ads, (ii); (ii), viii, 336 pp., 32pp. pub. ads, (ii). Blue cloth, gilt spine title. FIRST edition in English. $125.00

    Poor. Slightly shaken, pages brittle, isolated foxing. Tips bumped, heads & tails of spines chipped. Text tight and sound.

    An immensely popular account of the life of Pasteur, there being at least 30 printings in English through 1948, and 28 editions in French (1st: 1900). The upshot is - the book is often met with, but the English first is very scarce. There was a New York printing in 1902, after the British.

  209. PAULI, W[olfgang] (1900-1958). Die Allgemeinen Prinzipien der Wellenmechanik. Reprinted from: Handbuch der Physik, 2. Aufl., Band 24, 1. Teil. [1933]. Ann Arbor, Michigan: J.W. Edwards; 1950. 8vo., pp. 83-272. Printed wrapper. Fine. $20.00

  210. PAULING, Linus (b. 1901). General Chemistry. Pasadena: California Institute of Technology; 1941. Two vol. 8vo., 159 pp.; pp. 159-275. Printed cardboard wrapper, binder's tape [or cloth] spine. Pre-copyright, preliminary edition in lithoprint. $375.00

    Covers dust soiled with the spine material on Vol. 1 starting to shred. Owner's signature with 'September 1941' in Vol. 1 and 'April 1942' in Vol. 2. Minimal pencil underlining and notations. Rear endpapers of Vol. 2 totally filled with equations in a very neat hand.

    Pauling found the existing chemistry texts lacking for his purposes and style. He developed his own for use with his students. This is the litho version he used until publishing the regular commercial edition. If not of obvious rarity then certainly scarce, RLIN locates only Princeton.

  211. PAVLOV, Ivan P[etrovitch]. Lectures on conditioned reflexes. NY: Liveright Publishing Company; 1928. 8vo. Red cloth with gilt spine title, green dust jacket, 414 pp. photos, illustrations. FIRST American edition in one volume.  $275.00

    Book in very good to fine condition. Jacket faded, chipped with torn out price corner, covered in plastic sleeve.

    "Pavlov made great contributions to our knowledge of the physiology of digestion in a series of lectures.... The elaboration of these experiments and their extension to children demonstrated how great a proportion of human behavior is explicable as a series of conditioned reflexes.... Pavlov's results are, indeed, clearly complementary to those of Freud and many regard them as of more fundamental significance." - PMM 385   - GM 1445  - Nobel Prize in Medicine, 1905

  212. [PELLET, Thomas (1671?-1744)]. Oratio Anniversaria in Theatro Collegii Regalis Medicorum, Londinensium; Ex Harvaei Instituto, Habita Die 18 Octobris, 1736. London: Apud Gul. Innys & Ric. Manby, illustrissimae Regiae Societatis Typographos; 1736. 4to., (vi), 23 pp., 3 pp. bookseller's ads. Cover-title. Disbound. FIRST edition. $125.00

    Very good. Signature on half title.

    NUC and Blake list a title very similar to this one with the Dedication signed Tho. Pellet. Its date is 1719, published by S. Buckley. Our title, another Harvey oration, is NOT in the NUC.

  213. PETTY, Sir William (1623-1687) Political Survey of Ireland, With the Establishment of that Kingdom, when the Late Duke of Ormond was Lord Lieutenant. London: Printed for D. Browne, et al; 1719. 8vo., xvi, 224 pp., 26 pp., 2 pp. booksellers ads. (ii). Contemporary, blindtooled leather boards, hand-lettered vellum spine label. Second edition with corrections. $Sold

    Good. Front hinge starting, interesting bookplate.

    Based on a collection of social data which makes Petty a real pioneer in the science of comparative statistics, affording valuable information on Ireland in the latter part of the 17th century. He was also one of the first people with a tendency to a view of industrial phenomena which was at variance with the then-dominant mercantilist ideas.

    - EB -Kress 3111 -Goldsmiths 5514 -Fundaburk 4595, citing both this edition and the first of 1691. Not in Einaudi.

  214. [PHILADELPHIA]. A Full and Complete Account of the Late Awful Riots in Philadelphia, .... Phila.: John B. Perry, Henry Jordan; 1844. 12mo., 60 pp. Stitched cover-title. FIRST edition. $95.00

    Fore-edge margin tattered, dust soiled and foxed. 3 locations in RLIN for this edition, 2 for an 1848 edition.

  215. PHIN, John (1830-1913). Open air grape culture: A practical treatise on the garden and vineyard culture of the vine, and the manufacture of domestic wine.... to which is added a selection of examples of American vineyard practice. New York: C.M. Saxton; 1862. 12mo., 375 pp., illus. Blind stamped boards with gilt spine title & grape cluster. FIRST edition. $250.00

    Spine sunned to brown from the original green. Tips bumped. Foxing in varying amounts throughout. - Gabler 32440

    Original photos of Kennedy, Heath, Khrushchev, Erhard, Adenauer, Pompidou, d'Estaing, Steinbeck and others

  216. PHOTOS. A bound folio album of 175 black & white photographs by Time Magazine photographer Richard Lachenbach taken November 2-14, 1963. Lackenbach accompanied 20 U.S. corporation executives and one college president on a 7 city, 6 country journey sponsored by his magazine (but paid for by the execs). At each stop the travelers had meetings and wined & dined with the country's Head of State, United States Ambassador, Time Bureau Chief, etc. $1800.00

    In Washington, D.C. the group met President Kennedy, Dean Rusk and A. Dobrynin. Obviously, these pictures are among the last ever taken of the President as he was assassinated less than three weeks later. In London they met with Edward Heath, (Board of Trade President at the time). In Moscow there are pictures of Khrushchev, A. Gromyko and a chance meeting with the author John Steinbeck. They also caught the (formerly) big, annual parade in Red Square. Then on to Berlin and Bonn with Chancellors Erhard and Konrad Adenauer (separately, of course). Next, Brussels with dinner at the Val Duchesse in the room where the EEC was first negotiated. Finally, they flew to Paris for meetings with Finance Minister Giscard d'Estaing and Prime Minister Pompidou. Here, they also met with Jean Monnet, the architect of a United Europe.

    There are a few pictures showing members of the group doing funny, tourist things; perhaps the best of these is a shot in Bonn of three of the participants testing the springs of the "bed in which Neville Chamberlain tossed and turned while staying at the Petersberg during his historic meeting with Hitler."

    Fine condition for the folio. The box is rubbed with lots of corner wear. Cloth binding with gilt titles stamped Time News Tour of Europe/ November 1963. Photographs and text on rectos only. This copy is one of fifty bound and boxed for participants of the trip. Although the forward mentions 21 individuals, the afterward lists 33 'Members of the Group', not including the Bureau Chiefs, the Secretary, the Air France crew and Lackenbach himself. [Please email us for a complete list of the photographs.]

  217. [PICASSO]. See item 102. Other Picasso linocuts of bacchanal scenes available. Please inquire.

  218. POWELL, Rev. Baden (1796-1860) A Short Elementary Treatise on Experimental and Mathematical Optics. Oxford: D.A. Talboys; 1833. 8vo., (ii), xviii, 182 pp., addendum & errata leaf, ad, (i), 3 folding plates, (i). Paper boards. FIRST edition. $SOLD

    Boards chipped. Extremities worn. Corners missing from half title and first page of preface. Title page signature loose. Owner's signature and 1834 date. Evidence of removed bookplate.

    Powell graduated with first-class honours in mathematics (not classics as was usual at Oxford). Elected Savilian professor of geometry in 1827, his interest in mathematical physics led to his work in optics and radiation. He believed that Scripture and science should be neither opposed nor reconciled. In essence, to use Rev. Conybeare's words, "the Bible is exclusively the history of the dealings of God towards men."

  219. [RAILROAD]. The Catalog of the centenary exhibition of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. Baltimore: 1927. 8vo., 172 pp., photos. Printed wrapper. FIRST edition. $25.00

    Fine. A history of the company and it machines with lots of photographs.


  220. RAMSAY, (Sir) Andrew Crombie (1814-1891). The Geology of the Island of Arran, From Original Survey by ----. Glasgow: Richard Griffin & Co.; 1841. 8vo., x, 78pp., 2pp. ads for rocks & minerals price list; 2 full-page, hand colored engravings. Disbound, but housed in an attractive cloth and paper case with a paper spine label. FIRSTedition. $425.00

    Fine. Light offsetting from map to title page as usual. Some pages unopened.

    The colored frontis is a fairly early THEMATIC MAP, displaying the geology of Arran. The other color plate is a geological stratigraphic model of the island. Ramsay has been labeled "the best field geologist of Great Britain" (Zittel 231) and this is the little book that was the turning point in his life placing him there. When the British Association for the Advancement of Science met in Glasgow in 1840 Ramsay played a major part by specimen collecting and surveying on the Isle of Arran. His work on the Arran Survey was well received and he expanded it to this book-length offering in 1841. During this year he received an appointment to the Geological Survey of Great Britain where he served for 40 years, rising to Director General. His main contributions to geology concern general denudation, the development of river systems, and glaciation -- his bold theories in these areas having great and lasting influence. Ramsay was an early supporter of Darwin's geological theorizing and, in fact, Darwin wrote Lyell in 1859, "I infer from a letter from Huxley that Ramsay is a convert." 'Convert' may miss the mark a bit as Ramsay was nearly always a progressive thinker in geology. -Freeman, 1978  -DSB. RLIN finds one copy only, SUNY at Stony Brook.

  221. RASPUTIN [TOLIVIEF], Maria. My Father. London: Cassell; 1934. 8vo., photo frontis, 157 pp. Black cloth, red title, red dustjacket. FIRST edition. $Sold

    Book fine, jacket very good. Owner's signature.

    A touching story, as only a loving daughter could tell, including a work purported to be by Rasputin titled, My Thoughts and Meditations. "... his peasant simplicity has been turned into the repulsive coarseness and the vile sensuality of a depraved moujik....I can bear it no longer. I will throw away my cross,.... I would have my daughters proud of the name they bear, not forced to blush with shame at the unhealthy curiosity that is aroused whenever it is pronounced, that name of Rasputin." The memoirs and notes, without her father's material were first published in France in 1925.

  222. REIK, Theodor (1888-1969). Psychology of Sex Relations. New York: Rinehart & Co.; 1945. 8vo., 243 pp. Red cloth. $45.00

    Very good.

    In 1945, the year of first publication, Farrar and Grove Press also issued this book.

  223. RIEGELS, N[iels] D[itlev] (1755-1802). Scrutatio anatomico-philosophica de Erinaceo. Two parts bound together as follows: Philosophiae Animalium. Fasciculus primus de Erinaceo, tradens hujus digestionis instrumenta, chylifica-tionis, secretionum, generationis, osteologiam, musculus, animam, .... Havniae: J.H. Schubothe; 1799. Small 8vo., (iv), 82 pp., (ii).


    Philosophiae Animalium. Fasciculus secundus de Inspiratione cutanea aëris cellulosa at de Exspiratione ipsius sudorifera vel vaporifera. Havniae: J.H. Schubothe; 1800. 42pp. (iv). Stiff paper wrapper, paper label. $375.00

    Very good. Spine chipped and torn, everything else clean and tight. The wrap label contains some sort of accession number in both Roman & Arabic numerals. 16 neatly inked corrections to the second work. A few pages unopened. NOT in OCLC. RLIN locates the full work in Copenhagen and the 2nd part at NLM.

  224. RITTER, John. Handbuch fur Deutsche; Enthaltend Formen Zu Handschriften.... Reading: Johann Ritter und Comp.; 1819. 12mo., (ii), iv, 112 pp. Contemporary marbled boards, leather spine.


    CAESAR, Johann Simon. Der Geschwinde Intresen - Kechner, oder die Berechnung der Intresen von 1 Schilling bis zu 1000 Pfunden, und von 25 Cents bis zu 1000 Thalern, zu 6 pro Cent, von einem Zage bis zum ganzen Jahr. Reading: Ritter; 1816. 13ff,


    Berechnung der Intresen in Foderal - Geld, von 25 Cents bis zu 1000 Thalern. 9ff, (ii). $85.00

    Good. Half inch chip out of head of spine. Computations in pencil on front paste-down.

    SIGNATURE of Mathias Ritter 1825 on front paste-down. A compendium of oft-used forms and letters for the use of the Pennsylvania Dutch. RLIN locates Penn State and an 1828 ed. at U. of MN. - Shaw 48147

  225. [ROADS]. Letterpress and handwritten document. York, PA; 1845. Folio, recto only. Blindstamp and wax seal remains. $75.00

    Very good with two folds beginning to separate.

    A 'Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace' document describing the layout of a Court-ordered road. By way of describing the meanderings of this public highway, the document references those features that are the bane of modern surveyors as they try to determine boundaries for modern deeds, "west twenty five perches to white oak stump.... to a thornbush.... to a post in the old Baltimore road."

  226. ROGERS, William H. An Address delivered before the Athenean and Delta Phi Societies of Newark College, Delaware by ----. Philadelphia: Walker, Printer; 1837. 12mo., 42 pp. Stitched cover-title. $35.00

    Title page chipped but not brittle. The whole waterstained. 3 copies in NUC. NOT in RLIN.

  227. ROOD, Ogden N(icholas) (1831-1902). On a New Theory of Light, Proposed by John Smith, M.A. OFFPRINT: American Journal of Science and Arts, Vol.XXX, Sept., 1860 [New Haven]. 8vo., 6pp. (ii), 5 text illus., 2 of which are hand colored. Cover-title. $125.00

    Very good with some foxing, mainly to covers and gutters. Small hole near upper tip of front cover.

    Rood was a master at devising and improving physical apparatus and instruments, developing the flicker photometer. He authored Modern Chromatics, an influential book on the physics of color sensations which was widely read by painters in both Europe and the U.S. and was known as "the impressionists Bible." Rood himself disliked the Impressionists and once said, "If that is all I have done for art, I wish I had never written that book."

    The photometry of brightness depends upon the direct visual comparison of two adjacent fields of illumination and the eye cannot make the judgement if the two fields are unequal in wavelength. Rood pointed out that since one saw a flicker when two differently colored surfaces were alternatively illuminated by lights of unequal brightness, the intensities were the same when the flicker disappeared. NUC locates MH & Nh.

  228. [ROYAL INSTITUTION OF GREAT BRITAIN]. The Prospectus, Charter, Ordinances and Bye-Laws, of the Royal Institution of Great Britain. Together with Lists of the Proprietors and Subscribers. London: W. Bulmer & Co.; 1800. 4to., viii, 92 pp. Marbled boards, leather spine and tips. FIRST edition. $350.00

    Very good. Ex-lib. Front hinge starting. OCLC locates Wellcome, The Huntington Lib. and U. of New Mexico but surely there must be others.

  229. [RUDOMINA, Jan] DUSIATSKI, Ioannes Rudomina. Illustriora Theoremata et Problemata Mathematica ex Opticis Geometria Astronomia Sphaera Elementari Computo Ecclesiastico. Vilna: Typis Academicis; 1633. 4to. [63]ff., one folding plate, numerous illus. Orange wrapper. FIRST edition. $450.00

    Bookplate of 'Hopetoun. Some water staining and worming throughout, worming mainly confined to a small section between D2 and F2. This copy is slightly muddled as it lacks O2 and O3, possessing O1 and O4 in duplicate.

    Illustriora was Rudomina's thesis. NUC locates Columbia University and OCLC, The Linda Hall Library. NOT in RLIN.


  230. RUSSELL, Bertrand [Arthur William] (1872-1970). History of the World in Epitome (For Use in Martian infant schools). London: Gaberbocchus Press; 1962. 16mo., 12 pp. Gold printed wrapper. Enclosed in gilt stamped slipcase. As new. FIRST edition. $Sold

    SIGNED by Russell. Starts out rather funny and quirky only to end ominously. Published by the Press in celebration of Lord Russell's 90th birthday. Drawings by Franciszka Themerson.


  231. RUTHERFORD, E[rnest] (1871-1937). Collision of Alpha Particles with Light Atoms. IN: The London, Edinburgh, and Dublin Philosophical Magazine, and Journal of Science. Vol. 37, No. 222, June 1919. London: Taylor & Francis. 8vo., pp. 537-587. Blue printed wrapper, bound in black cloth. FIRST edition. $Sold

    Fine. Ex-library. Bound with the issues of February thru June, all with original wrappers.

    In this paper Rutherford reported that alpha particles in collision with nitrogen atoms liberated hydrogen atoms. Thus artificial transmutation was induced; in other words the atom had been split. One of the cornerstones of any Physics collection. - PMM 411


  232. SANDERSON, Ivan T. Uninvited Visitors. A biologist looks at UFO's. New York: Cowles, 1967. 8vo.,244pp. Dust jacket with cut-out to show the cover holograph. FIRST edition. $250.00

    Very good. Two small tears on jacket rear, evidence of former taping visible on inside of jacket only.

    SIGNED. This book purports to investigate the mystery of UFO's from a biological, scientific methodology, taking the reader on a "remarkable intellectual journey". I can't address the science as I haven't read the book, but this is, apparently, the first book published with a hologram. It is here called a xograph with the trademark pending.

  233. SCANLAN, J[ohn] F[rancis] (1839-1920) and DUNNE, P.W. Ireland's Contribution (?) to Free Trade. Chicago: The Irish Labor League, 1871. 16pp.Original printed wrapper. Presumed FIRST edition. $85.00

    Fine. Letter-press text age-toned.

    Half of this pamphlet is given over to a political and commercial history of Ireland while the other is devoted to the list of members of The Irish Labor League and the issue of Protection vs. Free Trade. The major point appears to resolve on the fact that American industry ought to be supported rather than relying on cheap English imports - with Ireland benefiting as a consequence of British industrial decline. The beginning quote from Dean Swift perhaps best sums up the tone, "Burn Everything that comes from England except her Coal." NUC lists 6 other cards on Scanlan but NOT this one. NOT in RLIN. OCLC locates Univ. of Kansas.

  234. SCHLESINGER, Jr. Arthur. Kennedy or Nixon. Does it make any difference? A Democrat's response by -- . New York: MacMillan, 1960. 8vo., 51 pp. Dust jacket. FIRST edition. $30.00

    Very good. One corner clipped from d.j. and a couple minor tears on the rear.

    In the book mark is a post card stub for an [Adlai] Stevenson luncheon, a fund raiser for the Kennedy/Johnson campaign.

  235. SCOTT, Joseph. A Geographical Dictionary; of the United States of North America. Containing a General Description of Each State; ...with a succinct Account of Indiana, and Upper and Lower Louisiana Territories. Likewise ... A Description of More Than one Thousand Places, Not Noticed in any Former Geographical Work. Philadelphia: Printed by Archibald Bartram, for Thomas Armstrong; 1805. Small 4to., (iv), B4 - Z4, Aa4 - Zz4, A34 - Z34, A44 - E44 (no J, V, W signatures, as customary), (ii) [ca. 600 un-numbered pages]. Full leather, red leather label w/ gilt title. Same year as FIRST edition, priority unknown. $250.00

    Very good. Extremities worn. Alas, LACKING the map.

    Howes 237 calls this an 8vo., which it is in terms of traditional physical size. It was printed in 4to., however. There were three issues of this title published in Philadelphia. The other two were printed by Bartram for J. Johnson & Co., one dated 1805 and the other undated.

  236. SEDGWICK, Adam (1785-1873). A.L.S. to D L Gregory, Esq. Recto only on folded sheet. N.p. n.d. Crease marks evident, else fine. $295.00

    Sedgwick, sounding very Darwinian, apologizes, "I would come with great pleasure but I am so direly afflicted with indigestion that for the last day or two I have been quite torpid for an hour after dinner", the letter continues with an example of his not meeting friends who had actually come to the house.

  237. SEDGWICK, Adam (1785-1873). A.L.S. to Lady [Frances Henslow] HOOKER. Dated Cambridge Nov. 24 1868. 4to. sheet, folded and written on three pages. A largely personal letter written in an engaging, witty and orthographically difficult style. "I declare! on looking again at the note I find that it is dated Kew & that it must have been written by my very dear friend (one called Fanny Henslow)... I am flourishing away in my 51st annual course of lectures! But I had one of my old & dreaded attacks of vertigo on Sunday last...." $275.00

    Very good. Remnants of mounting hinges on final, unused, verso. Upper corner torn off as a result of the letter's careless removal from (presumably) an album page. Two of the other corners nicked and thin from the same carelessness.

  238. [SIGERIST, Henry E. (1891-1957)]. The value of health to a city. Two lectures delivered in 1873. By Max von Pettenkofer. Translated from the German , with an introduction by ------. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press; 1941. 4to., 52 pp., frontis photo. Printed orange paper boards. FIRST book edition. $25.00

    Ex library. Top of spine torn, tips worn, cover streaked with black crayon. Call letters on lower spine, card pocket on last free fly.

    Christmas PRESENTATION copy from Sigerist.

  239. SILBERSTEIN, Ludwik (1872-1948). The Theory of General Relativity and Gravitation. New York: Van Nostrand; 1922. 8vo., (viii), tipped-in extensive corrigenda, 141 pp., (v). Green cloth, gilt title. FIRST edition. $Sold

    Very good to fine.

    Based on a course of lectures delivered at the Conference on Recent Advances in Physics held in the Physics Laboratory at the University of Toronto from January 5 to 26, 1921.

  240. SKINNER, B(urrhus) F(rederick) (1904- ). Has Gertrude Stein A Secret? IN: The Atlantic, Vol. 153, No. 1, January 1934, pp. 50 - 57. Orange printed wrapper. FIRST edition. $65.00

    Very good. Some chipping & tears to wrapper, with a small water stain on the rear.

    Although Skinner established his reputation as a behavioralist (The Behavior of Organisms, 1938, his first book), his first publication, co-authored with his father, was a Commission Report on Coal Mines in West Virginia. In this paper he analyses Gertrude Stein's work in light of split personality vis à vis automatic writing.

    This issue of The Atlantic also has an article by A. Edward Newton, "A Tourist in San Francisco".


  241. SLABBER, Martinus (1741? -1835). Natuurkundige Verlustiginen, Behelzende Microscopise Waarneemingen van In-en Uitlandse Water-en Land-Dieren. Haarlem: J. Bosch; 1769 to 1778. Small folio, viii, 166 pp., iv, 18 hand colored plates. Collation: 4 ff, A4, plate 1, B4, plate 2, C4, plate 3, D4, plate 4, E4, plate 5, plate 6, F4, G4, [G5], plate 7, H1, plate 8, H2-H4, H5, I4, plate 9, K4, K5, plate 10, L4, L5, plate 11, M4, M5, plate 12, N4, N5, plate 13, O4, plate 14, P4, plate 15, Q4, R4,plate 16, x, S4, plate 17, x, T4, plate 18, [+2]. Unbound. FIRST edition. $2900.00

    Fine. Page 19 misnumbered as 17. Most plates contain a small institutional stamp. Although originally issued in parts, this copy looks like the gatherings were once sewn together and perhaps bound.

    This gorgeously printed and illustrated book is very rare in commerce (one auction sale since 1970 and a few dealers' offers.) It contains the first depiction of Noctiluca, one of the chief organisms causing phosphorescence on the surface of the sea (discovered by Joseph Sparshall ca. 1753.) This flagellate protozoan is occasionally responsible for those visible, red patches seen during the day on surface ocean waters. (During the night, however, its luminescence is always blue.) Slabber's book was apparently issued in 18 parts over a period of nine years, which would account for the presence of the two title pages, one at the beginning of the book and one at the end in front of the 'Table of Contents'. The plates were engraved by R. Muys (1742-1825) after drawings, 'from life', by P.M. Brasser (plates 1 - 7, 10, 11, 18), Slabber himself (plates 9, 12, 13, 14), both of them together ( plates 8 & 15) and Slabber and P. Snyders (plates 16 & 17). Plate two is printed in color, a reddish-brown ink, to nice effect. - Zittel 3861

    OCLC listing of four copies muddles things with notations that are probably errors, e.g. Copy #2, five folding plates; Copy # 3, "includes bibliographical references", which is just the submitting librarian's 'take' on the Dutch. These "references" are really dedications for each plate to people Slabber knew (or wanted to know), burgomasters, doctors, admirals, company directors, etc. Copy # 4 records the size as 18 mo.!

  242. [SLAVERY]. Remarks on the Colonization of the Western Coast of Africa, by the Free Negroes of the United States, and the Consequent Civilization of Africa and Suppression of the Slave Trade. New York: W.L. Burroughs' Steam Power Press; 1850. 8vo., 67 pp., (i). Cover-title. Disbound. Fine. FIRST edition. $150.00

    In favour of establishing a steamship line consisting of four ships to carry black colonists from America to Liberia.

    -Sabin 69445 - A.A. 8765

  243. [SLAVERY]. [WESTON, George Melville (1816-1887)]. The Poor Whites of the South, The Injury Done Them By Slavery. [Washington? 1860?] 8vo., 7 pp., 1 p. ad. Cover-title. Unbound. $SOLD

    Good. Crease to first page. Two locations in NUC.

  244. SMELLIE, William (1697-1763). The Philosophy of Natural History. Edinburgh: Printed for the Heirs of Charles Elliot....; 1790. 4to., xiv, errata leaf, 547 pp., (iii). Contemporary leather boards, modern antique-style backstrip. One of three editions published in 1790, priority unknown. $Sold

    Very good. Tips bumped and worn. Franklin Institute Library bookplate on first fly, unobtrusive blind, and punchstamp on title page along with signature. Despite these additions, a very handsome copy.

    Smellie was the first editor of the Encyclopedia Britannica and wrote many of the science articles. The Philosophy... was extremely popular as may be seen from the variety and number of subsequent publishings. - CBEL II, 2069.

  245. SPENCER, Herbert (1820-1903). An autobiography. London: Williams and Norgate; 1904. Large 8vo., (ii), xii with frontis photo leaf not part of numbering, 556 pp., (ii); (ii), x with frontis photo not part of the numbering, 542 pp., 1 p. ads., (iii). Illustrated. Green cloth, gilt title. FIRST edition. $195.00

    A very nice set. Pencil checkmarks in the margins throughout with a few checks in red pencil. The occasional word or phrase underlined in pencil. Owner's signature and date on fly. Binding cracked at page 416 in Volume 1, not affecting stability of the book.

  246. SPILLER, G[ustave] (b. 1864). The origin and nature of man. London: Williams & Norgate; 1931. 8vo., 383 pp., errata slip. Green cloth. FIRST edition. $35.00

    Worn, library call numbers on spine. Remnant of card pocket on rear pastedown. Withdrawn stamp on rear fly. A surfeit of stamps from the de-accessioning library - one on the title page and eleven other locations (thank heavens there are no illustrations). Not as visually poor as this description renders.

  247. SPIRA, Leo (b.1887.) The Drama of Fluorine. Arch Enemy of Mankind. Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research; 1959. 8vo., 192 pp. Tan cloth, dust jacket. Revised, Second edition. $25.00

    Very good. Minimal chipping to jacket.

    Remember the violent reaction to the movement to fluoridate the water in communities all across the U.S. in the 1950's & 60's? I'm told that in many towns the debate still rages. Regardless of how one came down on this issue, Dr. Spira's introductory comment seems appropriate, "When it is proposed to tamper with [citizens'] drinking water by altering its chemical composition, they insist on being given facts based on unbiased studies carried out by competent investigators."

    Spira apparently had an eye for public health as we have also had his 1933 work on the clinical aspects of chronic poisoning by aluminium and its alloys.

  248. [STOCK MARKET]. Success in the Stock Market. John A. Boardman & Company, Stock Brokers. New York: Post & Davis Co., 1908. 16mo., 128 pp. Original printed wrapper. Fifth edition. $30.00

    Good. Spine chipped at head and tail and one intermediate spot,front bottom tip chipped, small tear to wrap and first eleven pages repaired with tape.

    A charming primer on the Stock Market and the Boardman Co., followed by a 'code book' of shorthand for telegraphing buy/sell orders. There are also market price ranges, sales, yields, etc. NOT in OCLC nor RLIN.


  249. SUMNER, Charles (1811-1874). The Barbarism of Slavery. Speech of Hon. ---, on the Bill for the Admission of Kansas as a Free State. Washington D.C.: Buell & Blanchard; 1860. 8vo., 32 pp. Stitched cover-title. Very good condition. $125.00

    The first speech by Sumner, after a four year absence from the U.S. Senate to recuperate from a bludgeon on the floor of the Senate by Preston Brooks, member from South Carolina aided by two other southern Senators. A republication, from Senate documents, by the Congressional Republican Committee.

    Tap roots of the Volstead Act

  250. [TEMPERANCE]. Constitution and by-laws of Dew-Drop Lodge, No. 268, of the Independent Order of Good Templars. Located at Perry, N.Y. Ithaca, NY: Andrus, Gauntlett & Co.; 1854. 16mo., 24 pp., Yellow printed wrapper. $175.00

    Covers dust-soiled and tatty. Tips kinda dog-eared. Puncture through last two leaves and both covers. Small water-stain in fore-margin of all pages.

    An organization for younger individuals sponsored, apparently, by the Women's Christian Temperance movement. "Galileo with his telescope, and Columbus with his compass, stood up alone against the world, but they both at length brought over the whole world to their positions... We tread upon the dust of heroes as we advance. White-robed Love, floating in mid-air before us, leads to the conflict... Let us lie down to our rest nearest the goal of human perfection."

    Wow! With rhetoric like that, intense fervor and persistence and, indeed, the pervasive and reckless consumption of whiskey then extant in America, the wonder is that Prohibition took so long to become the law of the land. As you read this we are just about as many years from the end of the Volstead Act [better known as Prohibition] as this pamphlet was from its beginning; there is just as little consensus on alcohol and its consumption now as there was then..... se plus change.... ah, excuse me, I think this calls for a sherry.

  251. THIRRING, [Joseph] Hans (1888-?). Die Idee der Relativitätstheorie. Berlin: Julius Springer; 1921. 8vo., (iv), 169 pp., chart, 2 pp. of Springer ads., 7 text figures. Printed wrapper. FIRST edition. $55.00

    Very good. Covers dust soiled and slightly chipped.

  252. THOMPSON, Benjamin, Count of Rumford (1753-1814). Experiments to determine the Force of fired Gunpowder. FROM: Transactions of the Philosophical Society. London: 1797. 4to., pp. 222-292, 5 tables of which 2 are folding. Disbound. FIRST edition. $150.00

    Fine. There is no Table IV nor are there any references to it in the text (as there are references to the other plates.) Table V is a wonderful Basire engraving featuring a canon, etc.

    Professionally, Thompson was a soldier of fortune and many of his scientific interests took a military related direction. This paper is a follow-up of his first study published in 1781. That paper determined the optimal position of firing vents in canon and measured the velocity of the shot as a function of the composition of gunpowder. Here, he published his description of a device for proving gunpowder which subsequently became generally accepted as the standard method by the armies of Britain and Bavaria. Thompson, by the by, was born in Massachusetts. A Tory, he fled to London after the fall (liberation!) of Boston. He became Undersecretary of State for the Colonies, retired from the British army at the age of 31 with the rank of Colonel and was knighted by George III. He joined the Court of the Elector of Bavaria, becoming head of the Bavarian army. In 1793 he was made Count of the Holy Roman Empire and took the name of Rumford (the old name of Concord, N.H.).

  253. THOMSON, Thomas (1773-1852). An Attempt to Establish the First Principles of Chemistry by Experiment. Two volumes. London: Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy; 1825. 8vo., (ii), xxiv, 478 pp., (iv); (ii), viii, 532 pp., (ii). Contemporary paper boards, paper spine labels. FIRST edition. $250.00

    Binding extremities worn, labels chipped. Two corners clipped in each volume. One inch section out of head of spine on volume 1. The paper labels, along with having the titles, show the selling price of the set, £1 10s.

    Thomson was a pioneer in his emphasis on the laboratory teaching of practical chemistry. "First Principles" was an attempt to put Dalton's theory on a wider and firmer experimental base and to provide conclusive experimental evidence for Prout's hypothesis that the atomic weights of elements were whole-number multiples of that of hydrogen. Unfortunately, his measurements of the specific gravity of gases were inaccurate as were the reliability of his gravimetric analyses. (Not wrong enough to keep you from buying this book, however!) His atomic weights were widely accepted in Britain and the U.S. between 1825 and 1835.


  254. THYS, le capitaine [Albert]. Le Kassaï et la Louloua de Kwamouth a Louebo levés a bord du steamer "Stanley" par ----. Brussels: Institut National de Géographie; 1888. Color map 25 x 374 cm. folded to 25 x 11 cm. Printed blue wrapper. FIRST edition. $775.00

    Very good. Wrapper chipped along spine. The inside hinge is taped.

    PRESENTATION copy with what, until one uses a loupe, looks like a lithographed signature. The first accurate map/chart of the rivers Kasai (Angola & Zaire) and Lulua (Zaire) with a scale of 1:200.000.


  255. TILLY, (General) J(oseph) M(arie) de (1837-1906). Balistique Interieure. Extrait de l'Annuaire d'Art, de Sciences et de Technologie Militaires, 2e annee (1874). Gand: Imprimerie C. Annoot-Braeckman; 1875. 8vo.,(iv), 124 pp. Original printed wraps. $225.00

    Very good. Slight wear and chipping to wrapper.

    PRESENTATION copy from de Tilly to General Liagre. Tilly ranks as one of the most profound Belgian mathematicians virtually creating the study of non-Euclidean mechanics. Along with mathematics he also wrote on military science, as here. He was dismissed as Commandant of the Ecole Militaire in 1899 and forced to retire in 1900 because of complaints that he had unduly emphasized the scientific education of future officers -- the inspector of studies having forbade Tilly to use the notions of the infinitely small and of the differential! The NUC, OCLC, BMC and Bib. Nationale Catalog all list other works by de Tilly on the same subject, but this work is NOT listed.

  256. TURNER, Edward (1796-1837). Elements of chemistry, including the history of the imponderables and the inorganic chemistry of the late ----, M.D., F.R.S. L.& E. And the outlines of organic chemistry, by William Gregory, M.D. With notes and additions by James B Rogers, M.D. and Robert E. Rogers, M.D. Phila.: Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co.; 1846. Tall 8vo., xxi, (i), 848 pp., (iv). In-text illustrations. Full leather, gilt spine fillets, titles and board edges. $40.00

    Very good. Lacking front end papers. Pencil scribbles on endpapers. Inked signature of J. T. Thompson.

    Turner was distinguished as author of one of the most popular and up-to-date 19th century textbooks on chemistry. He was also active in the controversy surrounding determination of atomic weights. He began his career as a naive disciple of Thomas Thomson whose First Principles of Chemistry (1825) he admired. Through experiment, as 'referee' between Berzelius and Thomson, however, he eventually showed that Thomson's Principles was a 'house of cards'.

  257. TYLOR, Edward B[urnett] (1832-1917). Primitive culture. Researches into the development of mythology, philosophy, religion, language, art and custom. Boston: Estes & Lauriat; 1874. 2 volumes. 8vo., (iv), xii, 502 pp., (vi); (iv), viii, 470 pp., (vi). Brown cloth, gilt titles. FIRST American edition. $110.00

    Ex-lib with call numbers on dust-soiled spine. Bookplate on front pastedown. Vol. 1 hinges internally cracked. Chip out of title page from incorrect slitting to open, otherwise internally fine with some pages unopened.

  258. TYNDALL, John (1820-1893). Faraday as a Discoverer. New York: Appleton; 1873. 8vo., (vi), viii, 171 pp., (i), 12 pp. pub. ads, (iv). Two portraits of Faraday. Dark ochre binding stamped in black w/ gilt title. $25.00

    Very good. Tips bumped. Head & tail of spine crimped. Bookplate of Ezra C. Stiles.

  259. TYNDALL. One page A.N.S. on 12mo. Royal Institution stationery with stamped (one penny) and dated R.I. envelope, 29 Dec [1871] London to Mrs Donne. "By all means bring your sister." Fine. $95.00

  260. VALLANDIGHAM, C[lement] L[aird] (1820-1871). Clipped signature, Dayton, Ohio, Dec. 23, 1864 on lined paper. Very good. $50.00

    After his defeat for re-election to Congress in 1862, Vallandigham was regarded as a leader of the Peace Democrats or, as we learned in Yankee civics classes, the "Copperheads". Tried for treason in Cincinnati and sentenced to imprisonment in Boston Harbor, he was, shrewdly, banished to the Confederacy by President Lincoln. He ran the Union blockade to get to Windsor, Canada, however, and from there ran for Governor of Ohio. To find out what happened you'll have to read about him yourself (and buy the signature while you're at it!)

  261. VERGNAUD, Paul, translator. Manuel des Jeunes Gens, ou Sciences, Arts et Recreations .... Paris: A La Librairie Encyclopedique de Roret; 1831. Tome Second (complete unto itself). 24 mo., (iv), (iv), 244 pp., (iv). Many illus. Marbled boards, leather backstrip & tips. Leather label w/ gilt title. $175.00

    Binding worn. Spine missing section out of head. Front hinge cracked, but strong. Foxing at front and rear with the text bright and clear.

    Games and diversions in cards, optics, chemistry, math, chess, etc. Fine illustrations (see ours). Vergnaud is listed as the translator of three NUC titles, two on dance and Brewster's 'Manuel d'optique'. This title, tho, is NOT in the NUC.

  262. VERNANT, Jean-Pierre. Ambiguite et Renversement sur la Structure Enigmatique D'Oedipe-Roi. OFFPRINT: Echanges et Communications, Melanges offerts a Claude Levi-Strauss a L'Occasion de son 60 eme Anniversaire. Reunis par Jean Pouillon et Pierre Maranda. The Hague: Mouton Publishers, ca.1970. 8vo., pp. 1253-1279. Printed wrapper. FIRST edition. $25.00

    Fine condition, SIGNED by the author.


  263. VIRCHOW, Rudolf [Ludwig Karl] (1821-1902). Cellular pathology as based upon physiological and pathological histology.... translated from the second edition of the original, by Frank Chance. New York: De Witt; [1860]. 8vo., (iv), 554 pp., (vi), 144 in-text wood engravings. Blindstamped cloth. FIRST American edition. $900.00

    Binding thoroughly shot with gatherings 10, 11, & 12 either loose or detached. The balance of the book is in very good condition with remarkably little flaking to the notoriously chip-prone paper that was used. Binder's ticket of Geo W. Alexander, NY on brown rear pastedown.

    "Virchow was the greatest figure in the history of pathology" and this, his best work, is one of the most important books in the history of medicine. The famous 'Every cell arises from a cell' was first enunciated in this book which was based on 20 lectures delivered at the Pathological Institute in Berlin between Feb and April 1858.

    -- Lilly -- GM 2299 -- Horblit 99 -- Osler 1637 --Dibner 132 -- PMM 307c


  264. WALLLACE {sic}, Alfred R[ussel] (1823-1913). Note on the theory of permanent and geographical Varieties. IN: The Zoologist, No. CLXXXV. & CLXXXVI, January, 1858, pages 5887-5888. London: John van Voorst. 8vo., pp. [5857-5928]. Original, brown printed wrapper. Green marbled case with half-cloth spine and paper label. FIRSTedition.


    WALLACE. On the entomology of the Aru Islands. AS ABOVE, pages 5889 - 5891. FIRST edition. $895.00

    Wrapper chipped and detached from the spine. Two inch tear in front wrapper. Text fine. Pages unopened. Very attractively housed in custom- made slipcase.

    The "Note on the Theory of Permanent and Geographical Varieties" was Wallace's solution to the riddle of divergence that had kept him busy for years and was the second of the three papers that moved Darwin 'off the dime' to get some form of his theory (Origin) into print. [The first & last papers are commonly known as the 'Sarawak Law', published Sept. 1855 and the 'Ternate Paper or Letter' dated March 2,1858 and mailed to Darwin.]

    In this short paper Wallace (whose name is misspelled in the by-line under the title) posited that variations among species who were themselves descendants from common parents might continue ad infinitum. Given appropriate, and vast, amounts of time these offspring might bear little superficial resemblance to their original antecedents. Seems such a simple, harmless idea doesn't it?


  265. WARE, William R[obert] (1832-1915). An Outline of a Course of Architectural Instruction. Boston: John Wilson; 1866. 8vo., 36 pp. Printed ochre wrapper. FIRST edition, printed for private distribution. $125.00

    Spine in tatters but sewn gatherings intact. Handful of pencil notations.

    This pamphlet was sent to architects and those involved in curricula to get feedback on its content. Ware had just been appointed head of a proposed school of architecture at MIT and would later be called to found a similar school at Columbia. The architect, to Ware, was more than a mere technician, he was an artist, an exponent of a traditional cultural history, an engaged member of society. Borrowing an idea from France to develop the creative side of his students, he taught design using projects to be solved under criticism. With his partner, Henry Van Brunt, he designed Memorial Hall at Harvard, Union railway station in Worcester, & other notable buildings.

  266. [WATER]. An Act to Provide for Supplying the City of Boston with Soft Water. Massachusetts House of Representatives: January, 1839. 8vo., 12 pp. cover title with some foxing and dust soiling. $65.00

    A Resolution from a Special Joint Committee of the Massachusetts Senate & House and an Act from both branches of government to allow Boston to take water rights in connexion with providing the City with drinking water. Boston's Mayor Samuel A. Eliot and City Council had requested permission to use either one of two sources: Long Pond in Natick or Spot and Mystic Ponds in Medford and Stoneham. The state allowed the use of both and the taking of additional lands for aqueducts and reservoirs.

  267. WATKINS, Francis [the Elder]. A Popular Sketch of Electro-Magnetism or Electro-Dynamics. London: J. Taylor; 1828. 8vo., iv, 83 pp., 3 plates. Paper boards. FIRST edition. $Sold

    Very good. Front hinge starting. Ex-Library.

  268. WAVELL, General Sir Archibald. Generals and Generalship. New York: MacMillan; 1941. 12mo., 36 pp. Printed hard paper boards. FIRST American edition. $25.00

    Very good. Wavell, who campaigned in North Africa, here delivers the Lees Knowles Lecture at Trinity College in 1939. "The higher commander who goes to Field Service Regulations for tactical guidance inspires about as much confidence as the doctor who turns to a medical dictionary for his diagnosis."

  269. WEBSTER. History of the United States; to which is prefixed a brief historical account of our [English] ancestors, from the dispersion at Babel to their migration to America and of the conquest of South America by the Spaniards. New Haven: Sidney Babcock; 1840. 16mo., 358 pp.,(ii), woodcuts. Publishers boards with leather backstrip, gilt spine title. $75.00

    Good. Binding worn but still readable with effort. Owners' signatures and notations ('bought 1850') on pastedowns and fly leaves. Chip out of frontis margin.

  270. WELLS, Samuel R[obert] (1820-1875). New Physiognomy, or, Signs of Character, as manifested through temperament and external forms, and especially in "The Human Face Divine." New York: Fowler & Well; 1891. (iv), 768 pp., (iv), profusely illus. Brown cloth, gilt titles and medallions with human faces. $65.00

    Very good. Some extremity wear. A more than decent copy of a book that often turns up thoroughly shaken.

    Despite the phrenological nonsense, an educational tour through many halls of human endeavor and experience. I particularly liked the section on the history of the beard, including those on women. Or, take this on 'The Political Significance of Long Hair': The manner of wearing and dressing the hair, when not controlled by fashion, is indicative of character. Wearing the hair long by men, in a country and age in which custom condemns it, indicates a protest against the established order of things, and is the badge of eccentricity... and revolution, if not of vanity and spiritual pride. Long-haired men are generally hostile to both church and state. So well is this understood in Austria, that wearing long hair is made a political offense. Two OCLC locations for this edition.

  271. WHITE, Adam (1817-1879). One page A.L.S. to Mr. Colnaghi [Gallery] 28 May 1866. A rather odd, endearing letter ('passing by I thought of your calm pleasant face') setting up a meeting when White delivers a Flower Show article to the Courant newspaper. "I cannot wait to see you, You are busy, so am I, working, waiting & trusting". $75.00

    Fine. White authored The Instructive Picture Book, Edinburgh, 1860.

  272. WHITEHEAD, A(lfred) N(orth) (1861-1947). An Introduction to Mathematics. Home Library of Modern Knowledge No. 15. New York: Holt, 1911. 12mo., 256pp. Dark ochre cloth, gold & blind stamped. FIRST edition. FIRST? issue? $70.00

    Very good. A trifle rubbed, small stain spot on top edge, two small water spots on back cover. Notations erased inside rear cover.

    This is the only American edition for 1911 but there are several British ones. These latter were: Oxford University's "Home Library #18", 1911; T. Butterworth's "Home Library #15", 1911; and Williams & Norgate's "Home Library #15", 1911. This latter has the NY title page included. We assume this copy is the earliest (or only) issue of this edition because of an error on page 188, line one, where sign is printed instead of the correct sine.

  273. WHITEHEAD. Symbolism: Its Meaning and Effect. New York: MacMillan; 1927. Small 8vo., x, 88 pp. Cloth, dark tan printed jacket. FIRST edition. $150.00

    Fine. Light pencil marks to a very few pages. [Fine copy w/o jacket available for $35.00.]

    This was Whitehead's address for the Barbour-Page Lecture, University of Virginia for 1927. This lecture was published in England, also.


  274. WHITNEY, Helen Mar. Why We Practice Plural Marriage. By a "Mormon" Wife and Mother ----. Salt Lake City, Utah:Juvenile Instructor Office, 1884. 8vo., 72 pp. Printed pink wrapper. FIRST edition. $SOLD

    Good. Wrap faded & chipped. Spotty worming in some margins.

    "...taking a second wife would [not] rob the first wife of any part of the love her husband had for her, any more than the birth of a second child robbed the first born of the love its parents had for it."  [Of course, remember that the Chinese character for happiness derives from a pictograph of a house with a pig while that for trouble evolved from a house with two women under one roof.]

  275. [WILBERFORCE, BISHOP SAMUEL] Critical review of 'On the origin of species, by means of natural selection; or the preservation of favored races in the struggle for life'. IN: the London Quarterly Review. July 1860, pages 118-138, American edition. New York: Leonard Scott & Co., 1860. Large 8vo., 158 pp., title page (for use in binding up issues), 3 pp. Index, (i), 2 pp. Ads. Original green printed wrapper. FIRST American edition. $325.00

    Fine, excepting slight chipping at spine extremities. Enclosed in custom-made case.

    This is the infamous anonymous review written by Samuel Wilberforce, Bishop of Oxford. His authorship was not made public until 1874, when the review was reprinted in his Essays Contributed to the Quarterly Review. The American issue is very rare outside institutional collections, especially in this condition, non-bound with the year's other issues. The New York publication office of the magazine, including their entire stock of back issues, was totally destroyed by fire two and a half years after the publication of this issue.

    "Wilberforce, whose acquisition of a First in mathematics and long association with Oxford's scientific worthies had induced in him an illusion of scientific competence, humbled himself only to the extent of submitting to coaching by a professional scientist -- in this case, Richard Owen. Observant readers of the Quarterly, who knew of this collaboration, were amused to notice that a page of the article in the British issue had apparently been substituted at the last moment, and were intrigued by the thought of some egregious error in which Owen had caught the Bishop."  --G. Himmelfarb, Darwin and the Darwinian Revolution

    For a thorough account of the intellectual content (or lack of same) in this review, read the spendid article by Stephen Jay Gould in the April 1986 issue of Natural History magazine.

  276. WILDE, Henry. Celestial Ejectamenta. The First Halley Lecture Delivered Before the University on Tuesday, May, 10, 1910. Oxford: Clarendon Press; 1910. 8vo., 34 pp., 4 plates, (iv), tipped-in errata. Printed wrapper. FIRST edition. $65.00

    Significant waterstain on front wrap and upper tip of title page. Pages unopened. RLIN locates Stanford and Cornell.

  277. WILLIAMS, Tennessee (1914-1983). Photolithograph portraying Blanche (of A Streetcar Named Desire) and another person lounging under a tree. 5 x 7 inches (on paper 11 x 11¾), ca. 1981. Number 19/65 $625.00

    Excellent condition.

    The production of the original plate was supervised by Williams in the Florida Keys early in 1981 and is taken from one of his oil paintings that depicts the same scene. There were, as I recall, 95 originals. 26 were lettered A thru Z and signed in full, 65 were numbered 1 thru 65 and initialled "T W" and 4 were both initialled and signed in full. Many people, I suppose, are not aware that Thomas Lanier Williams painted as well as wrote.

  278. [WINE]. Sherry Wine & Spirits Co., Inc. catalog with original order form. Produced in late 1962. Ca. 11½ x 14 inches. 23 pages, of which eight are full-page, linoleum-block cut, color prints by Picasso. We are pleased to be able to include, with this item, a stand alone, original linocut from this suite of eight. See also Item #81. $450.00

    Fine condition. Picasso began his foray into linoleum-block prints around the age of eighty; these are among his first published efforts. As was his style, he transformed an essentially 'school-craft' into a serious, professional endeavor by introducing new refinements and techniques. He printed from only one block the two or three colors chosen for his 'linos'. The process is described in the Catalog in an article by Dr. Alfred Frankfurter on page 6.

  279. WITHINGTON, William (1785-?). The Growth of Thought as Affecting the Progress of Society. Boston: Abner Forbes; 1851. 8vo., viii, 72 pp. Green wrapper. FIRST edition. $35.00

    Fine. Waterstain to the Preface. Wrapper a bit tatty.


  280. WITMER, Lightner (b. 1867). Analytical Psychology. A Practical Manual for Colleges and Normal Schools, Presenting the Facts and Principles of Mental Analysis in the form of simple illustrations and experiments, with 42 figures in the text and 39 experimental charts. Boston: Ginn & Co.; 1902. 8vo., xxvi, 251 pp., colored sheets w/ tipped-in eye shields. Green cloth. FIRST edition. $125.00

    Poor condition from the boards having been waterstained and subsequently warped. Owner's signatures and occasional pencil notations. Some staining to the fabulous color chart experiments.

    Witmer received a Ph.D. in aesthetics and proportion from Leipzig in 1893. He founded the first psychological clinic in the United States (Univ. of Pennsylvania).


  281. WOLFE, William B. A New Self-Instructor of Navigation as Practiced at Sea. New York: Russell Brothers, 1874. 8vo.,(iv), 173 pp. (iii). Buckram, gilt titles and compass rose with all possible coordinates. FIRST edition. $275.00

    Very good. Very light foxing, tips worn, chip out of page five.

    NOT in OCLC nor RLIN.

  282. YERKES, Robert M[earns] (1876-1956) and LEARNED, Blanche W. Chimpanzee Intelligence and its Vocal Expressions. Baltimore: Williams & Wilkins; 1925. 8vo., 162 pp., frontis photo, Blue cloth, gilt title. FIRST edition. $95.00

    Fine condition.

    Yerkes was one of the first of a new breed of comparative psychologists who worked with their animal subjects in a laboratory setting. He did graduate work with Munsterberg, assisted E.L. Thorndike at Woods Hole and was a collaborator (mostly by mail) with John B. Watson. However, in contrast to these eminent peers, Yerkes recognized the kinship of the animal psyche to that of man (although in his research he studied animal behavior for its own sake) and was early convinced that observing the animals with mental processes most like those of man would be of great importance to psychology. -DSB


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